The Birthday Party

I went to a birthday party recently and it was kind of a naughty one. There was even a cummed on cake we all ended up sharing. There were three women and two men, and we were all having the cum of one of them, even the other guy. We had a feeling it was kind of going to be a naughty party, and it was. There was group sex at the end of it, we didn’t want the birthday boy to be disappointed. He said he wanted all of us to sample his cum, we all had at least once before as it was, both the guys there were bi, and the women were all sluts, so it wasn’t that far of a stretch, considering we’d all slept with one another at some point.

He said he wanted to masturbate for us all and he’d saved up a weeks worth of cum, and then he shot it on the cake and voila, there it was, a whole different kind of cream topping. After we all had some of the cummed on cake, things started to get naughty, we were all naked, half drunk, and started to fool around with one another.

The birthday boy got his cock sucked by all of us for a few moments, it was like musical chairs, just with his dick as the prize, so we didn’t know who was going to get the mouthful of jizz, but one of the lucky ladies did and she even stuck out her tongue to show us all before swallowing. It was a fun time had by all. If only all birthdays ended up so satisfying for all the guests!

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