You Naughty Little Masturbator

You like to get naughty, don’t you? Of course you do! Masturbating is a lot of fun and pretty much everyone does it. Maybe it’s been a few days and your balls are getting that achy feel to them that happens when the cum builds up too long. You have that need to cum. One of the callers last night said it had been around ten for him, he’s just been so busy he hasn’t taken the time to enjoy himself. Not even a five minute quickie in the shower. Some guys do not like a rushed orgasm that way. They like to make a night of it, or even a day if they have the time to do so.

Many will talk about a day off and how they’ve been edging themselves for hours and really want a fantastic pay off to it. Some will even be able to have a few orgasms. One funny thing a caller did recently was, he send a picture of himself masturbating, and there was a computer screen on a table in front of him and a large jar, half empty, of petroleum jelly. He used it as lube. It’s honestly not a good thing to use as lube, so hard to get off, but he loved that I commented on it. He’s a grade A wanker for sure.

Some guys are literally Olympic level masturbators who seriously devote huge amounts of time to their hobby. Some spend as much time masturbating as a part time job. Ones that are married mostly seem to rub one out on the sly, since wifey doesn’t want them to do it, it’s crazy. She won’t fuck them, but expects them to not have any pleasure at all. I assure them I’d be happy to have them masturbate as much as they wanted to.

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You’re My Good Girl

It can be very arousing to have someone call you a “good girl” or a “good boy.” Guys say that all the time on the phone, “I love it when you call me a good boy.” Well, I like being called a “good girl” as well. There’s something about that positive affirmation that really gets you going and aroused. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but some adore it. You can feel the shivers run up and down your spine when you’re being praised for doing a good job sexually, knowing the pleasure you are giving them.

Being slightly submissive can be pleasurable for many of us. The caress of a hand teasing you to the point of begging to be allowed to cum. Them stopping when you are at the near peak of pleasure, only to let you calm down. The tease and denial part of pleasure is not to be underestimated. To go beyond a certain point you can get to a point of numbness and the pleasure is anti climactic at that point, but knowing just where to get yourself to before going over that edge of ecstasy is the sweet spot to aim for.

Usually tease and denial is denying the male pleasure, not the woman, but it works both ways with a slightly dominant man that knows what he is doing. Not all men have the knowledge or the confidence in how to handle a woman to be able to do that, but when they can, it can be off the charts hot. Are we all going to find our perfect Fifty Shades of Grey lover? No, and that is a bit of an extreme example as it is. Being a “good girl” can absolutely get you going when the right person is saying it and meaning it.

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“I Haven’t Had Sex in 30 Years”

Many callers to phone sex lines have been in sexless marriages for decades but will not leave for one reason or another. Others simply never married at all and have had no luck with relationships and haven’t had sex for decades. Masturbation and phone sex is it for many men, it’s very sad so many are willing to live affectionless lives and get no pleasure other than what their own hand can bring. I cannot even count how many complain about their lack of intimacy in marriage, yet they don’t leave. They won’t divorce. You can’t have much sympathy for someone that’s willing to endure that kind of a life.

Most men seem to be masochists to stay in relationships that aren’t working. Or ones say everything is fine other than lack of sex and they have accepted this is their fate and they won’t even get a girlfriend on the side to have sex with. Phone sex for many of them is the only sexual intimacy they have known for many, many years. Talking to a stranger on the phone or watching porn as you masturbate is a poor substitution for real life action, but for a lot of these men, it’s all they will ever have.

Some very socially awkward callers have never had sex at all. One young man said over and over how ugly he was and finally one time I watched him on cam and he wasn’t ugly, he was pretty average looking, however he lacks all confidence in approaching women. His looks wouldn’t turn most women off at all, but he said he’d feel very uncomfortable if a woman ever approached him and he’d get away as soon as possible. Phone is the only way he feels comfortable relating to women. He’s not alone, we phone sex ladies hear this sort of thing a lot.

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Blasphemy Phone Sex

There’s different kinds of blasphemy phone sex, believe it or not. Some call and want to talk about God, that’s what most, in my personal experience want to do. Ones raised in a religious background and want to talk about sinning in a church, or taking the Lord’s name in vain in some way. There’s been a couple of callers over the years though that have a bit of a different take on blasphemy phone sex. Kind of a weird and creepy one, to be honest. One caller that’s called me several times says he feels women doing phone sex are Satan worshipping women. Yes, you read correctly.

I can’t speak for all phone sex operators obviously, but I can assure you that is not correct. He actually calls me a “Satan worshipping woman.” I am anything but. He says he’s been “sent messages”, by who I have no idea, that he feels his mother is about to die, and we Satan worshipping women can confirm this. Now some callers have more than one screw loose, I can attest to that. Some callers that should clearly be reaching out to mental health professionals for some reason find phone sex operators to talk to about their problems.

If someone is hearing voices, or getting “messages” out of thin air, I’d caution to stay away from them, but since these are paying clients, you just do your best to listen to them and their delusions. Not all callers are crazy of course, but some are absolutely people you would not want to meet. Maybe there are some Satan worshipping women providing phone sex, there likely are, considering how many people offer it, but I’d hazard a guess it’s a rare phenomenon, and that Satan is not speaking through we phone sex operators. You seriously could not make this stuff up.

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My Hot Nephew

Recently my teenaged nephew came to visit to look at schools he will be considering for the fall. He stayed a week and I hadn’t seen him in a few years. What a handsome boy he’s turned into I found out. The first night he was here, I thought I could hear something in his room, so I went to the door and I swear he must have been masturbating. I could hear heavy breathing and soft moaning. I hate to admit it, but it really turned me on and I went into my own room to masturbate, thinking about him and his young cock.

The next night he was doing it again, but he’d not totally closed the door, and it was open around two inches and I caught a look at him and he was indeed stroking his hard, young cock. I stood there watching him and felt myself getting wet. I wanted to make a move. I pushed the door open and the poor boy looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He froze. I told him it was ok, not to stop and I sat down on the bed beside him and he slowly started to stroke himself again and after a while, I reached over and began to rub his cock myself. He looked surprised, but grateful.

I gave him so many hand jobs that week, he loved it and on his final night, I even got down on my knees and sucked him off. He was delirious with pleasure as I sucked and slurped away on his hard, throbbing, young shaft. I looked him right in the eye as I deep throated his hard cock and he soon shot a load of his creamy, hot jizz right down my throat. It was hot. I can’t wait for him to start college in the fall, I told my sister he’s welcome to stay with me.

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