Figurine Fetish


Sex dolls are one thing, they have been around for centuries. Not as refined or as expensive as the lifelike silicone dolls you can buy now, but some version of them has been around for centuries. Barbie dolls were considered quite risqué when they came out. All dolls pretty much until Barbie’s debut were baby type dolls, not dolls of mature women, they had breasts and had some racy, mature outfits and were considered too sexy by some to be toys for children.

Men into figurine fetish want to shoot their cum on the figurines or dolls. Now a couple of guys over the years have called rubbing Barbie dolls on their cocks and some will even insert them on their ass, but until this week, I’d never even heard of figurine fetish where they want to soak the dolls or figurines with their jizz. There’s actually some rather embarrassing tales online of ones having to go to ER rooms and have Barbie dolls removed from their rectum they shoved so far up they cannot remove them themselves and are seeking medical help for their odd doll sex play.

If one Google’s “figurine porn”, there is no shortage of guys cocks shooting loads on the tiny, porcelain dolls and figurines. Some of the figurines are nude and in provocative poses, seemingly encouraging such acts. Some guys like to tribute a woman’s pic and cum all over it, well they are doing the same with these items. It’s harmless, but also quite bizarre. If my grandma had ever thought of someone cumming on one of her precious Royal Doulton’s, omg, what a thought, she’d have been beyond horrified!

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