Leave Me The Fuck Alone

Stalking is a real problem in today’s online world. It’s also never been so easy for ones to track down so much info so quickly with all that most people post online with their social networking pages. Pictures, real names and businesses they work with, you can really find out a lot about most people today if you look hard enough. A couple of decades ago, you’d need a private detective to round up the info you yourself can find online in a couple of hours.

It used to be ones would stalk people they actually knew in some way, even if their contact was limited, or a celebrity. Now so many people engage in narcissistic activities online, they have become mini celebrities in their own right and ones from all over the world can access their pics, audios they may have posted, all kinds of things of a personal nature. Strangers may find this and feel a connection with you, even if no such connection exists except within their own mind. Guys will look at social network pics and jerk off to them, or dating sites as well can attract such sorts. There’s nothing really you can do to stop them other than have no presence online.

Some men may think they are meant for you and you only need to get to know them to feel this way too. It’s erotomania, and it’s only in their own mind. Ones may even be so delusional, it may get to the point where they think if I can’t have her, no one else will either. They get increasingly frustrated with your spurning their advances and may lash out as a result.

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