New Year’s Eve Masturbation


Not everyone is going out to party on New Year’s Eve, many people like to play it safe and just stay at home and have a quiet night and maybe have a little fun. What kind of fun can one have on such a night of celebration? Why not break out the old bottle of lube and masturbate? And what better way to masturbate than to have some phone sex? Many people that aren’t into phone sex think it’s old fashioned or quaint or does it even still exist anymore. Yes, it does and people frankly have no idea what they are missing out on by not joining the fun.

I guess for some that are really into porn and other visual stimulation, it might not be their cup of tea, but for ones that really get off on the idea of listening to another person masturbate, or for ones that love being listened to and having their fantasies talked about in explicit detail, phone sex is just the sort of cerebral stimulation that they are looking for that can help intensify their orgasm and make them cum oh so much harder when they have that special one on one interaction as they are touching themselves.

One guy I talked to once on New Year’s Eve wanted to cum at the stroke of twelve and had me count him down and he did indeed blow as the clock struck twelve, it was most amusing and I’ll never forget it. Phone sex can make your masturbation memorable and a hell of a lot more fun than if you were doing it alone.

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