Workmen Are Great With Their Hands

What is it about some workmen that’s so appealing? They are usually great with their hands for one thing! I really wanted a hot tub and small greenhouse, so I’d saved up for one to be built and I got quotes from a few local firms to build it for me. The firm I decided to go with was owned by a very sexy, yet knowledgeable man and I was quite impressed with him. He came over with the plans for me to ok them before they began building the project.

I offered him some wine and we sat down and went over the specs and I approved of the plans and when he got up to leave I asked if he had to rush off anywhere and he said no, but he’d come to show me the plans and now that that was taken care of he thought he’d be going, but I asked him to stay and he said he’d be happy to. I know I shouldn’t have been so forward, but I reached over and kissed him and he kissed me back. We were soon making out on the couch and I was getting his cock out of his pants and stroking it with my hand.

He was hard and thick and breathing heavy. I stripped off my dress and we were soon naked and making love right there on the sofa. My pussy was wet and ready for his hard cock and he plunged it in and out of my pussy over and over again until I was wild for him to make me cum. We kissed passionately and he sucked on my nipples and my pussy soon clenched around his cock and I came and then milked his orgasm from him as well and we lay there panting. I was so glad I’d asked him to stay.

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