I Blackmailed the Boss

Employees are not always at the mercy of their boss, sometimes we can make the boss be at our mercy. I knew my boss wanted to fuck me and I made the most of it. I wanted a raise and a hefty one. I knew there was no way I’d get it unless I had something on him. I decided to set up a hidden camera in his office. Notice how I’m looking right into the camera he has no idea is there. After I finally let him have his way with me over the desk. He is a good fuck by the way, I waited until he went home and I snuck into his office and retrieved the camera. I said I had work to catch up on.

I watched the footage once I got home and he really went to town on my pussy. He licked it before he bent me over the desk and slid his throbbing cock into me. I told him the next day unless I got that raise, I’d be sending that footage to his wife. He knew I had him, so he gave me the raise. I knew his young wife was just crazy about him, and it would break her heart to find out he was fucking another woman.

I think in a way it turned him on, since he asked if we could fuck again, that he’d give me cash bonuses. This was turning out to be profitable. I took to recording every conversation we had in case he said something I could possibly use against him. I was a crafty bitch that was going to get what I wanted. He wanted to be blackmailed and dominated, I would do my best. His poor wife thinks he works late a lot. Oh he’s working, honey, he’s working on making me cum and paying me for the pleasure.

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He Abused His Therapist

This one caller has a unique fantasy I have never heard before. It always makes you wonder what happened to them to make them even think about such things. He likes to pretend I’m his therapist and rather than a talking session, he goes there to give her a beating, and she encourages it and eggs him on. It’s quite bizarre, disturbing and comical all at the same time. It makes me wonder if he’s taken Martial Arts because of some of the terms he uses. He said one of things he’d do is give her a roundhouse kick to the jaw, lol. That would take anyone off their feet I’d imagine.

A choke hold is another thing he seems to love. Now I’ve heard of therapists going out of their way for a patient, but becoming their punching bag, that’s a lot to ask! He talks about pounding and beating her so hard, she’d struggle to stand on her feet, but she’s always going to dare him to do more, she can take it, she will not be bested by him, so she gets up. He always go after her more. He likes when I make grunting sounds and moaning sounds of pain after the imagined kicks and punches.

I don’t think he could actually be masturbating during these bizarre calls, but, one never knows what’s actually going on, on the other side of the phone. I’ve wondered if he actually is physically abusing towards women in his life to speak about such things. Many on such calls fantasize about doing things they’d never actually do in real life, but one can never be sure. It’s strange to have such violent fantasies, but there’s a lot of warped individuals out there, so you just “roll with the punches” and take each call as they come.

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Vanity Fair Panty Enslavement

Recently a caller wanted desperately to get me a specific pair of panties, even though I do not wear the panties and told him that. He said he didn’t care, he just wanted me to have them and take a pic of them, so I said fine, as long as you give me the money to buy them, that’s alright. For some reason he had difficulty getting them off my wishlist when I added them, even though it was pretty straightforward. So he just sent me the money to get them.

At last they arrived and I laid them on the bed to take pics of them. He loved that I laid them out so he could see the label, Vanity Fair panties are his passion. He wears them himself and so does his mother. So I wrote his name and the date on a piece of pair I laid on the bed above the spread out panties and took a few pics of them and then sent him the pics. He was thrilled that I now had in my possession a pair of the Vanity Fair panties he’d given me the money for. He asks if I am not curious to try them on. No, I’m not, lol. I do not wear that style of panties and certainly not nylon satin feeling ones. He cannot grasp anyone is not in love with Vanity Fair panties.

He has me leave these funny little voice mail messages for him that he writes up pretending I am one of the ladies in charge at Vanity Fair, and that they all know he’s a panty boy and we are horrified. We know his dirty little secret, that he wears women’s underwear. He buys them for himself. He thinks everyone should be wearing them and sleeping in them as well. Vanity Fair panty enslavement as he calls it. Some are really into panties.

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The Pillow Humpers

Some men masturbate by humping their pillows. Hands free masturbation is more common than some would believe. Not everyone requires their hands to get themselves off. Some prefer a toy like the Fleshlight or pocket pussy, but you still need your hands to grip them. One caller though places it between his mattress and box spring and wedges his toy in there and pumps his dick in and out of the toy that way. Others prefer the simple act of either two stacked pillows, or one pillow folded over. Some have done the same with cushions. When you’re horny, you can get creative where you stick your dick.

Pillow humpers often question if it’s right to do it, odd thing to ask. If you launder your pillows right after, which I’d bet most are certainly not doing, it’s fine. It’s pretty gross otherwise. One admittedly just turns his pillow over and has the cum covered side facing down. Yuck, oh well, people do have their different standards. I guess sandwiching your penis in between two pillows can feel like sliding it into a pussy if a guy hasn’t gotten any in a while, so it’s kind of the next best thing for them.

There’s countless different ways to masturbate, so creativity is a good thing if it helps liven things up a bit. Boring can be true for masturbating the same way it can for sex if it’s always done the same old way, variety does keep things interesting. So if you haven’t tried humping a pillow in a while, go for it, but please launder it afterwards, the whole pillow, not just the case. Do you want to lay your face against some cum covered, gross, crusty pillow? Or God help if you have any unfortunate guests and they come into contact with it.

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Watch Daddy

One regular caller that doesn’t even have a daughter, has daddy daughter fantasies about his daughter watching him jerk off on cam. He likes the idea of his daughter needing money and she’s away at school and the way they communicate is through calls online while watching each other. She says she needs some money to buy some lingerie and she shows him what she’s got, sort of putting on a lingerie show for him of sorts and pleading her case that she needs to add to her severely lacking lingerie wardrobe. He will give her some money to shop, but she’s got to watch him jerk off first.

He says watching her parade around in the lingerie has gotten him all horny and it makes him want to masturbate seeing her in the skimpy little pieces, so he really has no choice but to masturbate while they have their conversation. He then asks her if she ever touches herself and if she does it’s ok, it’s normal and natural and would she mind showing daddy how she does it so they can masturbate together on cam? He wants to know what she thinks of his cock, is it big to her, does she think she’d be able to take such a cock, has she ever had one yet?

He tells her to pull down her lingerie and show herself to daddy, expose her breasts and her pussy. He tells her to touch herself like she does when she’s alone and show him how she does it, he’d like to see. By this time he usually blows his load. He’s not a creepy guy, he just has these sorts of fantasies and likes to think up these silly little fantasies. The idea of a daughter putting on a lingerie show for her father to try and convince him she needs some new lingerie is kind of funny, really. Oh well, people have their fantasies that get them off they return to time and again.

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