Ride Like The Wind

One of the favorite sexual positions of me and my boyfriend is the female superior position. I love to ride him. I can control the depth and how his cock rubs against my clit and of course since the one on top is pretty much doing al the work, he loves it. He just looks up and sees me bouncing and gyrating on top of him, my titties bouncing freely, what’s not to love? So I got some sexy new lingerie last night and brought it over to his place to slip into it before we began to fuck and I knew he’d love it and he loved it so much he actually wanted me to keep the panties on as we fucked and he just pulled the crotch over to one side.

I could feel his fingers exploring my panty covered pussy and he loves to tease me over the fabric. I knew he’d love the texture of the material they were made from, and he did. I could feel the heat of his cock as he brought it towards my wet pussy lips and he lifted the crotch over to one side and popped the head of dick into the my cunt lips and then I just sank down onto him and felt the cock go all the way in easily and I slowly started to rise and fall on it.

He reached up and caressed my breasts and made my nipples hard and I could feel the way my stiff clit was rubbing against his hard cock and my juices making his shaft more and more slick with each rise and fall of my pussy down onto him. I picked up my pace as I continued to ride him and he grabbed me by the hips and bucked upwards to meet me and soon we both came, I did a few seconds before him and that f course triggered him. Those new panties were sure worth the investment.

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