Christmas with the Perverts

Horniness knows no season, guys get horny every day of the year, that’s just a fact of life. Christmas with the perverts can be the same as any other day of the year, with a few Santa Claus jokes tossed in for good measure. One has called for hours and hours this week. Non sex talk, and he was drunk in the early afternoon. We all love the drunks, since they stay on longer and get all emotional and possibly even cry about events in the past. This one was very colorful though, with a manic depressive girlfriend that’s locked up in the nuthouse for the holidays, so he’s home drinking and fretting about it.

You certainly do get all kinds over the holidays. Ones that never might call, but loneliness has driven them to call strangers for some tea and sympathy. They aren’t really looking for sexy talk at all, just some company on a snowy night and to talk about years past and how much better things were. I sure can’t beat them there, other Christmases certainly were better, decades ago. It’s not hard to talk about the years that were happier, these current ones sure suck, not a doubt about that.

Phone sex girls aren’t just there for sexy talk, we can help with the lonely guys as well. Not just over the holidays, but other days when ones get to thinking about happier times. Some have become widowers or divorced, some never married at all, their kids might be too far away to conveniently travel to go and see, and travel itself has become not worth the hassle at all. So you can’t blame them for staying home and being alone when it’s easier all round, but it is the loneliest option as well. Many can’t wait for it to all be over. The New Year is almost here.

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