Sex On the Balcony

Recently I went away for the weekend with my husband, and the hotel we stayed at was lovely. It had a gorgeous balcony that overlooked the pool below, we were on the third floor. It was late one night and I went out to enjoy the tropical, sweet smelling air and my husband was soon behind me, holding me close to him. He whispered in my ear he wanted to make love right here and right now on the balcony. I was afraid someone else might see us. I didn’t want us to get booted out of the hotel.

He looked around and said everyone seemed to be asleep, the pool was closed, it was the middle of the night, no one else was on their balconies. He eased me over to the railing and I leaned on it with my hands. He pulled the back of my dress up and I could hear him unzip his pants. I felt him pull my panties down and I stepped out of them. His cock was soon running up and down the crack of my ass and then he pushed it into my already wet pussy. I gasped. I could feel him thrusting into me.

I guess the risk of being seen was minimal, it was dark, I was still wearing my dress, there were beach towels draped overt he railing, so no one could really see anything from the waist down. It just felt naughty, to be outside like this on the balcony. I realized someone might be watching us, I saw the glowing tip of a cigarette in the dark across the pool in the building across from us, but they didn’t move. I didn’t care, I was enjoying getting fucked and we were being pretty discreet. He came in my pussy and I came at the same time, we went back inside and went to sleep.

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He Serves the Couple

One of my regular callers serves black couples. He is white. Also like many callers that have same sex experiences, he swears up and down he is NOT gay. It’s honestly laughable that men that get fucked by other men, they suck them off, yet swear up and down this does not make them gay. Absurd. A faggot by any other name, blah, blah, blah…..You’re a poof if you suck the meat stick, sorry to break it to ya! So he claims the only reason he got into the whole serving couples bit was because his wife left him. He’s a submissive beta male.

He got lonely, apparently the only action he could find was with men, a married black one apparently. So the married guy had him suck him off and then soon brought him home to his wife, who he also now serves. Maybe it’s all in his fantasies, one never truly knows with these callers. Some of the tales are awfully outlandish, you just cannot tell. So he watches the black man fuck his black wife and then the white guy has to eat the cream pie out of her pussy and then clean off the cock of the married black dude. Being used by them both.

He says he knows it’s wrong and degenerate, but yet he cannot help but allow them to use him. He says he loves to serve, it makes him feel useful, since no women want him, he has a tiny penis of course. So his pickings for real life relationships with women are slim to none, but to be used by a couple and serve them, apparently he’s found his little niche where he can be of some use to somebody. Pretty sad this is all he’s good for, but for beta men that have no real appeal to women, they seem to take what they can get.

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Masturbating at the Movies

Most people have the sense to not try and masturbate in public, it’s not the wisest thing to do. Horniness however can often get the better of us and we lose all judgment and common sense. Last week I went to the movies and there was almost no one else in the theater. Maybe three other people, that were sitting not far from the front. I was nearly in the back row in the middle.

I’ve been to the movies several times when there’s nearly no one in the theater, and in those cases, the ushers rarely pop in to check on so few. There’s just not the shenanigans to check on like when it’s a full house and people are doing multiple things they need to be reprimanded to stop doing. They think a few people are well behaved. If only they knew. I waited until the movie had started, and it was kind of a sexy movie, not an adult one, but a romantic ones with several love scenes in it that got me aroused. No one was looking back at me, why would they. It was dark, and I just slipped my hand down my skirt and into my panties. I had a raincoat on and had pulled my right arm out of the sleeve to cover myself with the coat.

I was strumming away on my clit, writhing slightly in my seat for over twenty minutes and no one had a clue what was going on. I made myself cum twice. Not making a sound either time. The movie ended and I walked out with a smirk on my face. It’s kind of fun to get away with things like this once in a while that are little secrets with yourself no one else knows about. It makes for a naughty, happy memory to look back on later. And anytime in the future I rewatch that movie again, I will certainly recall what I did at the theater when I saw it there for the very first time.

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Ballerina Girl?

Some men dress up when they masturbate. They wear ladies lingerie or clothes. Some however do like more unusual items, like fur coats, or even a tutu. One caller that says he wears a tutu when he calls loves to suck black cock while he does so and he always licks up his cum after he finishes masturbating. He loves to finish off the call by slurping away like a cum sucking pig on his fingers. He is addicted to his own, and other men’s cum apparently. Wearing a tutu makes him feel very pretty and feminine and he always makes a point of telling me he’s wearing it.

Pink of course. Isn’t pink always the favored color of ones wearing panties and slips and garter belts and such? It seems to be. Over ninety percent of the time when I ask what color are you wearing, pink is the answer I am given back. That is the most popular color among the lingerie wearing gentlemen. I can only picture what the one wearing the tutu must look like. Some have send me pics of themselves in French maids uniforms, and all kinds of other odd costumes, but never have I had one in a tutu. I am sure the day will come.

What it is about a ballerina I am not sure, it is a very feminine thing to be sure, so perhaps that’s the attraction to this particular costume. I can just imagine them fluffing it up and carefully putting it away for their next masturbation session they will have after putting it on the next time when they call. It’s a ritual of sorts for them, when they get dressed up in their little outfits. Some put on makeup and nail polish and a wig, they go all out to make the ensemble complete.

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The Facial

What is it about a facial so many men love? The idea of squirting their cum all over a ladies face is very appealing to some. I think of it more like a dog marking its territory. Some callers like to brag about what heavy cummers they are and how they can nearly extinguish fires with the amount of ejaculate that jets out of the cum filled balls. Spraying a woman on the face with their cum turns a lot of men on. The occasional one will feel it’s a disrespectful thing to do, or ask if you really want it, but most are just happy to let the jizz fly!

Dripping down the face, the chin, onto the breasts, that man goo coating you from top to bottom will get their cocks so hard, they can’t believe it. This caller was telling me his girlfriend is a really dirty bitch, and she loves his cum anytime, anywhere, especially on her pretty face. She gets down on her knees, sucking on his hard cock, looking him right in the eye as she drools all over it, teasing the head of it with her tongue, and she does this until he blows his load all over her face and she’s splattered with it.

It turns him on so much, as it seems to many men. He said then she scoops it off with her fingers, and sucks it off of them as he watches her. Gets him hard again usually pretty quickly, and then he fucks her. The old saying “Is sex dirty? Only when it’s being done right.” comes to mind. Does spraying your lady down with cum drive you wild? Do you like to “mark your territory?” You likely would love to coat a woman’s face with your cum, you naughty boy. Call one of us up and tell us all about it.

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