Tongue That Ass!

One of my more frequent callers only ever wants to discuss other men, a great many fall into that category actually. They fantasize about other men, even if they are married and consider themselves heterosexual, but they watch gay porn and fantasize about other men fucking them. One of these callers is really into talking about licking another man’s ass. Analingus. Tonguing and rimming and “Frenching his ass”, as he likes to put it. Working up and down that ass crack with his tongue and sucking on his cock and balls as well, but the ass is the main focus of his calls.

Drooling all over that juicy ass crack, the talk of that drives him wild. I of course would be watching the tongue fucking and encouraging it all as I sit to the side of the bed and watch. Some guys into other men that call are just into oral, nothing to do with ass, but some want that ass experience. They even call it their “man pussy”, for those that don’t know that term. Odd, but oh well, people have odd terms they use for things. Does the idea of licking another man’s ass arouse you, or you want to be licked yourself?

Callers confess all sorts of things they have not only fantasized about, but actually done. Even if it happened decades ago, it can have a very real impact on their day to day masturbation lives as they go over the experiences in their mind, even thousands of times, it never gets old to them. Sucking balls, licking cock heads, Frenching ass’s, these are all things we phone sex ladies hear about as we get these masturbating men off. Maybe it’s just for fantasy and you’d never really do it, but if you need a friendly ear to talk to, we are here for you.

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