Teasing The Teenage Neighbor

I love to swim in my backyard pool, and nude of course. A new family moved in a few weeks ago next door and they have a teenage son. He’s a ice looking boy and I knew this was going to be fun for me with him being able to see me in my pool and backyard. Of course I could not let on I knew he’d be watching, but I have teased him with the things I have done. Floating on the pool float nude and spreading suntan oil all over myself, masturbating in the chaise lounge chair next to the pool, using the diving board and doing flips while nude.

When I went over to introduce myself with a basket of muffins and his mom answered the door and he was standing behind her, he was visibly blushing. I thought it was so cute, so I knew he’d been watching. I liked to imagine him stroking that young, hard dick of his as he watched me laying out there in the all together. I caught him out of the corner of my eye and saw the curtain move, so I laid back and began to stroke myself between the legs. They were fully opened and he would have been able to see everything. I even wondered if he had binoculars to really get a close up view.

My cunt was juicy and dripping and I sunk my fingers inside of myself and was so bold as to even taste myself on them. I knew his young cock would likely explode at that sight. I tasted lovely, then I went back to masturbating and I came. My tits shaking wildly back and forth, my thighs quivering. Somehow it was always more intense with an audience watching, it really heightened the entire experience for me.

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