Peek A Boo


A good caller related his story of his latest trip tot he glory hole adventure, of course his clueless wife has no clue about his visits to such establishments. He stops by a few times a month when his craving for cock overwhelms him and he simply cannot go on anymore without sucking one off. He watches gay porn between his visits to tide him over, but can’t stop the craving for the real thing in his mouth.

The excitement builds as he pulls into the parking lot of the adult bookstore and past the aisles of sex toys to the back rooms where all the real action is. The groans and grunts can be heard behind the closed doors, you know what’s going on in there without even seeing, guys are getting sucked off by random strangers they will never even see the faces of through small holes in the wall they slide their dicks through.

He goes into one of the rooms barely larger than a closet and sits down on the little stool in there and waits for a cock to slip through the wall for him to fellatate and enjoy. He caresses it momentarily before lowering his lips down onto it. He frantically jerks his cock while he’s doing this until he soon cums as he eagerly suckles on its salty tip before letting it ram down his throat, licking it up and down and gagging on it before it finally releases its salty load down his throat and he swallows up every drop. Then driving home to his wife, who has no idea what her hubby does a few times a month. Just another trip to the glory hole.

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