You Shouldn’t Stick That There

There are a lot of weird perversions out there, and when I first heard of this one a few years ago, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. A client of mine wanted to talk to me while he inserted a Q-Tip dipped in icy hot gel up his cock. I winced at the thought of it. He pushed it all the way in and twirled it around. Said he felt it burn for 3 solid days.

Another one used a Q-Tip dipped in whiskey and did the same thing. I recall reading online that Alfred Kinsey, the man who did the famous sexy study decades ago used to use a child size toothbrush and do the same thing. I swear, if there is a hole, men will want to fill it.

There are some pretty extreme pics online of urethral insertion, both for men and women. I can honestly say, the appeal of this escapes me. I have read of women using ball point pens to stick in their urethras. If you have ever had a bladder infection, I can’t imagine you’d do anything to invite another, and sticking foreign objects up there does not seem a wise pastime to me.

For cock and ball torture calls, I often work in urethral insertion. A syringe filled with Tobasco sauce, or a mascara wand often bring about some cringes and applause at the same time.

There seems to be pre orgasm pleasure for some in doing this, for others, it goes into the cock and ball torture category. If you decide to explore this most unusual practice, please, at least clean everything well before use, preferably with rubbing alcohol to sterilize it. Bladder infections are no joke, and there could also be internal damage done if you’re sticking in crochet hooks and stuff that doesn’t belong in there.

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