Paying the Handyman

Recently I had a few handy man type of jobs I needed done. I wasn’t capable of doing them myself, so I called my local hardware store and they recommended someone. He came over and had a look at what I wanted done and gave me a quote. I had thought it would be around half the price he said it would be. I’d apparently underestimated the amount of work involved. I really needed it done though. I told him I only had half the money, but wondered if we might “work something out” so I could get it done now and not have to wait until I’d saved more up. He got the picture.

He was an older man, not anyone I’d go after for myself, but I was in a tight spot. I figured he likely had a wife around the same age as himself that hadn’t given him sex in many years. So he might be agreeable to some sort of arrangement. I think I must have been right. He got this wicked grin on his face and asked exactly what I was offering. Now this was a thousand dollar job, I only had five hundred, so whatever I was going to do was just for the half I didn’t have. I figured an hour of fucking some old dude was fine for five hundred bucks.

I said I could pay half, and the other half I’d “earn.” He asked if I’d fuck him, and I said yes, so he said he’d do the job and fuck me afterwards. I agreed. He spent the better part of the day working on it and when it was done he said it was pay up time. I had him shower and I was naked on the bed waiting for him he came out. I think he was overly excited and a bit tired, but he sure lasted only a few moments but grunted his deep thanks. He said it had been years. I said I might have more work for him down the road and he winked at me as he walked out the door.

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Lonely Boys Looking to Talk

When someone calls a phone sex line for a non sexual conversation, it can truly be like an oasis in a desert. It revives you, makes you feel the phone sex job is all worth it. You can just have a non sexual talk and enjoy talking as you would with a friend. No demands are placed on you, and the conversation often goes off in all directions. A caller yesterday called, and it was for nearly an hour and a half, and sex didn’t even come up once. I realize most men are not calling for non naughty talk, but know that if you are, there’s ladies more than happy to have a delightful conversation with you!

The topic that seemed to interest this caller the most was music of all kinds, and not really being into music, I thought it would be not the easiest conversation, but no matter how obscure an artist I mentioned, he knew of them and their songs. When someone is close to your own age, you pretty well all know the same songs that came out in your youth and that can be a comforting thing. So we talked about various concerts we’d gone to over the years and he even played clips of several songs when I mentioned them on Youtube in the background. Not your average call for sure, but a very enjoyable one.

Funny tales of concerts and what certain songs meant to each of us, the fact that there were several songs we both liked and were touched by was nice. When he asked me to think of the saddest song I could think of off the top of my head, I said Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Then he said he could recall crying to that song one time after a breakup. He had been working in a super market at the time and that came over the speakers as the background music and he lost it and started to cry and was worried his coworkers might see him crying. So many things like that people share together. A talk like that left us both feeling very good.

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Women Paid for His Cock

One caller was telling me how he made extra money when he was in college. He said he was attractive and lived in a big city and sometimes did modeling. He would do catalog stuff and local businesses, but that simply didn’t pay enough to cover tuition and expenses. One time there was a casting director for a commercial for a local business that told him if he really wanted to earn big, he could work as a gigolo. He laughed thinking they were joking, but they were serious. He said he got the commercial since he was willing to do “exchange favors” for the job. The casting director was an older woman in her late sixties and let him know he’d have the job if he came home with her. He was only twenty years old.

He wasn’t that thrilled with the idea, but figured he could stomach it for an hour or two to get the job. Soon she was handing out his number to some other widow friends of hers and word spread. He was soon having more “dates” than he could handle and getting paid handsomely in cash for his trouble. He said it was a wild couple of years, and once he graduated he stopped it since he got a decent paying job out of college, but these older ladies supported him for a few years as he slept with them. Many hadn’t had a cock in years, so were happy to get one.

He said the one was in her seventies and wanted to treat herself for her birthday. He said she was pretty well put together, but was the age of his grandmother and he had a hard time getting hard for her. I was laughing at his description of the situation, but it was basically a few hundred dollars cash for less than two hours work, so he kept at it and kept them all happy as he could. He never told any friends about it, since he was embarrassed about it. The things we do for money.

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Rubbing Down Uncle with Suntan Oil

One of my callers is quite into niece and daughter fantasies even though he has neither, which I’d say is pretty common. Today since yesterday was the first hot day we’ve had, he had a suntanning fantasy if you will. He said he’d like to imagine his niece coming to him for money, she didn’t have any at all, and asked her uncle if there was anything she might be able to do to earn some. He was outside in his trunks soaking up the sun for the first time of the season. He said she could smooth some suntan oil on his back where he couldn’t reach. Sounds fair enough. I think we all know though, that it didn’t stop with the back.

So after she does his back, he flips over and asks her to do his front. Of course by now, he’s sporting quite the tent in his swim trunks and takes them off, telling his niece he’d like to sunbathe nude. Would she also oil up his cock? We can’t have that delicate skin on uncle’s cock getting burned now! So she oils up her hands and slathers it all over that stiff cock that’s bobbing in front of her.

Then he asks if she’s ever seen a dick before. No. So you’ve never touched one before? No. Do you like it? LOL, and on it goes until she’s giving the very first hand job she’s ever given to horny uncle sunbathing in the nude, all to earn a bit of spending money to go out with her friends. So she makes him cum and he hands over around sixty dollars for her efforts. He said it will be their little secret, so not to tell anyone about it, and maybe she can do it again next week and earn more money.

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She Jacked Him Off

Lots of callers give stories about how they go for happy ending massages. Many have wives that won’t fuck them, so they go to the rub and tug to get a little physical affection. Some get more than hand jobs and say the ladies that work there will often do more if you pay them do so. It just depends on what you’re looking for I guess. I can imagine nothing but masturbation gets pretty old and the touch of another, even if you have to pay for it, is something nice once in a while.

This man the other night that called said it was his birthday the week before and he’d wanted to treat himself, so he booked a massage at such an establishment. He went in and saw this lady and he said she looked nice enough, but she didn’t speak very good English. She was Eastern European and pretty. He put some money down on the counter and hopped up on the table and covered himself with the provided towel. She gave him and all over rub down and then removed the towel and oiled up her hands even more. He said not long after the towel came off, his cock started to stand at attention.

She moved her oiled hands all over his cock and balls in an expert fashion as if she’d done it hundreds of times before. She likely had. He was breathing heavily, he hadn’t masturbated in a few days and hadn’t had sex with his wife in many years. Depressing so many men live that way, but many certainly do. She stroked him up and down until he was ready to shoot and he did, he squirted all over his belly, which she soon cleaned off. He said it was a nice treat for himself and he walked out with a spring in his step and was glad he’d given himself the little birthday present.

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