I Denied Him

One thing I’ve always found fun to do with a boyfriend is tease and denial. Not all guys are into that of course, but some love it. They love the ache of blue balls from being denied. Some are even into the male chastity device, so they really want to be denied. Fine by me, as long as I get mine, I really don’t care if they are aching with need. When I found out the new man I’m dating is into the whole tease and denial thing, I was thrilled. I’ve always found it fun to wield such power over a man.

I decided the first time we were to be together we actually were not going to be going all the way. He didn’t know this yet though. I held his cock in my hand and he expected me to slip it into my pussy. That was not going to be happening. I decided to glide my wet cunt lip over that hard cock and rub my clit against it, making myself cum. His balls were nearly purple as they ached with frustration. His speech was ragged and soft he was so close to cumming, but I wouldn’t allow it to happen.

I did this a few times that first night, allowing him plenty of time to cool down between rounds. It was most entertaining. For me, anyway. I think he liked it though, since he was back the next night asking when we could try it again. We finally got to the good part, but not until after I’d made him jump through many hoops. He was a good sport and didn’t put up any troubles. We’ve had lots of fun together. I wonder if he will be surprised when I give him a male chastity device for Christmas? I guess I will find out soon.

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