Are You Man Enough? Period Sex

Not all men are cool with the idea of period sex, some don’t care, a few have a fetish for it. There’s variations of all kinds on the topic. Most callers don’t really bring up the topic of women bleeding, but the occasional one does and some are even good with going down on a woman when she has her time of the month. It’s not that big of a deal, just put down some towels or do it in the shower. It’s not battery acid, it’s not going to dissolve your cock if some menstrual blood touches it.

Ask your lady if she’s ok with it if you want to have sex during that time. Maybe she has cramps so bad, sex of any kind is the last thing on her mind. Some say an orgasm can relive cramps, others find it makes them worse. One thing it will do is make the bleeding heavier for a few hours after an orgasm, which is not fun. It’s up to each couple what is going to go on, if anything, during that not so fun time of the month. I doubt many women would want you or expect you to go down on them then, you just feel dirty, but hey, some guys are into that.

Sometimes hormones can make you hornier during that time, so don’t be afraid to ask and have a discussion about what your wife or girlfriend’s period is going to mean for your sex life. Can you handle a bit of gore? You likely can, some men are such assholes about it though, acting all horrified if you even bring up the thought of them putting their dick inside your bleeding lady parts. So have some consideration. Just be direct and matter of fact, and above all, be open to it. You’ll live and find it’s not that big of a deal.

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