Double Penetration Threesome

Recently I was in a threesome with two men. One of them was my boyfriend, the other guy was a coworker of his he’s friends with. I’d met the coworker a few times and liked him fine, and he was nice looking. My boyfriend asked me a few months ago if I’d consider a threesome with another man and I said I’d think about it. I made up my mind, told him I would and in no time he said he’d found the perfect guy to join us, his friend from work. We set the date and then it happened.

He came home from work one night with the friend, we had dinner together and then adjourned to the bedroom. His friend had a really nice cock, it was even bigger than my boyfriend’s was and I knew I wanted to suck it. He asked if he could give me a titty fuck, and I said sure. I laid down on the bed on my back and he straddled me and laid his hard cock between my tits and I wrapped them tightly around his hard shaft. I then felt my boyfriend begin to fuck my pussy. I had the one dick between my tits I was licking every time he pumped it forward, and another in my pussy.

I was soon rewarded with a pearl necklace of cum droplets and a pussy full of cum. He was hard again in minutes, and this time he was on his back and I rode his cock. My boyfriend had me lean right down on his friends chest as I rode him, and my boyfriend came in from behind and fucked my ass. I was being double penetrated. I felt like such a dirty whore taking two cocks at once, and I took several loads from each that night. We are getting together again this weekend, it was one hot and messy evening for us all.

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The Sexy Seamstress

You never know whether to believe what callers tell you, since some scenarios they swear are true are just in their own minds. A man the other night called and said he was being fitted for a new suit, not an altogether odd thing. He said the tailor he normally goes to was out when he went to be measured, and the tailor’s daughter was there. She’s a seamstress herself. So she said she’d be doing the measuring and her father would begin the suit when he returned in a few days. Not so odd. So the caller tells me then she went to measure his inseam, and here’s where things went a bit off the rails.

He said she seemed to touch his cock and balls a few too many times as she was measuring and he thought it no accident. She just smiled at him. Then he thought she was finished and she gave him a real squeeze. He jumped. I laughed when he was telling me this. So she goes from a squeeze to an all out grope and she went to unzip him and take out his cock. He said she was young and pretty, so he didn’t stop her.

She takes out the goods and starts to suck him off right there in the shop. Anyone could have come right in and she’s giving him a blow job right there. He said she really knew her way around a cock, and he hadn’t cum in a few days and he just let her do it. He said her tongue drove him crazy, the way it slithered around his hard dick and she massaged his balls and gave him the best head he said he’d had in a long time. He had quite a load built up and it didn’t take him long to blow a load right down her throat. She swallowed every drop, cleaned off his cock with her tongue, tucked the goods back in his pants and zipped him up and off he went. Likely just in his fantasies, but I never heard of a thing like that before.

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Steamy Times in the Shower

One thing my man and I love is sex in the shower. We are both kind of clean freaks and shower afterwards anyway, so by fucking in the shower, you’re already getting clean as it happens! The hot, steamy water coursing over your bodies, the wonderful shower massagers held just so, there’s so much pleasure that can be experienced when one has fun in the shower, alone or with your partner. Last night we had a wonderfully sensual experience in there, I’d lit some candles we could see through the glass doors, and the billows of steam enveloped us and our slippery, soapy hands could wander and explore at will.

Washing my man’s cock, so hard and all covered with soap, then I got down on the floor of the shower and just looked up into his eyes and sucked on it. So clean and so sweet, and then when he came, he shot his load all over my chest and the streams of water just washed it away and then I ran more soap suds all over me to really get it off. Then I bent over with one leg up on the side of the tub and he entered me from behind and really gave me a good pounding.

Sometimes the heat of the water can be so overwhelming you can feel lightheaded and actually faint, and possibly hit your head if you fall, it’s actually happened to me a few times, so playing in the shower is all well and good, but do be careful, the floor is slippery and the surfaces are hard, there is a potential for injury if things go even a little bit awry. Have fun and stay sexy and soapy. There’s all that naked flesh to wash and to touch and to pleasure on one another.

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I Sucked Off My Son’s Friend

I love giving blow jobs, and I love young men, so that’s a good combination. Recently my teenage son brought home a new friend of his, and I really liked the boy. He came over frequently, and last week he came over looking for my son, but he’d just missed him. He was going to be gone for several hours, but I invited the boy in. I really shouldn’t have trusted myself, since it didn’t take long for things to turn naughty between us. I’d asked if he had a girlfriend, since I’d assume he would being so cute and all, but apparently not.

Then I made the even more personal question about how far he’d gone with girls. He turned bright red and I laughed at his sweet shyness. I soon told him when he said he’d never done anything of getting on my knees on the floor in front of him and reaching up to unzip his pants and I took out his young cock and started to suck it. I thought the poor young lad might faint, it was adorable. He was soon overcome with lust though, and he loved what I was doing to him.

I slurped and I stroked and I played with his balls as I worked his shaft in my hand and with my mouth. He was in heaven at my administrations to him. I loved being the first woman to give him such pleasures and he was so hard in my mouth. I could feel his cock quiver in my mouth as I sucked him off and looked him right in his eyes as I did so. He was breathing so heavily as I drooled on his young dick and sucked harder and faster until I soon had a mouthful of his young cum in my mouth, which I swallowed. He then seemed a bit embarrassed and left, but it was a sweet and tender moment I know he will not soon forget.

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Spanked by Daddy

When I was in my late teens, I came home a bit late for a date and my father was waiting up for me, not happy I was out so late. He asked me if I’d been a little slut out on my date with my boyfriend. I did not answer him. He took my silence as a yes, so he grabbed me over his lap and pulled my skirt up to spank me. When he saw my stockings and garter belt he knew I didn’t have them on just for me, that it was because some boy was to be seeing them.

He got even more angry as he commented on my lingerie and what a little slut I must be on my dates. He began to slap my ass with his hand and as he did, I could feel him getting hard underneath me, it was arousing him to spank me. I didn’t say anything of course, as he’d just have made his spanking all the harder. He was starting to breathe hard like men do when they become sexually aroused. He finally stopped spanking me and let me go. I ran up the stairs and realized a few minutes later I’d left my purse on the table by the door, so I started down the stairs to get it.

I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him masturbating sitting right there in is chair. Obviously I had turned him on and he was stroking himself to relive himself of the pent up tension in his balls. I left the purse for later and went back up to my room. I couldn’t believe what I’d just witnessed. My mom was asleep, there was no benefit in telling her about any of it. I just tried to keep my distance, but it was a very strange and disturbing incident.

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