Attraction To The Mentally Disabled

retarded sperm

Savantophilia is when a person is attracted to another person of below average intelligence, in effect a mentally disabled or retarded person. I wasn’t really aware of this, but there are certainly people attracted to ones with physical disabilities, why wouldn’t there be ones attracted to ones with mental disabilities. Some are because they are mean, controlling individuals and someone of lesser mental capacity is more easily dominated. That’s sad, but true.

I can recall a movie years ago with Rob Lowe in it, when he was young and handsome and he played a mentally disabled character, but because he was so handsome, he didn’t want for the company of girls. Sometimes a woman of less desirable quality may feel she cannot attract anything of her own mental equal, so she will settle for anything, there are indeed desperate people out there. Ones that have a mental disability are still usually sexually functional and have sexual urges just like the rest of us, but most seem to get into relationships with other mentally disabled people of their own level. It is rare to see one of normal intelligence and one not, people would look down on such a relationship in most cases, since the one of normal mental capacity would seem to be in the parent role, the dominating role, it is a very odd situation.

There are predator like people out there that would look to take advantage of a person of lesser mental capacity and seek to molest them and they not be able to defend themselves. There are some terrible people in this world that would do just that. I have yet to take a call from someone that wanted someone of diminished mental capacity. Lord knows there’s enough stupid people among us that we think are dumb as dirt, but someone even dumber than dumb, just disabled, seems so wrong to be dominant like that.

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