Glorious Glory Holes


One thing many callers love to tell we phone girls about is there trip to the glory hole to have their cock sucked or to do the sucking, at glory holes by random strangers. I recall years ago before I got into phone sex work someone on Yahoo Answers had a question about glory holes and I’d never heard of them, so I messaged the poster of the question and she explained it to me, she did this in her apartment during college to raise tuition money she said with guys, not the way we hear about on calls with guys being on either side. I had never heard of this. Only a few months later, I was in the phone sex world and hearing about glory holes frequently then.

The backs of adult bookstores or when they used to have adult movie rental places or theaters, these seemed to be the places these glory holes were and guys were more than happy to get down and suck a strange, random cock coming through the wall of a guy they’d never even seen the face of, it’s all a bit bizarre if you ask me, yet there’s lots of guys that regularly frequent such places to get their fill of random cock.

Some have even asked if they took their phones with them if I’d watch them as they sucked off cocks that came through the walls at them, they love to show off and have ones watch them work, they are very turned on by the fact someone is watching them and knowing they are about to take a mouthful of some guys jizz down their throat. They are often to shy to go to a bar and do a face to face pick up, so a random cock coming through a hole in the wall is less personal to them. It’s almost like they can forget there’s a real person attached to that cock.

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