Size Confusion


It’s a marvel how some men don’t know what they’ve got. From evidence I’ve read online, 5.5 inches erect is the North American average for a man’s erect penis. Yet some will say, oh yes, I have a big penis, I’m 4 inches. Um, that’s NOT big, it’s small, laughably small. Try hung like a a mouse for a screen name on any sites you sign up to, it would be fitting. Then some will say, oh yes, mine’s not very big, it’s only 8 1/2 inches. Then they seemed shocked when I point out actually it’s much larger than average.

I seriously question if these callers have ever seen another naked man in a locker room or in porn, or anywhere to be so clueless about what’s average. Some have never once measured themselves, others have actually said they haven’t measured themselves this week. This week? It’s a weekly activity? You measuring your cock? It changes each time so you need to keep measuring? Really? I’ve known of some to keep actual written logs of measurements and how far they can ejaculate from a standing position depending on fluid intake and number of days since last orgasm, so have waaay too much time on their hands to be worry or even wondering about that!

When one said his cock was long he tucked it into the top of his sock, my first thought was he has 4 inch legs. Many times the rule of 3 is a good idea, take the size they say they have and divide it by three, oh yes, I’m 12 inches long when hard. Of course you are….

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