My Hot Nephew

Recently my teenaged nephew came to visit to look at schools he will be considering for the fall. He stayed a week and I hadn’t seen him in a few years. What a handsome boy he’s turned into I found out. The first night he was here, I thought I could hear something in his room, so I went to the door and I swear he must have been masturbating. I could hear heavy breathing and soft moaning. I hate to admit it, but it really turned me on and I went into my own room to masturbate, thinking about him and his young cock.

The next night he was doing it again, but he’d not totally closed the door, and it was open around two inches and I caught a look at him and he was indeed stroking his hard, young cock. I stood there watching him and felt myself getting wet. I wanted to make a move. I pushed the door open and the poor boy looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He froze. I told him it was ok, not to stop and I sat down on the bed beside him and he slowly started to stroke himself again and after a while, I reached over and began to rub his cock myself. He looked surprised, but grateful.

I gave him so many hand jobs that week, he loved it and on his final night, I even got down on my knees and sucked him off. He was delirious with pleasure as I sucked and slurped away on his hard, throbbing, young shaft. I looked him right in the eye as I deep throated his hard cock and he soon shot a load of his creamy, hot jizz right down my throat. It was hot. I can’t wait for him to start college in the fall, I told my sister he’s welcome to stay with me.

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Sexy Neighbor

Recently I moved into a new condo and I have to say, the man down the hall got my attention the first time I saw him. He’s gorgeous. I questioned the wisdom of getting involved with a neighbor, since if things go badly, you still have to see them regularly and that could be beyond awkward. My libido soon got the better of me and I soon found myself smiling at him whenever I got the chance to cross paths with him. He picked up on my non verbal invitation so to speak, and soon asked me in for coffee.

We chatted and got along well, and began doing this a few mornings a week. Things got better after I cooked us dinner and that too became a regular thing. He leaned in to kiss me after a wonderful meal as we were talking on my sofa. He reached up and began to fondle my breast, and my nipples were soon hard. He slipped his hand under my skirt and began to toy with the dampening crotch of my panties. I could feel his fingers slip into them and caress my bare skin. I purred with delight as he pleasured me.

I stroked his cock and things soon moved to the bedroom. I loved how he touched me, he felt utterly electric. His cock entered me and filled me completely. His rhythmical thrusting into me caused waves of ecstasy to flow through me like undulating waves. I wrapped my arms and legs around him to pull him closer into me and we moved so well with one another. I knew I was going to like having this man as a lover very much. He made me cum with an intensity I’d not felt in years. He seemed happy with me as well. I do look forward to seeing where this all leads.

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Is Stress Making You Horny?

What is it about stress that can make you horny? It seems that stress would just cripple you, not make you want to either fuck or masturbate, but it really can. You may think it’s wrong to be having a hot quickie after someone funeral, or that picking someone up after you just got fired isn’t the appropriate thing to do, but an orgasm can bring your stress levels down, even if only temporarily. Maybe you had a death in the family, yet you’ve masturbated twice a day for the last week between bouts of crying. It seems awful, yet you can’t help it.

Making yourself have an orgasm releases stress busting chemicals into your body that make you feel relaxed, and at a time of great stress, relaxation is in short supply. It might seem wrong to indulge in such a thing at times when something horrible has happened, but it’s actually quite natural and you shouldn’t fight it. The mind and body are mysterious things and we don’t always understand how they work with one another. Stress can drive us to some weird things, but masturbation is pretty harmless and soothing, so go for it.

You really are just comforting yourself, and a time of high stress is certainly a time for comfort. It doesn’t have to make sense, you don’t have to answer to anyone about your masturbation habits. Better to rub one out than to get drunk or high. A orgasm is a natural release and a good thing for your body. Stress can do some mighty bad things to the body, to make your hair fall out, to affecting your vision. My eye doctor actually told me about the vision, stress can be that bad. You can bring on cold sores if you have that virus within you, to make existing health conditions have a flare up. Stress is not something to ignore.

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Need Me to Help, Daddy?

Some men that call for phone sex are looking for the daddy daughter fantasy, which is quite popular. More men seem to be into mommy son, but daddy daughter phone has its fans. Some men have called and confessed to spying on their daughters with their boyfriends or when they are masturbating and they say they’d never do anything to them in real life, but it makes them see them in a different light and makes them fantasize about them sexually, and they do. They will talk about jerking off and imagining their daughter being the one to take the load down her throat or in her pussy.

One fantasized about his daughter walking into the bathroom as he was stepping out of the shower, naked, and her seeing him and him getting an erection and things going from there. The hot, steamy bathroom, him wet and hard as he comes out of the shower, her eyes wide in shock at seeing her daddy this way in front of her. No words are spoken, she reaches out and touches her daddy’s cock and cannot believe how hard it is in her hand as she slowly begins to pump it up and down.

He groans with delight as she strokes him and places a hand on her shoulder and gently pushes her down in front of him. She gets on her knees, looking up at daddy, mouth open for his hard cock and she slowly takes it in her young, waiting mouth and begins to suck on it. He loves his daughter worshiping his hard shaft right down her mouth. He then lifts her up and carries her to the bedroom and lays her on the bed. He slips off her clothes, his cock still hard enters her and she gives herself to daddy in every way.

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BBW Phone Sex

Some guys do fantasize about a larger woman. The large and in charge types of women do appeal to some beta men that are more submissive by nature and want a woman that’s larger than they are to push them around a bit. Not all BBW’s are dominant, but the sheer fact they would be physically larger than the man they are with makes them seem more powerful to some men. There’s many BBW’s offering phone sex and many men are eager to call them and talk about how they would squeeze their fat rolls and knead them like bread dough as they fuck.

Some men are into feeder fetish and want women so large they can’t leave them, it’s a bizarre co-dependent relationship. These men would be very threatened if in fact their partner actually lost weight and would possibly attract the attentions of another man. It would be the undoing of their relationship. Some men with thin wives fool around with fatties on the side and want to keep it a secret from others, since they perceive large women as less than other women, but still good enough to fuck on the sly. There’s a lot of fucked up guys out there and if you do this job long enough you hear it all.

Some want to talk to a plus sized lady since they find them comforting and there’s a lot more to love and to squeeze and they do get into the fact most bigger women have huge tits and have tighter pussies. If you talk to most men that have been with a larger woman, this is one fact that keeps being mentioned. They have very tight pussies, and they simply love the way it feels when they fuck them. There’s women of all sizes offering phone sex, and if you like the bigger ladies, no shortage of BBW’s.

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