Teasing The Priest

I can be a mean gal when I set my mind to it, teasing guys, it’s nothing new, either. When I was younger and still living at home and my parents made me still go to church, I used to like to tease the priests and tell them all the naughty things I did, since I knew they were chaste and it would be easy to arouse them. I’d go in once a week to the church confessional and tell them how many times I’d masturbated that week, from the time I was really young. Then when I was a few years older and sexually active, I’d tell them all the things I’d done.

“Father, I have sinned, I’ve masturbated ten times this week and sucked off two different boys.” That was a typical thing I’d say to them. The older priests would sometimes gasp, or start to cough in a state of being startled and I’d try hard to muffle my laughter as I rattled on about all the sinful things I did with myself and others. I often wondered if they were masturbating on the other side of the screen or if they saved that for later when they were alone and would go over the various things people had told them during the day.

No idea how many people told them sexual things and it then became fodder for their masturbatory fantasies, likely a lot. I’d even masturbate thinking of the priests jerking off to the hot confessions they’d hear and picture as the people were telling them things. They’d be stroking their cocks and picturing the young girls getting fucked that had told them they were fucking their boyfriends behind their parents backs, I bet they had fun listening!

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