Playing Doctor

When you say “playing doctor,” you think of kids getting up to naughtiness. Lots of grown men however enjoy playing doctor as well, and not in the same way that kids do. Lots of men have medical fetish and some might just assume it’s sexy nurse based, or pretty lady doctor based, but it can be a lot more sinister and gross than that. Some are into catheters up their cock, enemas for their ass, or small penis humiliation an be incorporated and sperm samples taken, usually helped along by the nurse or doctor and analyzed.

Some even have fetishes for body casts and amputations, either they want one of their own limbs amputated, or they are only sexually turned on by ones that have had theirs removed due to some accident or being born without all their limbs. Some take playing doctor to the extreme. It’s often surprising ones could find sexual pleasure in some of these pastimes, yet ones certainly do. Lots of times mommy giving junior an enema as a child during the years of his sexual awakening can get mixed up with sexual desire.

Some have fantasies about the naughty nurses, how they’d love to have more than their vitals taken, though for some, having their temperature taken rectally or even getting their blood pressure taken can be an arousing experience for them. Some people are terrified to go to the doctor, for others, it can be a very sexually arousing experience, especially if they are getting a prostate exam and get a hard on at the same time. Wires get crossed and then they are hard.

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