His Stepmother The Cougar

This one caller has said he lost his virginity to his step mom more than once. He said his father was always away on business and she was lonely and he was horny, it was a perfect combination of availability and desire. He said he’d jerk off and one time she walked in while he as doing it and of course he was embarrassed. She asked him to continue though and she wanted to watch as he did it. So things started innocently enough. Watching him masturbate soon turned into helping him masturbate. He’d never had a woman touch his cock before.

She introduced him to the world of sex, and of course being a teen he couldn’t get enough. He couldn’t wait to get home from school. His dad did well financially, so she didn’t have to work, she was home all the time. His father must have been blind to not see what was going on. They used to take baths together sometimes and he loved washing her back and kissing her neck, then drying her off. He seems like he would be a tender lover, given all he’s said about how much of a giver he is.

Sometimes callers can turn you on with the things they say. Every caller is not some perverted sicko, some are just lonely, horny guys that sound sexy and are a pleasure to talk to, and you do think of them at times when you’re aroused and wonder what they’d be like in bed. Hearing him talk about learning to go down on a woman and fucking her for the first time as a teen and how she’d teach him pacing and patience, it was pretty hot. Some men, no a lot of men, could benefit from being shown the ropes by an older, more experienced woman.

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Hair Fetish Phone Sex

Long hair is something many men love and admire on a woman. It can drive them wild to run their hands through a great and flowing head of hair. Some have even mentioned cumming on a woman’s hair. Their crowning glory covered in their cum. The Lady Godiva look, while a bit old fashioned, can certainly get their cocks hard. The thought of a lady riding their cocks while all that gorgeous hair is wavy and shaking about will make their cocks drip in anticipation.

A caller last week was telling me about his girlfriend that has long hair and how much attention it gets, especially from men, when they go out and she wears it down. It’s longer than waist length and it thick and full and gorgeous and he loves to make love to her with that mane of hair cascading over his chest, tickling him and teasing him. He’s even had her wrap it around his cock and tease it, the way some guys will wrap stockings or pantyhose around their cocks and jerk off with it. Hair is very sensual and tactile and can tickle all kinds of body parts into a state of arousal.

I have long hair and they love for me to describe it to them as they are stroking their cocks and thinking of that hair. Perhaps using it as reins as they fuck you from behind and yank it back. Spanking you, or biting your neck, as they tug on it. Long, flowing hair attracts attention and is considered very sexy by most. Not all women can grow their hair long, so ones that can, it’s an extra special enticement for their men to be offered that as well as the rest of them. If you have any hair fantasies, call one of our sexy ladies tonight to discuss it.

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Reach Out and Touch Someone

Mutual masturbation can be a lot of fun, it doesn’t always have to lead to sex. It can be a good start t a potential sexual relationship. You really shouldn’t sleep around and treat sex like a sport. Many do though. Others like to take the time to know someone and starting slowly, like exploring one another with your hands, is a perfectly fine way to get beyond the kissing stage, yet stop short of fucking. Once you have that orgasms, you won’t care too much if it came from a hand rather than being nestled deep within a vagina.

Teasing, anticipation, both can be wonderful things. Lots of times honestly the anticipation of something can be more exciting than the event once it happens. Most people masturbate, most people reading this not only masturbate but are engaging in phone sex or are at least thinking of doing so if they haven’t already. Many times the person on the other end of the phone will be masturbating as well, or they might just be helping you along and making your experience as hot as possible. It really depends on the person you’re speaking to. Either way can be just fine.

Think back to your teen years when you likely mutually masturbated with a few people you didn’t actually go a lot further with. It can still be hot and exciting, and phone sex is a wonderful and natural extension of mutual masturbation. You don’t know the person on the other end of the phone though, and that can be exciting. Using your imagination and fantasizing about what it would really be like to fuck one another. Using your own hands to pleasure yourself or another person is one of the most simple and sexy acts. No worries of disease or pregnancy, just some stroking fun for you both.

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Good Morning Kiss

Some guys love to gown down on a woman, others will not do it at all, there’s a wide variation. Luckily my boyfriend is one of the ones that loves going down on me. He makes me cum more powerfully from licking my pussy than any other way he makes me cum. His tongue is like magic and he drives me wild with it. He’s a giver and is many times perfectly happy just giving me pleasure without even expecting anything in return. I’m a bit selfish, so I have to say I am not unhappy with that!

My shaved pussy loves attention lavished upon her, sucking the little inner lips, flicking the clit back and forth. It makes me creamy wet to feel his tongue dart in and out of me, scooping that sweet nectar onto his tongue. I have to admit, I do enjoy it when he comes up for a deep French kiss after he’s gone down on me and I can taste myself on his lips and tongue. I enjoy that a lot, and of course him making me feel so good, makes me want to please him as well.

He surprised me when I came out of the shower this morning, he was on his knees waiting for me to sit on his face and please me orally. What a way to start the day! It’s a bit hard to keep my balance when he eats me out standing up like that though, since the orgasm that overtakes me makes me a bit lightheaded in the standing position, but he grabs my ass and hips to make sure I don’t go anywhere. I just feel his insistent tongue working my cunt and I feel that orgasm welling up inside of me and I just groan with ecstasy as I cum on his face. What a wonderful way to be energized for the day.

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My Boyfriend’s Dad

Lots of women have cheated on their boyfriend’s, but I took things one step further than that even. The man I cheated on him with is his own father. It would be a very hurtful situation if it ever got out, and I hope it doesn’t, but it was such good sex, I don’t know how I’ll be able to stop from it happening again. My boyfriend’s dad was staying with us for a few days as renos were being done on his house, and one night when my boyfriend was out for a few hours, things got a bit intense with his dad.

I thought he was out for a few hours and I’d just gotten out of the shower and thought I was home alone so I was walking around naked, but he was there and saw me and came over and complimented me and gave me a playful swat on the rear and one thing quickly led to the next and soon we were on the sofa making out and he fucked me. My boyfriend was gone for a few hours and we had the opportunity and took it. I shouldn’t have been so easily convinced to play, but he was really flirty and I was horny, so it happened.

He had a nice, big dick, just like his son’s, and he really knew how to use it. He fucked me wonderfully and then he went down on me and made me cum even more. He liked to lick his own cum out of my pussy and I certainly didn’t stop him. My clit was just throbbing as he paid it so much attention, I was soon quivering with yet another orgasm. My boyfriend wondered why I was so exhausted when he arrived home, but I couldn’t very well tell him his dad and I had been fucking for hours, could I? Let’s hope he never finds out.

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