The Final Gasp

One of the more dangerous of our perversions we can explore is the practice known as auto erotic asphixiation, also known as breath play.

Not the wisest of sexual games, yet there are those that flirt with death for the ultimate orgasm which is brought about by this type of breath play. The lack of oxygen to the brain leads to a rush, and many that get carried away sadly are the masters of their own demise.

As wonderful as orgasms are, I don’t think it adviseable to risk your life for a more intense one than is brought about by more noraml means. Yet every year, thousands of accidental deaths result, as people usually do this alone and there is no one there to help rescue them when things go horribly and fatally awry. Hell of a way to die. Imagine the idea of everyone knowing you died that way. Masturbating and choking yourself. Not the way I’m sure most of us want to be remembered at all.

Many sexual partners, usually the men, suggest choking their women’s air supply off as they are having sex. This is a tremendous amount of trust to put in your partner, to know when to release. You are literally putting your life in their hands. 

Horny and naughty boys never seem to find an end to search for different ways to amuse themselves when it comes to achieving a better orgasm, even with their very lives at stake. This is one perversion best left alone.

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