He Abused His Therapist

This one caller has a unique fantasy I have never heard before. It always makes you wonder what happened to them to make them even think about such things. He likes to pretend I’m his therapist and rather than a talking session, he goes there to give her a beating, and she encourages it and eggs him on. It’s quite bizarre, disturbing and comical all at the same time. It makes me wonder if he’s taken Martial Arts because of some of the terms he uses. He said one of things he’d do is give her a roundhouse kick to the jaw, lol. That would take anyone off their feet I’d imagine.

A choke hold is another thing he seems to love. Now I’ve heard of therapists going out of their way for a patient, but becoming their punching bag, that’s a lot to ask! He talks about pounding and beating her so hard, she’d struggle to stand on her feet, but she’s always going to dare him to do more, she can take it, she will not be bested by him, so she gets up. He always go after her more. He likes when I make grunting sounds and moaning sounds of pain after the imagined kicks and punches.

I don’t think he could actually be masturbating during these bizarre calls, but, one never knows what’s actually going on, on the other side of the phone. I’ve wondered if he actually is physically abusing towards women in his life to speak about such things. Many on such calls fantasize about doing things they’d never actually do in real life, but one can never be sure. It’s strange to have such violent fantasies, but there’s a lot of warped individuals out there, so you just “roll with the punches” and take each call as they come.

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