Don’t Let A Little Blood Stop You

period sex

Some men are reluctant to earn their “red wings” when it comes to having sex with their wife or girlfriend when she’s having her period. For some, it’s just too gross, too unclean, they think it’s an untouchable time of month and some even call it “blow job week”, or others will do anal sex during that time the pussy is closed up for a week and out of commission.

I don’t get the big deal. I mean, I wouldn’t expect a guy to do oral then, no, though some brave souls would, especially if there’s a tampon in place. You wouldn’t have rivers of blood flowing, but you really do feel unclean during that time and would be very worried about odors, even if a fresh tampon inserted and right out of the shower. Regular vaginal sex though, as long as you were on towels or in the shower especially, I can’t get the concern. Men haven’t the stomach we ladies do, I guess. Though many gals are not fans of sex during that time either. If you have pains with cramps, I totally get that, if you don’t feel well and just want to crumple up in a ball in bed crying from cramps, orgasms are the last thing on your mind, and yes guys, pain can be that bad…

If cramps are not a concern, bring out the dark colored towels or head to the shower and have at it. Be aware though, orgasms usually increase blood flow for a few hours afterwards. The uterine contractions from an orgasm do indeed ramp up the bleeding. Not many callers have ever mentioned periods or blood, but a couple were very interested and wanted many period details. One had the thought that if a man can’t accept you then, fluids and all, then he wasn’t a real man. I kind of like that attitude. So come on guys, if you haven’t already, earn those red wings!

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