Wine Me, Dine Me, Sixty Nine Me

I love getting oral sex, most people do, and my boyfriend also loves it as well, but I’ve always preferred the taking turns method to the simultaneous “sixty nine.” I like to focus on me and then it will be your turn, but he really introduced me to the pleasures of the sixty nine and how it can be done so both are getting pleasure the entire time. I have to admit, it is fun, taking his throbbing dick in my mouth at the exact time he’s licking my tender little clit, I do indeed love the feeling knowing he’s feeling just as good at the same time, like when we have intercourse.

My shaved pussy right on his face, the wetness spreading all over his mouth and face so he’s like a glazed donut from ear to ear, as I deeply take his thrusting dick as far down my throat as I can get it. He bucks his hips upwards to further get down my throat, so it’s a bit of a deeper position with me in that sixty nine position. He loves how my juices just drip down my cunt lips and he just laps that sweet nectar up and out of me.

He likes when I suck on his balls as well, and stroke his dick up and down at the same time, then pop his dick in and out of my mouth, swirling it around the salty head and deep throat as much as I can of it. I do enjoy pleasing him, and he pleases me as well, so I will see if I can get used to this position, it takes a bit of effort to make me cum and I need to concentrate to do so a good deal, so working on him at the same time can be a bit too much coordination for me at the same time.

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Showing Off

One thing I used to like to do years ago before I got into phone sex was go on video chat sites and show off on cam, for free, just for the hell of it. I enjoyed showing off and getting compliments on my body, knowing I could so easily turn men on while masturbating and having fun myself, that’s what lead me to phone sex in the first place. I’d get home from a long day at work and feel horny, and I thought hey, why not show off and masturbate on cam and get some guys horny as well?

It all started innocently enough, and soon I didn’t even want to think about masturbating unless I knew at least one person would be watching. I got even more wet than usual when I knew some guys were stroking their cocks as I was fingering my cunt. Some of them would show on cam as well so we could watch each other, but watching never did it for me, I preferred to show and do the giving. Some women get off on being used and treated like sluts, it sounds humiliating, but it’s a feeling some of us crave.

I always liked to be treated like a whore by my boyfriends in the bedroom, not anywhere else, but in the bedroom, yes, so now I could felt that way even though I didn’t have a boyfriend, I had strange guys watching me squeeze my tits, lick my nipples, play with my pussy and slide toys into myself. Many times I didn’t even have the cam aimed so my face could be seen, it was from the waist down only they could see, but I loved being watched. I haven’t done that in years, but I think about it when I masturbate even now.

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Bad Babysitter

In my teens I did a lot of babysitting, and some of the kids were not more than a few years younger than I was, but I still should have known better, but when you’re younger things just happen, they don’t seem inappropriate as they are happening, it’s sometimes only years later that things will take on a much different perspective than when they were happening.

I often sat for this one family over the weekend, the parents liked to go out of town for the weekend and I’d often stay over on Friday and Saturday nights and then they would return late Sunday nights. Their two boys were really nice, the one was younger and not much trouble, but the older one could be a handful, and he was too curious for his own good. One night after I’d put them to bed, I was so horny and been waiting for them to go to sleep so I could masturbate. I slept in their parents bed when I stayed over on those weekends.

I was finally alone, the house was quiet and I was rubbing my pussy so good. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and the oldest son was standing in the doorway watching me. I froze and he said he’d heard noises, my moaning obviously, and he came to see what the noises were. He walked over to the bed and asked if he could touch my pussy. I shouldn’t have, but I let him, and I told him how and he was a quick study. I made him promise to never say anything to anyone and he swore he wouldn’t. He then rubbed his cock after he made me cum. I didn’t touch his cock, but I watched him, and he rubbed my pussy many times after that first night when we were alone. I was a bad girl for letting him do it, but he seemed to like doing it and I enjoyed it as well.

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“I Can’t Get Real Girls”

One of the frequent callers I have is a particularly sad case, as so many are. He calls to announce he’s taken out his pocket pussy toy and is now masturbating. He wants to make sure I know this fact. Then he proceeds to tell me he can’t get real girls, he’s apparently never had a girl, he says he’s ugly and shy and just has no luck. I tell him what he’s likely really craving is cock and that’s why he hasn’t either gone to a female escort, or found some equally ugly ditch pig female to fuck. He semi agrees he in fact might want cock, lol.

His calls are short and nearly identical, he feels the need to make an announcement of his masturbation and that “he can’t get real girls.” I asked him if he’d named his toy and he said who he thinks about changes around a lot, so he’s never made the commitment to actually name one. This guy is a grade A loser if ever there was one, but that’s what we are there for, to listen to the guys that call that in fact cannot get real girls, some are either too shy or have other hang-ups about hiring one, so they live in their masturbation limbo land.

This caller is more of an extreme case, but many that are shy or inexperienced have the same phrases they say they want you to repeat over and over, that you know they are a loser or masturbator, or someone that no woman wants. They love the sense of humiliation and degradation that they are less than other men and will never get a woman. So their pocket pussies and Fleshlights are the best they are ever going to get. So many pathetic losers out there.

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Wet, Wild Times

My boyfriend and I love to fuck pretty much anywhere, but the shower is without a doubt one of our favorite spots. The hot water coursing over our bodies, the steam, getting clean while we are being dirty, it’s all good. Last night we got down and dirty in the shower. We’d been out all day since early morning, and the place we’d gone to, the air conditioning was on the fritz, so we were plenty sweaty and feeling grubby and we decided to have a lovely cool down shower together and were soaping one another up and as his soap covered hands washed my breasts and chest my nipples son began to harden and I was feeling aroused.

I lathered up my hands and soaped up his now stiff cock and I lathered him up all over and we were son covered in lather and then rinsed off. I then got on my knees and took that hard dick in my mouth and was staring into his eyes as he fucked my mouth and pushed that hard cock right down my throat. I loved sucking on his balls and pumping his hard shaft as I looked into his eyes.

I knew my pussy was wet, and I don’t mean from water. I got up and bent over and he popped the head of that cock into my juicy cunt as the water continued to rain down on us. I was feeling my tits shake back and forth from each thrust of his dick into me and I was loving every moment of it. I braced myself against the wall with one hand and knew I was going to cum explosively. I cried out and I came all over his cock and I could feel him squirt inside of me and then his cum slowly dripped out of me, down the insides of my thigh and swirled around the drain. I took the shower massager on the hose and rinsed the last of it out of me before spraying him down one last time and then turning the water off and drying one another off. It was some hot shower sex.

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