Sissy Encouragement


Lots of men that call are sissies. They feel they are a woman trapped inside a woman’s body. Some have even been on hormones and have shared their struggles with me and even like to be referred to by their female names they have chosen for themselves. Some feel bad even telling me these secrets, but they do not have anyone in their own life they can share them with.

One man has been calling me that shared with me his struggle growing up trying on his mom’s clothes and how often eh was punished when he was caught. His father was an Army General, which made it even worse. His own parents called him a sissy and made fun of him and when they found items he’d bought, makeup, ladies clothing items, he was punished and they assumed he’d grow out of it. He never did. His parents are both deceased now, he’s 50 years old and still wears ladies clothes when he’s alone at home after he comes home from work after dressing as a man all day, which he hates.

He said he doesn’t have the money for any sex reassignment surgery and at this point in his life he feels it’s too late anyway, so he’s resigned himself to being alone and unloved and leading a rather lonely, secret life that no one understands around him. He’s kept it all bottled up since no one would know what it’s like to want to be the woman he feels he is inside. To encourage these sissies and tell them it’s ok to wear makeup and girls clothes and love girlie things, it means a lot to them, since they don’t get that from anyone in their real life. I’m thinking in society transsexuals may just be the next group of people to come out and get more acceptance and rights the way homosexuals have. It’s a tough road for many.

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