Don’t Worry About A Foot Fetish

One surprisingly common issue that comes up with callers is a caller that will think they are a real pervert, when in reality, they are quite tame and vanilla. A caller last night worried he was a real sicko pervert because he had a thing for women’s feet and he was afraid to ever even have mentioned it to any women he dated in the past, since he thought they think he was a real pervert. I laughed and said if you had any idea what many ask for, you’d realize how very tame you are. Another thing he expressed interest in was a titty fuck, he thought most women would find that perverted as well. He must have grown up in a very conservative home.

Feet are one of the most common body parts for men to fantasize about, and there’s nothing to worry about if you are attracted to them or think about getting a foot job. There’s also no shortage of guys that are quite concerned about this and how it could potentially alienate a girlfriend. Considering the things we phone sex gals hear on the phone, it’s so vanilla it’s barely worth even mentioning as something to be worried about, but some men are quite concerned any woman in their life would be turned off by it. Some women would, I realize not all women are phone sex operators hearing about men’s various kinks day in and day out to realize how tame a foot fetish really is.

If you have desires to do naughty things with your partners feet, yes, make sure she’d be receptive to it before saying you want a foot job, some women might think it’s gross or weird. People have different thresholds of what they consider weird and perverted or totally acceptable.You need to find out exactly what those thresholds are of your partner. Not everyone is sexually compatible, so there’s no point in trying to hide such a large part of yourself to a significant other in your life if it means that much to you. Don’t worry about feet, it’s really not that bad.

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Get Ready to Show Off

Are you a guy that loves to be watched masturbate on cam? So many callers love it. They want to show off their cock, how far they can shoot their cum, it’s a real thing for guys. Some are so desperate to be watched, they don’t even care if it’s another guy watching them. The levels of desperation horniness can drive one to, unreal. Some callers think they have some overly spectacular penis that just must be seen to be appreciated. They think once a woman sees it, we will fall under its spell and they will get wet at the very sight of it. That rarely happens my boys, rarely happens.

Lots of phone sex girls have watched hundreds if not thousands of men masturbate on cam. So many different ways. With toys, without toys, hands only, hands free, while dancing, oh yes, that’s happened, you see things you would not be able to make up in a million years if you view enough guys rubbing one out for you. Men are so visual, they want to believe that women are as excited as they are to see another human masturbating. So to be their own little porn movie of one, playing to an audience of one, is as good as most are going to get, since most will never be staring in some porn movie.

Does your cock love an audience? Is he just dying to get out and be seen? Some of our operators will likely humor you on Skype of Discord. (That’s the one that’s really growing among phone sex girls, so do download Discord in case a phone girl asks you to be ready.) Get ready to get sexy and show of your style. Your masturbation routine is about to be viewed and be watched by a lady that’s seen countless guys jerk it, think you can handle the pressure? Think you can ‘measure up?’

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Being Naughty at the Gas Station

Recently I was at the gas station filling up when I noticed the cute teenage gas station attendant. He was likely working his way through school and I had a naughty thought. I hadn’t worn any panties that day since it was just too hot out and I wasn’t going to be out for long, so I figured why bother. I filled up the tank and glanced over my shoulder at him to make sure he was looking. Of course he was. I then hiked up my skirt and flashed him my ass while doing a little dance. The boys eyes about popped out of his head, it was hilarious!

I knew he’d likely tell all his friends about the hot chick at the station that flashed him and he’d likely be thinking about it later as he beat off in bed. I’m a naughty lady, I must admit. I’ve done things like this before to young guys, especially if there was no one else around and no way I’d be seen by anyone. It’s kind of funny to me to give them such a pleasant shock and do it for them. They won’t ever forget it.

So many callers have this exhibitionist streak in them as well and have flashed ladies all over the place. It’s always amusing when I get a call from one and he’s flashed a few women. The locations they choose are unusual, and sometimes they even go out of town to avoid seeing anyone they know. I’ve only ever had appreciative smiles, and sometimes a few blushes from the shy guys, but I’ve always found it fun, and to give them a memory like that. You will be someone’s reason to stroke tonight, lol. Guys love looking back on sexual memories of fun things like this, I know, I do things like this to give them to them!

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He Made Me Cum

My latest boyfriend is the best I’ve ever had in bed. I literally cannot get enough of him. He gives me lots of things to tell callers about that we’ve been doing in bed, and heaven knows they do love all the gory, cum fill details! They want to know how often, how big, what positions, anything and everything there is to know about the sexual adventures we embark on together. He is a very romantic, sensual sort, so I had a feeling the sex would be hot before we even did it, and it was explosive. I do not know who taught him all he knows, but thank God for them, they have set a gift loose on the women he beds.

Sucking his cock is a pleasure, the way he responds, the sounds he makes, how he breathes, it is all so stimulating and erotic, nothing has ever made me wetter than this man does. I knew when I saw his seven inch cock that I would surely love feeling it inside of me when we would fuck, and that is certainly true. He plays close attention to my clit and makes sure he makes me cum every time he makes love to me.

Tiny, fast little circles all over my throbbing little love button, as his cock plunges in and out of me and I wrap my legs around him so tightly. Smearing my creamy wetness all over me until I’m writing with pleasure and screaming his name as he pounds my horny pussy over and over again. I just go wild when he comes at me. Every woman should be so lucky to have such a skilled, unselfish lover. There’s no shortage of orgasms in this relationship. The more you get, the more you want and the more you want to give to them as well.

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I Deflowered My Son’s Friend

I’ve always had my eye on my son’s friend. I know it’s not right, but he’s such a great looking guy, I cannot say I’ve never thought about him while I masturbated. He seems kind of shy as well, and I have to admit that’s a turn on to me. My son’s friends have called me a MILF, and I’ve always laughed at that. I’ve flirted with my son’s friend a few times and he turned bright red, it was so cute! Recently he stayed over for a few days while his parents were away. They didn’t trust him to be alone, so we said we’d be happy to have him.

My son had gone out for the afternoon and his friend was home alone with me. I knew this was my chance to seduce him. He was innocently taking a nap and I smiled when I peeked in on him. I locked the door behind me after I went in. I peeled back the blanket and started to unzip his pants. He stirred a bit, but didn’t waken. I took out his cock and started to caress it and it soon grew hard. I stripped down and climbed on top of him. Then he woke up. He was stunned, speechless. To find his friend’s mom naked on top of him.

I pressed my finger to his lips and eased myself down onto his hard, young cock and it filled my cougar pussy nicely. He groaned as I began to move and I milked his young dick into me. He shyly touched my breast and I told him it was ok. He squeezed it lightly as I rocked back and forth on him. Needless to say since it was his first time he didn’t last terribly long, but it was a sweet and sexy moment and one we repeated several times.

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