Blowing The Plumber

My friend was telling me her shower had a plumbing issue last week, but she didn’t have any money to get it fixed. She’d used a plumber before she liked, but she wasn’t sure if he’d go for fun in exchange for services rendered. She figured it couldn’t hurt to ask, so she did. She asked him to come over and give an estimate of the cost to fix the issue and it was around a hundred dollars, but she told him she just didn’t have it, but would he be willing to “work something out”? She gave him a telling smile and said she’d be really grateful if he was agreeable.

It was his own business, so there would be no boss to get in trouble with. He said sure, so he came by after he was finished the rest of his jobs, fixed the shower and then he stripped down and turned the water on and called for her to come and join him. She climbed in and got down on her knees to suck his hard cock. He said he’d had a really hard day and she really needed to do a good job. She promised she would.

She told me how big of a dick he had and how sucking him off made her pussy wet. She deep throated as much as she could and he placed his hand on the back of her head and really fucked her mouth good. She got it all sloppy wet and played with his balls as she sucked him down her throat. She was soon rewarded for her efforts with a mouthful of his hot cum, and then they washed off in the shower together. She said it was well worth it. She got her shower fixed and she had fun besides. Sometimes it pays to offer workmen an alternative form of payment.

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