I Fucked My Roommate’s Boyfriend

Recently my roommate had to go out of town unexpectedly for the weekend. I guess she really was in a hurry, since she hadn’t let her boyfriend know anything about it. I answered the door one night and there he was, expecting to go out with her. He seemed quite shocked when I said she’d left the night before for a few days. I asked if he’d like to come in and he said sure, so I poured us some drinks. I’d liked him the few times I’d met him, but hadn’t spent much time around him. It turns out we really hit it off and drinks soon became dinner.

I made us dinner and he was in no hurry to leave afterwards, and I was happy to have him stay as well. Conversation soon took a personal turn and he told me how attractive he thought I was, then he leaned in to kiss me and I didn’t stop him. I got up and led him to my bedroom and we were soon all over one another, kissing, licking, sucking and then fucking. It was hot. I knew she wouldn’t be home, so we could be as noisy as we wanted to be.

I loved sucking his cock, he was built and he was just as good at licking pussy as I was at sucking cock. He was throbbing in my mouth as I licked him. I then got on my back on the bed and he slid into my wet cunt. He jackhammered my pussy until I was soaking wet and coating his hard shaft. I loved it. I came all over his cock several times as we fucked throughout the night. I’m not sure if I will ever get to have fun with him again, but it was sure a night to remember.

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Garage Sex

My hubby loves to work on old cars, there’s always one on the garage. I feel I play second fiddle to the cars many times. Last night I decided I wanted some attention, so I walked into the garage without a stitch on. He works with the doors closed, so I knew the neighbors weren’t going to be seeing us or anything. I strutted by and dropped the wrench in his hand in shock. I laughed. He soon got the idea I’d come out to play, so he took his clothes off and I got up on a ladder that was set in front of the car.

I cannot say it was the most comfortable sexual encounter we’ve had, but he’s always able to make me cum. It was kind of a quickie, but his dick got hard the minute he saw me walking towards him naked. I few minutes of some hot, deep kissing, and my pussy was raring to go and dripping wet. He’s lean, but strong, and he supported my weight in his arms as he fucked me hard. I was afraid the ladder I was holding on to might topple back with the strength of his powerful thrusts into my pussy. The garage echoed with the sounds of heavy breathing and our fucking.

He always seems to angle me just so his cock glides against my clit with every pump into me, he’s great that way. It didn’t take long before I came and gushed all over his hard cock. Then he flooded me with his hot sperm and it ran down my leg. We both stopped and caught our breath and I went to go take a shower and he slipped his clothes back on and resumed working on the car. A fun quickie during the day can definitely liven things up, I highly recommend one!

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An Orgasm For Christmas

I decided to buy myself a present for Christmas, I usually do. I had wanted a new sex toy and it was a bit pricey. Some of the models that are fancy are not cheap, so you are really making a small investment if something is nearly a couple of hundred dollars. So I bought the toy I’d wanted. After everyone had left on Christmas Eve, I unwrapped my new toy, from me to me. I looked at it and poured myself some wine. I let it charge while was reading through some of my favorite erotica stories to get myself extra horny.

I’d been reading a while and knew my pussy was all juicy and wet and ready to play. I fired up the toy and let it do its magic on me. Oh, it was wonderful! I slid it into my pussy and turned it on and felt it vibrate, and the inside had these rotating bead things and there were all kinds of patterns of movement. I had a lot of fun with it and it wasn’t long until I came from it. I had my naughty book in one hand and the toy in the other.

The next few days, that toy saw a lot of action, believe me. When my boyfriend came over I showed him and he wanted to watch me use it, which of course I was only too happy to oblige him. He used it on me and it got him aroused seeing me so turned on, so we fucked a good part of the day, pleasing one another and cumming over and over. He’s very visual, and loves to look at me masturbate. He loves seeing me with sex toys as well when I do, and he’s eve bought me a few in the past, including one of my favorites, a clit sucking vibe.

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Competing with the Big, Black Cock

I had a longer call today with a man into BBC and cuckold. Now those topics are quite popular, but his call was not typical. He was not masturbating during the call. He said he had a fantasy of his wife being with a black man, but he’d never breathe a word of it to her, since he feared it would not go over well, so this little fantasy was just his own private little thing. He’d never told a soul about it, so he felt a phone sex girl, a stranger, was a good person to discuss this all with.

Lots of men have fantasies they would never share with their wives or girlfriends since they know it would not be well received, so it’s easier just to keep quiet about them. He spoke about black men he’d known over the years, coworkers, etc., that he’d introduced to his wife and then fantasized about her fucking and how they’d be double the size of his little five inch cock. One experience he mentioned was in a locker room. How he always made sure to keep his towel securely on until there was no one around to see him get dressed. Then he mentioned a black guy in the locker room that didn’t even wrap a towel around himself and was showing off, almost as if he was intimidating the other men by his swinging cock. He said this black man was larger flaccid than he was erect.

He felt most women instinctually wanted to have a well endowed black lover that would best their smaller white partners. That it was only natural for a woman to feel this way and desire a BBC. He said a few parties he went to where there were some professional black men there, the women would all be fawning over them and making passes at them. It sounded far fetched to me, but people move in different circles, so who knows how much was reality and how much was in his own mind.

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I Denied Him

One thing I’ve always found fun to do with a boyfriend is tease and denial. Not all guys are into that of course, but some love it. They love the ache of blue balls from being denied. Some are even into the male chastity device, so they really want to be denied. Fine by me, as long as I get mine, I really don’t care if they are aching with need. When I found out the new man I’m dating is into the whole tease and denial thing, I was thrilled. I’ve always found it fun to wield such power over a man.

I decided the first time we were to be together we actually were not going to be going all the way. He didn’t know this yet though. I held his cock in my hand and he expected me to slip it into my pussy. That was not going to be happening. I decided to glide my wet cunt lip over that hard cock and rub my clit against it, making myself cum. His balls were nearly purple as they ached with frustration. His speech was ragged and soft he was so close to cumming, but I wouldn’t allow it to happen.

I did this a few times that first night, allowing him plenty of time to cool down between rounds. It was most entertaining. For me, anyway. I think he liked it though, since he was back the next night asking when we could try it again. We finally got to the good part, but not until after I’d made him jump through many hoops. He was a good sport and didn’t put up any troubles. We’ve had lots of fun together. I wonder if he will be surprised when I give him a male chastity device for Christmas? I guess I will find out soon.

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