Homo Heaven

One thing many callers are quite excited to talk about is their experiences with other men or their fantasies about other men. Same sex encounters are wildly popular topics and so many guys out there really, truly want to suck cock. More want to suck cock than have their own cock sucked if you can believe it. It’s a rare day if ever that there are not several calls from guys wanting to talk about other guys they want to have work them over.

The desire to suck another man’s cock seems to be something they have wanted to do, if they haven’t already, for many, many years, even most of their lives. With gay porn being so readily available, they can now at least indulge as they masturbate and watch other guys doing the activities they so want to do themselves. Going to glory holes to satisfy their cravings, taking random cocks and sucking and licking them and drooling all over them as they are filled with lust and desire.

It’s a very powerful craving they have and many are too afraid to actually do it for fear they are found out by wives or friends or family. The level of homophobia runs very deep and they cannot take the risk of being caught up in something which they themselves do not approve, so it remains in their masturbatory fantasies to explore and watch porn about. They aren’t fantasizing about pussy, what they want is cock, long, hard, and dripping and ready to fuck their mouths at a moments notice.

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