I Deflowered My Son’s Friend

I’ve always had my eye on my son’s friend. I know it’s not right, but he’s such a great looking guy, I cannot say I’ve never thought about him while I masturbated. He seems kind of shy as well, and I have to admit that’s a turn on to me. My son’s friends have called me a MILF, and I’ve always laughed at that. I’ve flirted with my son’s friend a few times and he turned bright red, it was so cute! Recently he stayed over for a few days while his parents were away. They didn’t trust him to be alone, so we said we’d be happy to have him.

My son had gone out for the afternoon and his friend was home alone with me. I knew this was my chance to seduce him. He was innocently taking a nap and I smiled when I peeked in on him. I locked the door behind me after I went in. I peeled back the blanket and started to unzip his pants. He stirred a bit, but didn’t waken. I took out his cock and started to caress it and it soon grew hard. I stripped down and climbed on top of him. Then he woke up. He was stunned, speechless. To find his friend’s mom naked on top of him.

I pressed my finger to his lips and eased myself down onto his hard, young cock and it filled my cougar pussy nicely. He groaned as I began to move and I milked his young dick into me. He shyly touched my breast and I told him it was ok. He squeezed it lightly as I rocked back and forth on him. Needless to say since it was his first time he didn’t last terribly long, but it was a sweet and sexy moment and one we repeated several times.

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Giving and Getting

Some men will love to get a blow job, but they will not pleasure their partner in the same way. We call these men selfish pigs. For men that enjoy giving pleasure as they receive it at the same time, sixty nine is their favorite number. Some callers even say going down on a woman is their very favorite, even more than getting head themselves. We call these men givers. They truly get their pleasure from giving others pleasure. Luckily my boyfriend falls into the latter category. He loves to feast on my tasty snatch any time I ask him to. I love returning the favor.

His lovely eight inch cock is in my mouth as often as possible. Sucking and slurping away on it, worshiping it as he slides his expert tongue all over my shaved pussy. No one has ever gotten me as wet as he does. I love to feel my cunt lips open for him, like moist petals on a flower. Opening to his probing tongue that’s seeking out my stiffened little love bud for him to nurse on. I have a very sensitive clit and just a few flicks of his tongue are enough to make me twitch with pleasure and make me wet for him.

He’s got big balls and I love to suck on those as well while I stroke his hard shaft in my hand. The way his veins pulse as I stroke him, I can literally feel his heartbeat in his dick, and I can feel it quicken as he gets closer and closer to orgasm. I love how he makes me feel and when his cock finally makes its way to my pussy after he’s teased my pussy with his mouth, I’m just in seventh heaven. To find a skillful lover is a true gift.

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Up Close and Personal

I think many men that call are frustrated gynecologists and proctologist’s from the sounds of it. They love to get so close up to look, you’d think they were being tested on it. It never ceases to amaze me how men talk about looking at a woman’s pussy close up, either in the sixty nine position, or if another man is fucking her from behind and they are underneath watching and or licking her clit. The birds eye view is of real interest to many of them. Genitals are certainly not the most attractive body part, so it’s always shocked me ones want to inspect them so closely.

One man that called years ago took things further than any caller I’ve ever spoken to. He said he paid prostitutes and examined them. He had a medical bag with gynecology tools and everything he’d bought online. He did not fuck them or touch them sexually, he literally paid them to let him examine them with the tools like they would be examined by a doctor during a pelvic exam. It was one of the oddest things I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been doing phone sex for twelve years now.

Men are very visual creatures, and to want to see is normal, to a degree. Wishing to get in there like a doctor searching for something, not so much. People have different wants and desires and needs, and it’s not hurting anyone and if your partner agrees, have at it. Most seem to watch porn and of course that often features close ups of cocks sliding into pussies and all the wetness and cum and all that flows out. Does the up close site of a wet, spasming cunt drive you and your cock wild as you see it up close? It likely does. Turn on some porn and call one of our lovely ladies tonight to talk all about it.

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The Third Date

I’d gone on a few dates with this man and really liked him. I knew the third date would be the one when we fucked. I cooked us a nice dinner at my place and I knew we would be having fun in my king sized bed all night. I’d even gotten some new, sexy lingerie for the occasion. I was pleased by the size of his cock when I saw it. I’d come out of the bedroom in my sexy lingerie and he was waiting for me on the sofa. I extended my hand towards him and led him back to the bedroom and sat him down on the edge of the bed.

I knelt before him and took out his already throbbing cock and kissed the head of it and licked it, driving him wild. I looked him right in the eye as I sucked it right down my throat. I sucked his balls and pumped his cock until he raised me up and laid me back down on the bed and spread me open. He then went down on my shaved, wet pussy, licking my clit until I was quivering and begged him to make me cum. He latched onto my clit and sucked it until I came in his mouth.

I was still breathing heavily from my first orgasm when he entered me. He slid that cock into my slippery cunt and he just started fucking me slow and easy, making sure his cock grazed against my clit with every thrust. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him as deep into me as I could get him. He sped up the pace of his thrusts and I was soon cumming yet again, all over his cock. Then I felt him burst inside of me, flooding me with his hot jets of cum. They splashed into me and I could feel every squirt. It had been the best sex I’d had in years. I think this one might be a keeper.

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Morning Sex is a Wonderful Way To Start Your Day!

Sex at all times of day is great, but some people absolutely have preferences for what time of day is their favorite and why. Many men prefer morning sex, because many men awaken with a hard on and having sex or masturbating is the best way to get rid of that and it’s a wonderful way to start your day as well. My boyfriend usually wakes up hard and many times I will give him a hand job before he heads off to the shower to get him a great start to his day. When you wake up and see a tent has been made out of the sheets, you want to just reach down there and start stroking yourself, don’t you, you naughty boy.

I reached over while he was still asleep and began to fondle him and he slowly moaned in response to the pleasure I was giving him. He said he loves waking up with my hand wrapped around his cock. I’m usually rewarded by him rolling over on top of me and sliding that hard cock into my very often wet cunt. Wrapping my legs around him as he fucks me. Sleepy sex is often fantastic, you’re still kind of in a dream like sleep, yet the pleasure is right there.

Keeping my eyes closed as he fucks me and nuzzles my neck, my feet under his ass cheeks pumping him as deep into me as he can go. Feeling his hard shaft rub against my stiff clit with each and every thrust of him into me. It’s a wonderful, and energizing start I find and an orgasm before you shower is good, you can wash all the sticky, naughty evidence down the drain and get on with your day, all clean, but with a dirty mind, that thinks about your debauched beginning to it. Morning sex is a very good thing indeed.

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