Halloween Sex Party

I went to a Halloween party last night and it was kind of a naughty party, there was lots of sex going on. I hadn’t been told it was a sex party, but it was practically an orgy from what I saw. The punch was very potent, and had dry ice in it, making that cool foggy effect of the mist coming out of the bowl. Everyone was having a great time, Halloween music playing and couple fucking all over, some in masks not even knowing who they were fucking, and not even caring.

I had a few glasses of the strong punch and was feeling pretty giddy myself and was soon approached by this handsome devil in a Dracula costume, and he gave me the cheesy line that he wanted to bite my neck, and I replied I have much better parts that you could suck. Well that got him, and he soon whisked me off to an empty room and I soon was having my neck, and other parts licked and sucked on. I was dressed like a slutty witch in a low cut tight dress, like Elvira, and was soon bent over a desk, my tight dress pulled up over my hips and his cock buried deep within my wet cunt.

He was a good fuck, and he made me cum several times before we parted and went back to the party. When I went back out, even more people were acting quite debauched right out in the open, someone was getting a blow job in the corner, another lady was riding a man’s cock on the sofa, the lighting was dim, but you could see and hear enough to know what was going on and how much fun they were all having, at least I’d been a bit discrete in my fun. I left soon after, but I’m glad I went.

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