Lock It Up!


To some the entire idea of chastity devices is absurd. Historically it was women that were forced into the devices, I’d like to see someone get me into such an uncomfortable device! People are such base creatures, ruled by their libidos, they can’t possibly be trusted not to fuck everything in site at the slightest opportunity, so let’s put their cock in lock down.

Even if others are not a worry, children were routinely put in such devices at bedtime to stop them from the evils of masturbation. Everything from locked belts to mittens, the idea is horrifying to say the least. In today’s world though, you’re more apt to find a man in a chastity device than a woman, and a self inflicted one at that. A sort of modern day tease and denial accessory, with some Mistresses actually acting as key holders. In fact, there are even key holder services for the legions of submissive men out there who want to purposefully keep their hands off their willies as a form of self denial.

Several companies offer many different models for the submissives to choose from, so they can have their pick of cock cages. Why one day alone I spoke to three different men in such devices, so they are not as uncommon as you’d think. They even have all plastic ones for ones going through airports worried about embarrassing security pat downs. I spoke to a client only yesterday going on a plane ride to see his mistress and she’s got him locked up until he goes to see her and of course she has the key. So if you see a guy in baggy pants, maybe it’s to conceal the cock cage underneath he doesn’t want you to know about!

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