Up Close and Personal

I think many men that call are frustrated gynecologists and proctologist’s from the sounds of it. They love to get so close up to look, you’d think they were being tested on it. It never ceases to amaze me how men talk about looking at a woman’s pussy close up, either in the sixty nine position, or if another man is fucking her from behind and they are underneath watching and or licking her clit. The birds eye view is of real interest to many of them. Genitals are certainly not the most attractive body part, so it’s always shocked me ones want to inspect them so closely.

One man that called years ago took things further than any caller I’ve ever spoken to. He said he paid prostitutes and examined them. He had a medical bag with gynecology tools and everything he’d bought online. He did not fuck them or touch them sexually, he literally paid them to let him examine them with the tools like they would be examined by a doctor during a pelvic exam. It was one of the oddest things I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been doing phone sex for twelve years now.

Men are very visual creatures, and to want to see is normal, to a degree. Wishing to get in there like a doctor searching for something, not so much. People have different wants and desires and needs, and it’s not hurting anyone and if your partner agrees, have at it. Most seem to watch porn and of course that often features close ups of cocks sliding into pussies and all the wetness and cum and all that flows out. Does the up close site of a wet, spasming cunt drive you and your cock wild as you see it up close? It likely does. Turn on some porn and call one of our lovely ladies tonight to talk all about it.

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