Please Humiliate Me

Some men love humiliation to the point of pain. One that called recently wanted to be whipped with a bullwhip until he had blood all over his back. He wasn’t even black, since some into racial humiliation will often go back to old slave fantasies and talk about being whipped by the plantation overseers, but no, this one was white, but he wanted a very cruel Mistress that would have him screaming in pain.

Not only was he to be whipped, but he was to be in a cock cage and denied any orgasms or sexual pleasures, even from his own hand. He also wanted to be locked away somewhere at night, I suggested lowering him down into a well and if he got thirsty he would have to lick the walls to quench his thirst, since it was a dried up well he was going down into. Naked, not even a shred of clothes to help keep him warm in the cold, damp abandoned well. He could only hope I’d return the next day with a ladder to get him out of there and when I did, more whippings would follow.

The punishments some want are quite severe on phone sex calls. Especially the ultra submissive ones that have very harsh and extreme fantasies. It seems nothing is too cruel. Some even want castration done to themselves as the ultimate punishment. Well, thinking again, the most extreme ones will even mention you killing them, though in my experience only a couple have ever asked for that much.

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