Double Penetration with Just Your Partner

Have you been curious to get your lady to try double penetration, yet she’s a bit hesitant to get another guy involved in your sex life just yet? Well double penetration doesn’t always have to involve a threesome, it can involve a sex toy in place of the third person. Many guys are curious to have their wives or girlfriends try this, but they know they either aren’t interested in any kind of anal sex, or they do not want another person involved. You could fuck her pussy and use a toy in her ass, or if she’s comfortable with anal, you could do it the other way around and have her ass getting fucked by you, while she uses the toy in her pussy. It just depends on what she’s comfortable with.

Not all women are into toys, even though they are painted as the all end all of orgasms, not all women find them pleasurable, and even though most women can um from a vibrating toy, it can often be a very poor quality orgasm for the woman. Again, it just depends, some women love toys, others could do without them entirely. If you’re looking to try this with your lady, maybe suggest she try a toy anally on her own or with your assistance before you go full on with the double penetration so she’s a bit prepared.

So many men that call are very interested in all things anal. The taboo nature of it appeals to them, and many callers have used anal stimulation toys on themselves in the past or are doing so during their call. They would love if more of their partners were into anal play. Maybe you have a very adventurous lady and she’s willing to dive into the deep end and take on another guy and skip the toys, she wants the real thing. Some certainly will, but trying with a toy first might be the first step to getting there.

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The Hotline

Some people ask how ones get into phone sex, and there’s a lot of different reasons out there why women do. In college I volunteered for a crisis hotline and most calls were genuine calls for help, but sometimes I got the feeling some of the men calling were not in fact in any kind of a crisis, but that they wanted to hear a woman talk to them as they jerked off and not have to pay for phone sex. So some would make up lame stories about their girlfriends not being ready to have sex with them, or that they had been caught by their mom masturbating when they were younger, all kinds of things like this they would mention.

After a couple of years of hearing so many stories like this, I thought maybe it wasn’t that much of a stretch to be able to get the guys off on the phone, so I found phone sex sites to sign up to. Ironically there, on the phone sex sites, once in a while you’d get someone that wasn’t wanting to talk about sex, but that had a problem, so the training as the hotline volunteer came back.

There’s all kinds of reasons men call. Mostly to masturbate, yes. One last night was telling me how he used to spy on his parents as they had sex and how he felt guilty, but he was so turned on, he’d be beating off outside their door watching through the keyhole and he’d done it for years all the time he was growing up and they had no clue the little perv was right outside their door the entire time. The things guys reveal they wouldn’t have the nerve to tell another living soul, you wouldn’t believe. You hear all kinds of crazy things when you work on the phones. Crisis ones and sexual ones.

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When a Celebrity Calls


Some have asked if a celebrity has ever called. Well, a few low level ones yes, but of course we are bound by confidentiality like a psychiatrist is to her patients. No one would call us if we went around telling about who calls. It amazes me that so many are impressed and starstruck by celebrity. Yes, these people might have jobs that put them in the spotlight, but they are still people and still have many deviant desires. It honestly shocks me that anyone that is in the slightest bit well known wouldn’t use a pre paid card and just go by John Smith, but you’d be surprised at the lack of concern the ones I’ve spoken to have had.

One I’ve spoken to before recently called back and had taken a much darker turn, his website easily found online, and having acted even with someone on a daily soap opera I watch, though he himself is not a soap actor. I was so horrified at the things he said he wished to speak about, I blocked him from calling me back. He said he would pay double the normal rate even, since he knew it was very extreme what he wanted. Sorry, I have some limits and he went way beyond them. I cannot even indicate here what he wanted, it was that awful. So your own imagination will have to fill in the gaps, but I doubt a normal persons mind could even contemplate the things he wanted.

I would stake my life his fans, if he has any, since he’s fairly low level as celebs go, and coworkers, would have no idea the sorts of things he’s into. Though who knows, they themselves could be just as perverted. You really never know another person. You could know someone for decades and have no clue what they do behind closed doors or what they fantasize about. Trust me, you really don’t want to know. Someone that looks clean cut and normal, Ted Bundy would fit that description, doesn’t make you think twice, yet pure evil can be lurking beneath. Some girls will do all calls, no matter how dark and debased, others have some limits, so if what you want is extreme, you may have to hunt a bit for a willing phone sex girl, but you’ll likely find one.

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The Boyfriend’s Bad Boy Brother

I normally am a very good and faithful girlfriend. However things recently took a bit of a naughty turn. I met my boyfriend’s brother for the first time when he came to stay with us while he was in town for a work seminar for a week. I’d seen his picture and thought he was handsome, but so was my boyfriend. When we met he was very flirtatious and sexy, and I felt an immediate attraction to him. I could tell the feeling was mutual, since he came on to me every time his brother was out of the room.

When my boyfriend got called into work for an unexpected shift, I had a feeling this meant trouble, and it did. He wasn’t out the door five minutes before his brother was making advances towards me. I was so attracted to him, I didn’t have the willpower to stop him. His cock was even bigger than my boyfriend’s was, and he was aggressive in a way my boyfriend wasn’t. It was a heady combination, and against my better judgment, I gave in and let him seduce me and have his way with me. He was not gentle, and it turned me on the way he handled me.

He treated me like a slut and it really got my juices flowing, I was soaking wet when he told me to get on the floor and suck his cock like a good little girl. I did as I was told, and licked it and sucked it and took as much as I could down my throat. I was then pulled up and carried to the bed, my boyfriend’s bed. He placed my feet on his shoulders and rammed his cock into me, really giving me a good pounding. I was filled with several loads of his cum. I came so hard I was screaming like a slut and loving every minute of it. By the time my poor boyfriend came him, we’d fucked three times and showered and I’d changed the bed. He will never hear about it from me.

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A Spanking Between Friends

This friend of my father’s was going away on vacation and asked if I’d stop by his house a couple of times a day to feed and walk his dog, bring in the mail, turn on the lights, etc. He didn’t know what I did for work, he just knew I worked from home and had the freedom to do something like this and he was willing to pay me to do so, so I agreed. It was a bit of extra money for not much effort. I was at his home and just about to go when my phone rang and it was a business call, so I had to get the client off before continuing on home.

I didn’t hear the door behind me and he heard me talking all dirty and then when I finished the call and got up to leave, he was standing there, looking so shocked. He’d come home a day early and had heard me. He quickly put the pieces together and I laughed at it when he asked and I admitted yes, I did this for a job. He had money and he was always generous with it. He then asked if he could spank me. He was willing to pay me. He’d never have asked if he hadn’t heard me talk like I did. I said I wasn’t an escort, just phone. He said he understood and just wanted to spank me.

I agreed, since the bonus he said he’d give me was well worth a few swats on the rear. He sat on the sofa and told me to get over his knee. I did so. He pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and gave me a dozen good, hard smacks on the ass and they really stung. He apologized for hitting me so hard, but he placed a wad of cash on the coffee table in front of me and it more than made up for it. It was kind of an odd experience, and he said if I was willing he’d like to spank me again for money. I said I’d need to think about it, but it was easy money, so yes, it was going to happen. He just didn’t know that yet.

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