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Teasing The Priest

I can be a mean gal when I set my mind to it, teasing guys, it’s nothing new, either. When I was younger and still living at home and my parents made me still go to church, I used to … Continue reading

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My Mother The Muslim Whore

I had an interesting call the other day from a young Muslim man who had a fantasy about his mother. Not unusual, but he said his mother wore a head scarf when outside the home at all times for modesty, … Continue reading

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For The Love Of God!

Ones into religious fetishes usually grew up in very religious homes and backgrounds. Religious blasphemy phone sex and the like is usually of interest only to ones from such backgrounds that held religion in high regard. As an atheist, I … Continue reading

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Religious Blasphemy

Religious blasphemy is an odd thing to be turned on by, to be sure, but there are many that are. Especially ones that grew up in a strict religious household, primarily Catholic ones it seems. It seems about the most … Continue reading

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