My Uncle The Voyeur

When I was in college I’d go to stay with my aunt and uncle for long weekends sometimes since they lived not far from the college I went to, and one time I noticed something that was a bit unnerving. In the guest room and guest bathroom I stayed in, I noticed a small camera had been placed at the top of a picture frame and I had a feeling my uncle had placed it there to spy on me, so I confronted him about it and he looked speechless. I told him unless he explained himself I’d be talking to my aunt about the whole thing.

He apologized and said he’d always found me so beautiful, he just couldn’t help himself but to spy on me and he jerked off when he watched me shower and dress and I’m afraid to ask what else he saw in my private moments. I told him unless he destroyed every file on his computer, I’d be telling my aunt and mom everything. He walked me to my computer and showed me, he had a whole folder of files, thousands of still pics and even some live video of me drying off in the shower. I was horrified.

He asked if he could see me naked in person just once up close and he’d never bother with any of it again. I was incredulous at his nerve. He said he’d pay me a thousand dollars cash right there if I’d allow him to look, not touch even, just look, I needed the money so I agreed. I stripped and turned around for him and I could see the bulge in his pants as he saw me up close like this. I thought he was going to jizz in his pants from wanting to touch me so badly, but he managed to keep his hands to himself. He got a good look, then went to his safe and brought me the cash and I never went back there again.

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