One Night Stand

Several weeks ago my doctor changed a prescription I was on and it had a side effect she had not warned me about. It sent my testosterone level up, and one of the things that happens when your testosterone is up is your libido also rises. I began masturbating a few times a day to deal with it. I did not have a boyfriend and no friends with benefits. I started to really crave cock and not have anyone to help me out. It had been years since I pursued a one night stand, but my pussy was just aching for dick and I wanted some so badly.

There was a bar a few blocks from where I live that always seems busy and I decided to go there and try and get picked up. I know it’s not the wisest or safest thing to do, but I felt I really wanted it, so I went after it. I arrived and was pretty suggestively dressed. It did not take long before guys started to send me drinks. I chose the one I found the most appealing and we soon went back to my place. We were tearing our clothes off as soon as we got in the door.

He was handsome and aggressive and I soon had his hard cock down my throat and then in my pussy. I rode his dick hard and came three times from the fucking alone. He loved my wet pussy and told me what a good and horny fuck I was. I just could not stop fucking his cock and even after he left, I masturbated to two orgasms. These pills have proven quite the distraction, but in the best possible way! I think tonight I might be going back to the bar to find another guy, my pussy is feeling greedy tonight.

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