Pervy Santa

I went to the first of several Christmas parties this weekend and a man was there dressed as Santa, a paid entertainer. He looked quite the part, but he was a pervert. All the women went and sat on his lap one by one to get their pictures taken and several mentioned to me Santa had a hard on and tried to grab their breasts and give them a squeeze. A few of the women were drunk though and did not resist the horny Santa they were sitting on. I am reluctant to say I was one of those women, lol.

I found him charming and after the party, I went home with him. He told me I was on the naughty list and I was going to have to be punished, or there would be no Christmas treats for me. I got over his knee and he swatted my behind a few times until I sank down onto the floor in front of him and reached up and got out his cock. He was an older man, but he had a nice, hard, and large cock. In no time flat it was between my lips and my tongue was playing over its head.

He said cocksuckers like me deserved to be on the good girl list since we were so talented. I was then led to the bed and he pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and fucked me with his Santa suit on. I’d not been expecting anything like this, that’s for sure, but it was fun and Santa turned out to be a helluva fuck. Mrs. Claus was lucky to get to fuck him any time she wanted. I left with a pussy full of his cum and he gave me a kiss on the forehead and a candy cane as I left the house to go home. It was a Christmas To Remember for sure.

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