Passing The Class

When I was in high school there was this one teacher I really wanted to fuck, I was determined I was going to have him, and I did end up fucking him eventually. He was a single father and he needed babysitters sometimes and he would ask various girls in the class to do it and one time he asked me and when he came back home both of the kids were asleep in bed and I could tell he’d had a few drinks, and I knew this was my chance to get him, he was more vulnerable and liable to give into his desires.

I checked on the kids one last time and when I was on my way out of their room I saw he was already in his room down the hall, so I went in and I closed the door behind me. He was already half undressed on the bed and I started to rub his shoulders and soon we were tumbling in the bed together and he had a rock hard erection, and I knew it was just aching to get into my teenaged pussy. I didn’t make him wait long. I was undressed in a moment and laying on the bed spread open for him, and when he slid that cock inside of me, I gasped with pleasure.

He fucked me better than any boyfriend ever had and I came several times on his cock. He knew just how to please a woman. His cock was long and thick and spread me open nicely, and I loved how he thrust and moved inside of me, it was insanely intense and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. We had fun several times after I’d babysat for him, and I have fond memories of our times together.

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Earning Extra

When I was in college, funds were really tight, my folks did not have a lot of money, so I had to work my way through school myself. I had a heavy course load and was too tired to flip burgers or work retail for little money on my feet. I decided on my back would be easier and more profitable. Thus began my delving into the world of escorting. I found an agency online and emailed them, they wanted pics and info and they liked what they saw and I was set up with a page on their site within a few days.

I was a bit nervous going on my first appointment, but the man was actually very nice and normal and didn’t want anything odd. I think maybe they send you milder clients at first so as not to overwhelm you. He actually looked a lot like a friend of my father, so I was glad he seemed a bit familiar, and he actually tried really hard to get me to cum, which didn’t quite happen, but he was a nice guy and I was happy to see him again if he wanted to.

The next few men were a bit different than him, and one of them did actually make me cum, his cock was a bit on the large side and he really knew just how to position me and get me to really get into it, and I kept rocking and rocking back and forth on his cock and soon I did indeed cream on him and he was very happy I actually came. Phone sex callers often like to hear about my past exploits as an escort, and I have many naughty tales I can tell them about things I did. I think you’d like hearing some of my stories as well.

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While You Were Away

My boyfriend was away recently on a business trip, and I thought that was the perfect opportunity to get some action on the side. I didn’t really consider it cheating, since his cock was a bit too small to satisfy me, and we’d discussed cuckolding as a possibility. He loves to watch cuckold porn and he’s mentioned me fucking other guys, but of course he assumed he’d be there to watch me do it as I got fucked. I had my fuck buddy over and we really went at it all night. It was nice having a cock in me I could actually feel for once.

I was filled with his cum loads several times and filled to overflowing. I was really satisfied after he’d fucked me so hard and so long, and after he left, I called my boyfriend in his hotel room and told him what I’d just done. He wanted every detail, and I could soon tell from his voice that he was masturbating as I told him. He was stroking his cock so quickly, I could hear the cock stroking sounds, the flesh against flesh noises.

He said it turned him on so much knowing that even as we spoke I had the cum of another man inside of me and he was breathing so hard as he asked me question after question. How big was his cock? Was it thick? How man times did I cum, how many did he? He was getting hornier and hornier as I answered each one and soon he shot his load and said he loved knowing I’d been used by another man and could we do it when he came home and could he watch? He was really into this, and I said yes, of course you can watch. He gets home this weekend, I will arrange my next session with my fuck buddy.

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Look At Me

I’ve been told I have a beautiful body, and it’s true I do work hard at it, and I love to go out dancing once in a while at a local bar that has a larger than average dance floor. It’s fun to have everyone look at you when you know how to dance, and it’s also a great place to get picked up, which is usually why I go there. I’m horny and without a boyfriend, so I know I will get lucky if I make a bit of a spectacle of myself, I always have gotten lucky when I go there and that’s my goal.

I was dancing last night in a short, tight, black dress and knew several men were watching me. It’s nice to literally have your pick of men. So after I danced a few numbers I sat down at the bar and had several offers to buy me drinks. I accepted the one from the most handsome guy and we hit it off pretty well, and I went back to his place with him and he was as good in bed as he was good looking. I sucked on that large cock before letting him fuck me, and it was quite a handful to manage, I didn’t know if my pussy could handle it.

I got on all fours on the bed and he grabbed me by the hips and slide that monster into me in one thrust, I gasped from the girth of it. He really filled me up and I was squirming with that cock inside of me, I rubbed my clit as he was pumping me full of his meat and I was feeling so good as he pounded me. My hand was wet with all my juices, and I was rubbing my clit so fast, and exploded, and he came inside of me when my orgasm triggered his. I need to go to that bar more often.

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Ooohh, Spank Me!

My latest boyfriend asked me how I felt about being spanked, and I hadn’t been spanked since I was a child and hadn’t really given it much thought, but I said he could do it to me and we’d see how it would go. He had me bend over the end of the bed at first and he didn’t hit me hard at all, and he asked if he could do it harder and I kept saying yes, until eventually I was having red handprints on my ass from him spanking me so hard. I did not think I would like it, but he was calling me a bad girl and telling me how I needed to be punished. It kind of turned me on.

We don’t do it every time we have sex, but once in a while when I like things a bit more extreme, it’s fun. I love being told I’m a good girl when I give blow jobs and please him, so to be told I’m a bad girl, is a fun reversal. Last week he brought home a blindfold and a riding crop. I’d only felt his hand on me until then, it was a bit extreme, but still, I kind of liked it. Spanking can be very playful and make you feel like a slut that needs and deserves to be punished.

Sometimes the sense of humiliation that a spanking can bring you is a turn on, when I was spanked a s a child it was because I’d either been caught doing something I shouldn’t, and I’d be shamed. Sex and that kind of thing, it can all get intermingled when you’re a grown up and not always make sense to our conscious minds, but it sure can be a lot of fun, whether we figure it out or not.

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