International Flavor

When I was in my teens my family hosted a foreign exchange student for a year. It was a very fun time, since it wasn’t long after he got here that we started a relationship and fucked like bunnies every chance we got, right under my parents nose and they had no idea whatsoever. Having a secret like that can be a lot of fun, and they both worked and didn’t get home until nearly dinner time, so every single day after school, we have a couple of hours of privacy to play and they had no clue.

They knew we got along well and this young guy got along with my friends so he always tagged along when I was going out with friends, but we kept our relationship a secret from everyone, there was no point in telling anyone, since if word got back to my parent, we might not have had the privacy we did. One day after school he came into my room as I was changing clothes and I was naked and he said what a nice body I had, and things quickly evolved from there, I “accidentally” saw him coming out of the shower and said what a nice cock he had, and we soon were all over each other and had ample privacy to do anything we wanted.

Many times it was hard not fuck at night when my parents were sleeping down the hall, but that was too risky, after school was really the only safe time, so we had to restrain ourselves and wait for those times, but having his dick down my throat or in my pussy was one of my favorite things and I missed him dearly when the year was up. We would play on Skype now and then, but it’s not the same as in person for sure.

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Sex Party

An acquaintance I don’t know all that well invited me to a sex party. I was unsure whether to go to the party or not, but honestly I had nothing better to do, and just because I went did not mean I had to participate. I was free to leave at any time if I wanted so, but I was curious, so I decided to go and I’m glad I did I didn’t intend on having fun like I did. I thought I might look around for a while and decide to go back home, but it was filled with interesting and handsome people, so I stayed and was soon asked to partake in delights of the sensual variety.

It was a masked party and most of the men had masks on, most women did not. It was kind of sexy only seeing half of someone’s face and not knowing who was behind the masks. I was approached by two men who asked me to go into a private room with them, and from what I could see of them, they were both handsome, so I went. I soon discovered they were both interested in pleasuring me, which was even better. I was told I didn’t need to reciprocate in any way, they just wanted to make me feel good, and oh boy, they sure did!

My clothes were sensually peeled off of me and they asked if I’d like to be fucked and have my clit licked at the same time, I love that, I had done that with two guys years before and always loved that double sensation of pleasure, so I was on all fours as one cock entered me and the other guy crawled underneath me and went to town on my stiffened clit and I was just tingling with pleasure as they worked on me. I came so hard and I guess it sounds a bit selfish, but I was in no mood to give, just to take, so once I came, I got dressed and went back out to mingle. It was a very arousing night.

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Friend Of The Family

When I was younger, my father had several friends that always came around to visit, this one in particular I liked a lot, and he was always very generous with me, giving me very nice birthday and Christmas and graduation gifts. On night though he came over to visit my father but he and my mom had gone out fort he evening to a party and he hadn’t been aware they would be out, so I invited him in for a while before he went back home and we got to know one another a bit better than we ever had before.

He asked if I had a boyfriend yet and I had not, and he started to ask me all these personal and sexual questions, yet I didn’t mind and he asked if I’d like to learn how to do a few things so I wouldn’t be quite so awkward when I finally did get a boyfriend. He came over to me without even giving me a chance to respond and he kissed me deeply and passionately and he slowly but gently pushed me down on the floor and told me to suck his cock, that he would tell me the right way to do it to please a man.

I was a bit hesitant, but I did as he told me to do and I took it out of his pants and fondled it and kissed it and he told me to take it in my mouth and suck and lick it and he placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed on it making his cock go even deeper into my mouth and I was soon deep throating him. He said I was doing a very good job and he soon filled my mouth with cum and said I was a good, little cocksucker. We played a few different times and he taught me a lot and did indeed well prepare me for when I got my first boyfriend a few months later.

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My Cuckold Boyfriend

My husband told me when we met before we even slept together that he had a small penis, and he expected this would be an issue in our relationship, but that he was used to being a cuckold, so he wanted me to see other men to have sex with so I’d be satisfied. He said he’d like to watch if I was ok with it, but he was fine with whatever I’d choose to do, but he did love to go down on pussy and he very much looked forward to serving me orally, especially after I’d been fucked with another man’s cum inside of me.

I didn’t think I’d be getting into a relationship like this, but I was open to the idea of it and had a fuck buddy I invited over the following evening and he was fine with being watched. He sat in a chair a few feet from the bed and watched as I fucked and gave my friend a blow job, I’d look over in his direction occasionally and he was stroking his tiny little cock and watched me as I got pounded. I had my legs over the shoulder of my friend to get extra deep penetration and he had a pretty big cock as well.

I was soon filled with cum and my fuck buddy left for the evening and my new boyfriend dove between my legs and lapped up that cum dripping out of my snatch until every drop was cleaned out of me. He made me cum with his expert pussy licking and I knew although our relationship was not conventional, it would work out just fine.

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A Trip To The Gloryhole

I cannot even count the number of callers that tell me of their trips to the gloryhole to suck random cock, or their fantasies of doing so if they have not already. I’m not sure how many cities have these, but plenty of guys that are bi curious, many of them married, talk about wanting to experience cock sucking on some dude they met online and may only know the first name of, if that even, and getting on their knees and sucking them off and swallowing their load.

The desire to suck a cock is for many men intense. Ones that have not done it and crave it can be nearly obsessed with it. They have watched pornos of it as they jerk off for many years, ones that have sucked cock at some point in the past recall that memory with a fondness and an intensity you cannot fully comprehend. They go back to that incident that was perhaps decades ago and think about it as they jerk off, even if it was a one time thing in their youth.

Most never share with their female partners the things they have done with members of the same sex since they know it usually will not be well received, so there’s no point in bringing it up at all. Yet they will crave the cock of another man for the rest of their days, perhaps visiting a gloryhole if they know of one and taking that stranger’s dick down their throat, only to drool all over it as they stroke their own at the same time, licking the precum off the tip of it, and deepthroating it before taking that load of jizz down their throats.

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