Fat ‘N Sassy


Not all men are wanting a bone wrack in the boudoir. They want a woman with curves, and some callers are very descriptive in their describing the perfect woman to them. Some mention how they like larger women to have a tummy large enough to cover up her pussy when she’s standing so if they were kneeling in front of her the’d have to hoist her belly up and hold it to have access to her pussy. They love all the flesh they have to move around to get to that fat pussy.

Some have even mentioned fucking the rolls of fat, they like really big ones, one that’s been calling is interested in 400 lb + size ladies, and they get his so turned on he likes to think of feeding them so they get even bigger. All that flesh for them to squeeze and cum over is appealing. Now not all are looking for ones quite that large, and some men consider a lady big if she’s much over 150 lbs, which is ridiculous.

Many mention they like the woman on top, even for pussy licking, and I say you’d be smothered and they reply, what a way to go…Sitting on a guys face if you’re over 250 lbs doesn’t sound the safest thing to be doing, but they are insistent they adore it and can signal them by tapping them that they need to readjust their weight. They don’t shy away from the big girls, they like them better, even if they are half the size. It’s nice someone is into giving the bigger girls affection, but not all are wanting a big one, one caller went out of his way to say the only women he’d have nothing to do with were overweight ones. Nice. Oh well, no one is everyone’s cup of tea.

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