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He Made Me Beg For It

Sometimes we do not know we will be excited by a certain fetish until we are exposed to it. Such was the case with my current lover and BDSM. I had no idea I had the submissive streak in me … Continue reading

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Yes, Sir

Spanking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I do enjoy a good paddling from my boyfriend. He figured out pretty quickly after we met that I tended to be on the submissive side. He asked how I felt about being … Continue reading

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Controlling My Boss

I got this job recently and soon learned how very submissive my boss is, he’s a total wimp honestly, and very easy for me to control him. He’s weak and generous, a bad combination for his wallet, to be sure. … Continue reading

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Hurts So Good

One of my callers is very much into torturing his cock and balls. A lot more than just one actually, but they all have their particular ways they like to do things. Some just love pain for the sake of … Continue reading

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Please Beat Me, Mistress

One of my callers of many years also sees real time dominatrixes, like many clients do. This one however is very cruel. He claims she beat him for over 50 hours. I’d think her arms would have given out after … Continue reading

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