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He Couldn’t Get a Girlfriend

There’s no shortage of callers who just do not have luck with the ladies. They are either shy, have a small dick, not attractive enough, there’s lots of reasons. So many either turn to escorts or sex toys. Obviously sex … Continue reading

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“I Can’t Get Real Girls”

One of the frequent callers I have is a particularly sad case, as so many are. He calls to announce he’s taken out his pocket pussy toy and is now masturbating. He wants to make sure I know this fact. … Continue reading

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Bend Over, Sissy!

This new boyfriend of mine is pretty submissive. He likes to be told what to do and not make any decisions himself, especially sexually. I have no problem being the dominant one in the bedroom. I asked him the other … Continue reading

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Watch Me Masturbate

My boyfriend has always enjoyed watching me masturbate, most guys love it for sure, and especially if you use toys. They love to watch the sex toys disappear into your pussy as you plunge it in and out of yourself. … Continue reading

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Teddy Ruxpin Would be Horrified

Now there’s people that love toys, and then there’s people that LOVE toys. I’ve talked to a few guys in my day that were doing naughty things with teddy bears, which seems odd enough. Even as a kid, the thought … Continue reading

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