Are You In The House Alone?

In the days before caller ID, and not even everyone has that now, obscene phone calls were much more common. In today’s world it’s not as easy to place them and not be discovered. Some men derive sexual gratification from placing anonymous calls, it’s considered a form of exhibitionism.

They are in their home calling unsuspecting women and masturbating trying to get a rise out of strangers. It’s sad really. It’s sexual harassment, and if done over and over to the same person, it’s stalking.

I recall years ago before caller ID, my grandmother used to keep a police whistle beside the phone, and if anyone called with heavy breathing or sex talk, they got a shrill blow of a whistle in their ear.

One of my callers has shared with me what I consider a funny story. He used to randomly call up restaurants and book stores and other various businesses and just talk to the women as he masturbated. He wasn’t talking to them in a sexual way though. He’d call the restaurants and have the women that answered the phone read him the specials on the menu and be jerking off as they did.

I always find it amusing when he calls and asks what on the menu for today. He just likes non sexual talk to masturbate to, it’s funny. He’d call the book stores and ask them to tell him what the weeks best sellers were and whatnot. A bit odd, but pretty harmless. He always said he thought they knew what he was doing, but since he wasn’t talking sexual, they couldn’t be sure.

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