Doggy Pleasures

Most callers seem to have a favorite sexual position from what they tell me when I ask. Doggy style seems to be hands down their favorite. I like that one as well, either they can rub my clit for me or I will. Sometimes I’ve even been known to use a toy on my clit in that position. Either my clit sucking vibe, or just a regular vibe. I can let that vibe wander down to their balls as well as they are fucking me, most seem to enjoy that. Grabbing my tits, pulling me hard back onto that cock, feeling them penetrate me deeply, what’s not to love!

I have long hair as well, and some have enjoyed grabbing it like reins and yanking my neck back. Either to kiss me or playfully bite me. Men like to get a bit rough if you will allow them that. I am open to a good spanking now and then as well. Some red hand prints on my ass never did me any harm, and I find it can be a pleasure heightening sensation, but not all ladies enjoy a playful spanking, so always ask. You could really turn some off if you don’t ask first.

Leaning down on my elbows and really sticking my ass up for them is always fun. They like it when you aren’t shy and are just presenting yourself to them like that. Variety is always good, and some women don’t like doggy for various reasons, so if you do let your man have his way for the night, they will no doubt shower you with extra attention and likely please you orally because of it. Relax, have a few drinks, watch some porn, let your man take that pussy from behind and really let him unleash that inner beast within!

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