Oh Brother, Dear Brother!

Have you ever fucked your sister? Sometimes callers like to confess to things they did years ago and a sister getting fucked or at the very least spied on is more common than you’d think. I’m an only child, so I never had any brothers, but always wondered what it might have been like to have someone of nearly the same age around to get naughty with that would be around all the time. I think it would have been fun, especially sneaking around so we wouldn’t get caught. Playing after school, and finding secret locations that would be easy to get to play in.

Some callers say they were caught masturbating by their sisters and it both humiliated and turned them on, and they imagine what would have happened if the sister had come in and offered to help them, or volunteered to suck them, or if they just outright came in, laid on their bed and told their brother to fuck them. It turns them on a lot. Many were walked in on as they came out of the shower, and the sisters saw them naked. All kinds of things do callers talk about their sisters. A few have even mentioned doing things to their sisters as they slept. One masturbated at her bedside and came in her hair. I’m sure she wondered why she woke up with crunchy hair!

Most teenage boys are horny all the time, they would likely welcome sexual attention, even from a sister. Imagine having a live in fuck toy for a young, horny man, what more could they want? A willing mouth, a tight, young pussy at their disposal anytime. Some callers of course claim to have done things with their siblings, but you never know what is real, and what’s just a fantasy when a guy calls. Some have even mentioned playing around with brothers, so you take everything with a grain of salt.

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We Fucked in the Change Room

My boyfriend and I went shopping recently and it got a little hot in the change room. There was almost no one in the store and the girl behind the counter was more interested in her phone than us wandering around and had barely paid attention when we went in to look around. I found some lingerie in the back and wanted to try it on. The change rooms were empty and the girl hadn’t looked up again, so we felt pretty much safe. I took in an item and tried it on and came out wearing it. My guy took one look at me in it and pulled me back into the change room.

He whispered in my ear he wanted to fuck me right then and there. He shut the door and locked it, peeled the lingerie off me and pinned me against the wall. I could feel his hard cock against me. I was standing nude against the wall. I was glad there were no other customers going in and out of the change rooms to have seen us and know what we were up to. I could hear him pull his zipper down and he grabbed my one leg and pulled it up over his hip and all of a sudden, he was inside of me, fucking me.

I pulled his mouth to my neck and he kissed me. He was thrusting and the walls of the change room wobbled with each thrust. I could feel my clit rubbing against his cock and I bit into his shoulder as I came. He grunted and my pussy was filled with his load. I felt him pull out of me and I quickly grabbed my panties and put them back on before getting dressed. He was already headed out of the room. The clerk barely looked up from her chair behind the counter. I rushed out and felt like a bit of a slut.

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One Night Stand

Several weeks ago my doctor changed a prescription I was on and it had a side effect she had not warned me about. It sent my testosterone level up, and one of the things that happens when your testosterone is up is your libido also rises. I began masturbating a few times a day to deal with it. I did not have a boyfriend and no friends with benefits. I started to really crave cock and not have anyone to help me out. It had been years since I pursued a one night stand, but my pussy was just aching for dick and I wanted some so badly.

There was a bar a few blocks from where I live that always seems busy and I decided to go there and try and get picked up. I know it’s not the wisest or safest thing to do, but I felt I really wanted it, so I went after it. I arrived and was pretty suggestively dressed. It did not take long before guys started to send me drinks. I chose the one I found the most appealing and we soon went back to my place. We were tearing our clothes off as soon as we got in the door.

He was handsome and aggressive and I soon had his hard cock down my throat and then in my pussy. I rode his dick hard and came three times from the fucking alone. He loved my wet pussy and told me what a good and horny fuck I was. I just could not stop fucking his cock and even after he left, I masturbated to two orgasms. These pills have proven quite the distraction, but in the best possible way! I think tonight I might be going back to the bar to find another guy, my pussy is feeling greedy tonight.

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My Naughty Uncle

When I was in my teens, my family often went to visit my father’s brother who was a lot younger than he was. I always liked my uncle, he was only around fifteen years older than I was. He was very handsome and had a wonderful, fun personality. I loved spending time around him. One night when we were there for a week, my parents had gone out to dinner and my uncle stayed behind, saying he was too tired to join them. He and I were alone. He asked me if I’d like to make some extra money and I asked doing what.

He said if I let him spank me he’d give me some money. I said sure, I’d gotten spanked at home for being a brat in the past and never gotten a dime for it. He came into my room and sat on the bed and told me to lay over his lap. He pulled my skirt up and pulled my panties down and slapped my ass a few times. I could feel him getting hard underneath me, against my stomach. He stopped spanking and slipped his hand between my ass cheeks and down to my pussy.

I could feel him start to rub me and I was getting wet. I made no move to get off his lap and just let him finger me. My clit was stiff and I began to squirm. It felt good and I knew I was going to cum. He moved his fingers faster and I was soon cumming on his hand. I felt like a little slut letting him do this to me for money. He got up, left some money on the dresser on the way out the door. I felt cheap in one way, but it had sure been easy money, and I enjoyed every minute earning it.

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Surprise Wake Up

Sometimes sex can be a surprise we aren’t counting on at all. Like an unexpected gift that comes our way. I’d told my roommate I was going away for the weekend. That had been good timing she said, since her brother was coming into town and could sleep in my room when I was away. The only issue was, my plans got cancelled at the last minute, and when I came in she’d already gone to sleep and I’d forgotten all about her telling me her brother was coming for the weekend. So I got quite the surprise when in the middle of the night I felt someone crawling into my bed.

I also surprised him, since he let out an odd noise at my discovery, leapt out of bed and turned the light on to find me laying in bed already. We both had a good laugh about it, and I had to admit, he was a good looking man. I felt a bit forward when I suggested he stay and share the bed, that it was more than big enough for the two of us. It didn’t take much convincing to get him to. He turned off the light and crawled back in. I soon felt his hard on at my ass and began to feel horny.

I rolled over and mentioned it and then reached my hand down and started to stroke him. Within minutes we were kissing and fucking and I was so glad my plans to go away had changed last minute. He had a large cock and it filled my pussy very nicely. I spread wide for him and he was a good lover. He could last and last and he made me cum as he fucked me hard. Only after I’d cum a few times did he cum and fill me with his load. We kept quiet to keep from waking his sister and my roommate. The next morning, we told her about our surprise middle of the night interlude and we all had a good laugh about it. We fucked all weekend long.

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