Spying On The Neighbors


These new neighbors moved in a few months ago and they were a couple of men, I assumed they were likely gay, but I didn’t care, they didn’t bother me. I was sitting outside having a drink the other night and I could hear something in the next yard. It was already dark and they clearly couldn’t see me, so I stood up and I could see through the fence some moving shadows, they had some candles burning on their outdoor table and I went over and looked through the fence gaps between the planks and I could see the one getting a blow job from the other.

I was a bit shocked they’d be doing this outside, but they were in a fenced yard and someone would literally have to be spying like I was to see what they were doing and the lighting was dim, but I could see the one clearly sucking on the other’s cock and they were moaning a bit, but not too loudly and I was honestly getting a bit aroused watching the one take the whole cock down his throat and suck on it and lick on the head of it while cupping his balls.

I knew it was dark enough they couldn’t see me, so I just stood there watching as they played and I was feeling aroused myself. I saw the one cum in his partners mouth and the cum dribble down his chin and his partner lick it off. I knew as soon as they finished I was going to go inside and masturbate, which I did. My pussy was so wet after watching them, I just hope they hadn’t seen me, they’d think me a real pervert for watching them, I’m sure! I had a great orgasm after watching them that way, I’ve thought of it every time I’ve masturbated in the last week.

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