Escorting With Perverts


When I think of some of the naughty guys I talk to on the phone, they are nothing compared to the ones I used to see in person when I used to work as an escort. I always did phone sex work, but I used to escort for several years as well and I was having to satisfy men’s sexual urges in person as well as on the phone and let me tell you, talking about things is one thing, but acting them out in person is a whole different ballgame.

I often regale my callers with tales of what it was like to sell my pussy for money, all the perverted things I did, offering these men that wouldn’t dare to ask their wives or girlfriends to do these things with them, but they had no problem asking an escort to do them. Things like give them a prostate massage, or fuck them with a strap on, or even give them a golden shower. They knew these things wouldn’t fly with wifey, so do not even bother to ask in the first place. I asked a client once why not just ask your wife to do these things with you and he said that was such a woman like thing to ask, he said you have different women for different sexual needs and purposes.

Some were actually quite good in bed and I really did orgasm with them, they just were either without a woman in their life entirely or the wives they had wouldn’t fuck them at all and it was such a waste of a good lover. As long as wives won’t fuck their husbands, someone else will, I hope they get that. I’m happy to be the one these lonely bastards turn to, it makes me feel I’m filling a need in their lives. Phone sex work does as well, usually for the ones that don’t have the balls to go to an escort, but a phone call they can live with.

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