Sexy Neighbor

Recently I moved into a new condo and I have to say, the man down the hall got my attention the first time I saw him. He’s gorgeous. I questioned the wisdom of getting involved with a neighbor, since if things go badly, you still have to see them regularly and that could be beyond awkward. My libido soon got the better of me and I soon found myself smiling at him whenever I got the chance to cross paths with him. He picked up on my non verbal invitation so to speak, and soon asked me in for coffee.

We chatted and got along well, and began doing this a few mornings a week. Things got better after I cooked us dinner and that too became a regular thing. He leaned in to kiss me after a wonderful meal as we were talking on my sofa. He reached up and began to fondle my breast, and my nipples were soon hard. He slipped his hand under my skirt and began to toy with the dampening crotch of my panties. I could feel his fingers slip into them and caress my bare skin. I purred with delight as he pleasured me.

I stroked his cock and things soon moved to the bedroom. I loved how he touched me, he felt utterly electric. His cock entered me and filled me completely. His rhythmical thrusting into me caused waves of ecstasy to flow through me like undulating waves. I wrapped my arms and legs around him to pull him closer into me and we moved so well with one another. I knew I was going to like having this man as a lover very much. He made me cum with an intensity I’d not felt in years. He seemed happy with me as well. I do look forward to seeing where this all leads.

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