Sexy & Young

Youth is a very intoxicating elixir. Most Western countries though have laws in place to supposedly protect youth with age of consent laws to prevent ones from being exploited. For phone sex fantasies though, many men do enjoy talking about underage people, either themselves and their own past experiences, or ones they would wish to do things to.

It’s not always men fantasizing about young girls either and one might expect. For many the prospect of a cougar going after a young male teen also has an appeal for some. One of my callers likes to imagine me in a threesome with a 14 and 15 year old boy, being their submissive MILF that they are going to do things to, it’s never me doing things to them they don’t want, usually they are the ones in control of the situation and more than happy to have the cougar slut at their disposal. That’s actually pretty much his only fantasy!

Ones that like to imagine themselves as years younger, either with mommy or even granny being the one to turn them from boy to man can also be quite arousing for some. Youth has an appeal like nothing else to some. Thank goodness the young ones in many cases do want the older ones, it is very flattering and arousing to be desired by someone half your age. Sometimes fantasies do wander to younger than we should think about and as long as it’s kept there, no harm done. I do worry though if a man wants to talk about ones pre puberty. If nature has given you the body of an adult already, I understand it, but for ones younger than teens, a bit odd.

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