Wine Me, Dine Me, Sixty Nine Me

I love getting oral sex, most people do, and my boyfriend also loves it as well, but I’ve always preferred the taking turns method to the simultaneous “sixty nine.” I like to focus on me and then it will be your turn, but he really introduced me to the pleasures of the sixty nine and how it can be done so both are getting pleasure the entire time. I have to admit, it is fun, taking his throbbing dick in my mouth at the exact time he’s licking my tender little clit, I do indeed love the feeling knowing he’s feeling just as good at the same time, like when we have intercourse.

My shaved pussy right on his face, the wetness spreading all over his mouth and face so he’s like a glazed donut from ear to ear, as I deeply take his thrusting dick as far down my throat as I can get it. He bucks his hips upwards to further get down my throat, so it’s a bit of a deeper position with me in that sixty nine position. He loves how my juices just drip down my cunt lips and he just laps that sweet nectar up and out of me.

He likes when I suck on his balls as well, and stroke his dick up and down at the same time, then pop his dick in and out of my mouth, swirling it around the salty head and deep throat as much as I can of it. I do enjoy pleasing him, and he pleases me as well, so I will see if I can get used to this position, it takes a bit of effort to make me cum and I need to concentrate to do so a good deal, so working on him at the same time can be a bit too much coordination for me at the same time.

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