Too Much Of A Good Thing

Some men have an odd perversion around big cocks. I mean REALLY big cocks, that no normal sized woman would be able to accommodate.

I can remember one such caller that used to like to talk about watching me get fucked by 15, 16 inch long cocks, more than double a generous size. I wonder where these men come up with such outlandish ideas in the first place.

Yes, I’d wager most women want a bit more than the 5 1/2 North American statistical average, but once you’re over a certain size, it’s kind of absurd.

There’s a website, Sultan of Smut , that I have sent the link to some small penis humiliation clients to make them feel extra bad about their shortcomings. Granted, the men pictured there are basically freaks of nature.

I can’t believe many women actually fantasize about getting fucked by a cock the size of an arm. It just wouldn’t be comfortable, or even possible at all in some cases from the looks of things. There CAN be too much of a good thing.

It often strikes me how Mother Nature can be so cruel to some and give them a 2 inch dick, when these freaks of nature are 2-3 times what is normal. There is certainly wide variations in nature to be sure.

I am sure many of these huge dicked men have lamented their lot many times, that no woman can fully accommodate them. One man called and said he had an 11 inch cock and his entire life he’d only ever been with one woman that was able to take it all in, the rest it was a struggle not to put it in all the way since it hurt them.

I recall one saying his cock was so long he tucked it into the top of his sock, I guess he must have had 4 inch legs. Silly men, trying to impress a stranger on the phone with their absurd, exaggerated tales of their manhood’s.

The ones wanting to see you get spread open and getting fucked by these behemoths, I don’t quite grasp, yet they are out there.

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