A Different Sort Of Silent Caller


Silent callers come in many forms and try many different ways to communicate with their phone sex providers. Some will email before hand and tell you what they want, others will type into a chat box as the call is going on, that is my favorite kind, you still have that instant communication, just not verbal on their behalf. One the other night made me laugh when he emailed me before a proposed call.

He had this whole touch tone code worked out with 1 for yes, 2 for no, all these different numbers for different answers. So not only am I to entertain a caller, but now I’m supposed to learn touch tone pad sounds to keep track of as well??? Fuck that! I burst out laughing at the idea of it, then thought well, he’d put a great deal of though into this bizarre method of communication, but that’s just a bit too much work for me, sorry, NEXT! I’d like to know if he got anyone to consent to this bizarre method of communication.

I’ve had ones ask if they could clear their throat for yes, cough for no, it’s like some insane movie plot. The things I am asked to contemplate on a weekly basis would blow the minds of some people not in the adult entertainment field, it’s comical at best. I have to give them an A for effort though, they do put serious thought into how to escape the watchful eyes of the cold wives and the like.

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