Oh Brother, Dear Brother!

Have you ever fucked your sister? Sometimes callers like to confess to things they did years ago and a sister getting fucked or at the very least spied on is more common than you’d think. I’m an only child, so I never had any brothers, but always wondered what it might have been like to have someone of nearly the same age around to get naughty with that would be around all the time. I think it would have been fun, especially sneaking around so we wouldn’t get caught. Playing after school, and finding secret locations that would be easy to get to play in.

Some callers say they were caught masturbating by their sisters and it both humiliated and turned them on, and they imagine what would have happened if the sister had come in and offered to help them, or volunteered to suck them, or if they just outright came in, laid on their bed and told their brother to fuck them. It turns them on a lot. Many were walked in on as they came out of the shower, and the sisters saw them naked. All kinds of things do callers talk about their sisters. A few have even mentioned doing things to their sisters as they slept. One masturbated at her bedside and came in her hair. I’m sure she wondered why she woke up with crunchy hair!

Most teenage boys are horny all the time, they would likely welcome sexual attention, even from a sister. Imagine having a live in fuck toy for a young, horny man, what more could they want? A willing mouth, a tight, young pussy at their disposal anytime. Some callers of course claim to have done things with their siblings, but you never know what is real, and what’s just a fantasy when a guy calls. Some have even mentioned playing around with brothers, so you take everything with a grain of salt.

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