Making Me Squirt


Not all women are able to experience a G spot orgasm, but if the man knows what he’s doing, she will in most cases. When a man has this skill, they want to try it on as many women as possible it seems to see if they can get the woman to squirt. They look at it as a challenge to see if they can make the woman explode with pleasure. There are some sex toys that will stimulate a lady’s G spot, but isn’t the personal touch always better?

The newest guy I’ve been seeing asked me on the first date if I’d ever had a G spot orgasm. I was a bit taken aback at the forwardness of the question, but answered honestly and said no. Over the next few dates we had, he convinced me to let him try this. It was a bit awkward, comical, a whole host of emotions, but eventually he got it to work and it was a different sensation than I’d had before. He had me lay on my back and relax, knees up and with well lubed fingers, in he went exploring for the magic internal button. Needless to say he found it and began to rub, and fairly vigorously.

I just laid there and tried to concentrate on the sensations and after a while I felt an explosive orgasm welling within me and off I went and did squirt a little bit, but not some gusher like in the pornos. I don’t know how the ladies in those make old faithful gush out of their pussy, but mine was somewhat less dramatic, although still very much enjoyable. There’s all kinds of ways to experience pleasure and different kinds of orgasms, I’d suggest to anyone to explore all the different types that they can to determine what they like the best.

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