Silent Callers


Silent callers are a different breed than regular callers, they seek phone sex, but they only want a one way conversation, and there are different types of silent ones too. There’s ones that are silent because they do not have the privacy to talk, it’s not that they are shy, they just can’t chance being heard. Some of them will either at times whisper or type back into a chat box as the call is going on. Other silent callers will only call a line that is pre paid, since I can’t imagine trying to get credit card info out of them, it would be impossible. The ones without privacy will just type it into the chat box and you copy and paste it into the billing form.

Some are only wanting to sit back and be entertained. It’s difficult if you don’t know what they want, since you’re stabbing blindly in the dark to do some general sex scenario of what you think they might like. Others will email beforehand and tell you what they want. I must say it’s a lot easier if they are typing to you as you talk to give you direction, they are in a way more challenging since it’s a one woman show and you have no verbal exchange at all. Some girls will not do these types of calls since they find them creepy or difficult. I laughed once when a girl had written in a forum how she had a silent caller and all she could hear was creepy church music playing in the background. We could all envision some pervy man of the cloth jerking off in one hand and holding the Bible in the other while sitting in a  church pew and asking the Lord’s forgiveness for his wicked, wicked ways.

I recall one caller that was over 4 hours long, and I bet he didn’t say 10 sentences the entire time. I talked about everything from childhood vacations to the raccoons in the attic to try and keep him entertained, it was one of the hardest calls I ever did, but he stayed on that long so I figured he was entertained somewhat to do so. You’d think phone sex would be a strange choice of a hobby for ones that were shy, but you do your best to entertain the ones that call. You never know what’s going on on their end of the phone.

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