Panty Perverts Unite

There’s no shortage of callers that are into ladies panties. One called me last night and he asked for me to put some on. He was very specific, he wanted to know exactly what kind I had. He didn’t care if they were “sexy panties”, he just wanted to know what kind they were. I told him I had Fruit of The Loom microfiber hi cuts. It’s amazing how many men out there know exactly the kinds of panties out there and have an extensive knowledge of them and assume you will as well. So I told him I’d slip on a light pink pair.

He then said how much he enjoyed licking a woman’s pussy through her panties to get them all hot and bothered. Also fairly common for men to say this. Making a lady beg for the panties to either be removed or at the very least pulled to the side for their tongue to touch it bare. Then the fingers sliding in to feel the wetness and explore the cunt lips. They really like the ladies as wet and gooey as they can be before they will allow any skin contact whatsoever.

Finally, after long periods of begging, the cock will finally slide into the pussy with the panties off to the side. Something about the fabric of that crotch panel against their cocks while fucking drives them mad. They get more turned on by fucking a woman with panties on than if they are nude for some reason. There are many pretty panties out there, and they certainly do their job when they drive men to the point of horny madness. Then after fucking, they shoot their load of cum and some of it of course gets spread on the crotch of those panties and soaks into them. They do love those sexy panties.

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We Can’t Fuck Yet

I like to make guys I date wait until I fuck them. One way I’ve teased some is by giving them a lap dance before I will fuck them. I see most men I fuck at least ten times before I engage in intercourse. Many think a lap dance is a bit of a mean way to tease them. They are so close, yet so far, but some have absolutely cum from me doing that to them. I danced for a while in college to earn tuition money, so I know what I’m doing. I’ve not told any of the men I’ve dated about the dancing, since they would assume a dancer is also a slut, but I’m not. I wouldn’t make them wait so long if I was some slut.

They just think I’m good at what I do, and I am. I know how to grind on a guy until he’s ready to pop in his shorts. I want to keep them coming back for more, so I find a slow tease is the way to keep them interested. I’d been on a few dates with this current man and told him I’m not easy, and he said that was fine. You’d be surprised how many men when if asked, will absolutely say a woman is a slut in their eyes if they put out too soon, and no one they would consider for a serious relationship. They are happy to play with a good time gal, but will they consider marrying her? Nope.

Giving things away too soon or too easily, no matter how much you might also want to fuck the guy will usually be regrettable. So hold out. A lap dance will tease them and intrigue them. There’s nothing wrong with teasing, as long as you are upfront about it that things will not go any further at this point. It gives them something to look forward to. They will go home and think of you and jerk off fantasizing they get to finally fuck you if they hold out for the prize.

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Masturbating With My Friend

Many people have masturbated with a friend at one time or another, it’s always more fun to share the experience than go it alone. When they want to really join the action and make it masturbating one another, then it will really be a good time. Mutual masturbation is something ones often try in their youth as one of their first sexual experiences. Seeing the other person touch themselves can be arousing and make you want to join in. A female friend of mine in school did this with me several times and we always had a fun time.

You’d get very aroused to see two girls playing like this, wouldn’t you? Stroking one another’s stiff little clits, sliding their wet fingers into each other’s cunts, spreading that wetness around. Many times girls practice kissing with one another and things often can get more naughty from there. Wet, sloppy, exploratory kisses can make you aroused, and hands and fingers wander from there on. You’d be stroking your cock if you came across two pretty young girls first learning about what it feels like to kiss and to touch. Watching them tease their pussies, getting more and more juicy with every stroke of the finger.

I would get so horny thinking about the times my friend and I played, I’d relive it in my mind when I masturbated alone. I wanted to always have company to play, but that just wasn’t realistic sadly, to always have someone around when I’d have a wave of horniness wash over me. So I’d lay back in bed after school, close my eyes and think of how her pussy felt, and how wet and slippery she’d get as I caressed her and the noises she’d make as I pushed her over that edge to orgasm and hope the next time would be soon.

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Teasing The Teenage Neighbor

I love to swim in my backyard pool, and nude of course. A new family moved in a few weeks ago next door and they have a teenage son. He’s a ice looking boy and I knew this was going to be fun for me with him being able to see me in my pool and backyard. Of course I could not let on I knew he’d be watching, but I have teased him with the things I have done. Floating on the pool float nude and spreading suntan oil all over myself, masturbating in the chaise lounge chair next to the pool, using the diving board and doing flips while nude.

When I went over to introduce myself with a basket of muffins and his mom answered the door and he was standing behind her, he was visibly blushing. I thought it was so cute, so I knew he’d been watching. I liked to imagine him stroking that young, hard dick of his as he watched me laying out there in the all together. I caught him out of the corner of my eye and saw the curtain move, so I laid back and began to stroke myself between the legs. They were fully opened and he would have been able to see everything. I even wondered if he had binoculars to really get a close up view.

My cunt was juicy and dripping and I sunk my fingers inside of myself and was so bold as to even taste myself on them. I knew his young cock would likely explode at that sight. I tasted lovely, then I went back to masturbating and I came. My tits shaking wildly back and forth, my thighs quivering. Somehow it was always more intense with an audience watching, it really heightened the entire experience for me.

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Fantasizing About Cartoons

Now fantasizing about non humans that are not animals is not your everyday fetish, but it does happen. Years ago a man asked me if I knew who Jessica Rabbit was and I said yes, the fictional cartoon character from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He thought she was really sexy, which she kind of was, but the thought of really fantasizing about cartoon characters sexually is just a little odd in reality. Ones have mentioned superheroes more often than I thought possible, like Batman and Wonder Woman. You really would not assume ones are having fantasies about fictional cartoon people, but it happens.

I guess only a psychiatrist would be able to get to the bottom of their fixations, but this is happening to some regardless. I guess the fact that if you Google any cartoon and then the word porn after, and find many results is a good clue there’s something going on. The Keebler Elves, more known for their cookie baking than sexual exploits, in fact have quite a few naughty drawings about them if you look for them. Same for Disney characters. It’s an odd world out there. There are guys thinking about fucking Cinderella and Ariel the Mermaid, that’s a fact.

There’s worse things to be obsessed with for sure, but believe me, everyone out there is not just thinking naughty, fairly normal sex thoughts, many are thinking things so odd, you could live a million years and not contemplate what they are fantasizing about. Have you ever been turned on by Wonder Woman or another fictional character? Ones into that whole furries thing and having sex with ones dressed up as mascots is sort of connected to this fetish as well. I’ll never forget the man that called that fantasized about the Easter Bunny. To him it was female, but there really are no words for something like this.

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