Here Cuckie!

One of the most popular calls that guys request is cuckold. It is wildly popular and makes me question the underlying inferiority complex that men have that they worry so much about their cock not being able to please a woman. Yes, many do have small ones, if they are pushing three inches, I get the concern, but many times ones calling for this fantasy have average sized cocks.

Now not all with the cuckold fantasy are small, some just get off on seeing their lady with another guy, that is the real pleasure for them. The humiliation aspect is arousing for some and having to fluff up the other man, forced bi, cock sucking and clean up boy duty are very hot for many into this sort of fantasy. Ones that would never suck cock all of a sudden will if their lady is pushing them to do so, especially if they want it cleaned off after fucking them and cumming inside of them and it needing to be properly cleaned by the lesser of the two males.

Some like to just watch, others want to join, others just want to suspect it’s happening with no real confirmation. Ones that say they went down on their lady and she “tasted funny”, like they wonder if she’d perhaps been fucked by another guy and that’s what the foreign taste was. They will never really know, but the damp panties in the hamper that seem to have some sort of “discharge” in them, they think she might be seeing and fucking another man, and nothing gets their dicks harder than that thought.

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