Hot Sex In The Afternoon

The guy I’ve been seeing has a high sex drive, and I like it, since I do as well and my previous boyfriends often didn’t, so then they would get angry when I’d see other people to pick up the slack so to speak. I had the same day off last week that my boyfriend did, so we decided to spend the day fucking and see just how many orgasms we could have. I didn’t quite break my record, but I was nearly at that level. He’d an excellent pussy licker, so I put that skill to use a few times during the day.

He loves to just nurse on my clit, just sucking on it until I beg for mercy. I love draping my legs over his shoulders as he’s buried up to the chin in my cunt, teasing and wiggling that tongue all over my stiff clit, before flipping me over and grabbing me by the hips and just drilling that dick balls deep in that juicy snatch. I cannot get enough of him. My tits swinging wildly back and forth with each thrust and then that delicious feeling of squirt after squirt of his hot load being shot deep into me.

I do love sucking my own wetness off that cock of his, drooling all over it and kissing the head of his cock. Resting a while before going for another round. The whole day was like that. We fucked in the shower even after we thought we were finished for the day, but couldn’t stop and keep our hands off of one another. I’m not sure how long this level of desire will last, as it tends to wane in time, but it’s hot while it does happen. Sometimes having such a high sex drive can be a problem in relationships, that’s why so many guys call for phone sex, their partner can’t match them.

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BBC For You

Does fantasizing about big, black cock make your little white cock throb? Do you dream of watching your wife or girlfriend pounded by a juicy nigger dick? And then maybe taking it down your own throat and being made to worship at the alter of big, black cock yourself. So many callers are obsessed with big, black cock, it’s unreal. It’s a real turn on for many men, and they talk about watching BBC porn as they masturbate and questioning if I myself have ever had one, (NO). They cannot get over the though of a cock the size of their forearm fucking their woman and sending her into some sort of orgasmic frenzy she’s never experienced before.

Lots of callers are obsessed with their own lack of size, small penis humiliation is a very popular topic for callers to want to talk about, so the idea of some black guy with a cock three to four times the size of theirs can become something they really fixate on, even talking about taking their wife or girlfriend to the Caribbean to fuck black guys on some sort of fucking vacation. They look at pics of them, want to send the pics to their phone sex girls to become equally enthralled with them, (we aren’t), and otherwise share the obsession.

Some have taken the ultimate step and gone to a glory hole in the hopes of getting some random black cock thrust at them from the other side of the wall they can suck and worship. Others have responded to online classifieds sites of guys seeking other men to suck their cocks, there’s really no end to what some of these men will do. To think in the pre Civil War days, all they had to do was wander on down to the slave cabins and they’d have their pick of BBC to choose from, (if they owned slaves that is). They’d have had their own BBC harem at their disposal.

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Shopping Break

The after Thanksgiving sales, black Friday, they are simply the best, I set out to do a lot of holiday shopping and it can be a bit stressful, all the people, the heat of the stores, the walking, I was stressed before I even went in the mall. I’d bought a few things and decided to try on some clothes I’d seen that were on at a good price. I was in the dressing room and the store was pretty busy. There was a bench to sit down on and all of a sudden the wave of horniness came over me and I wanted to cum. I needed to cum.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and thankfully the saleslady wasn’t knocking at the door asking if everything fit ok. I started to rub my pussy and I found I was already wet. I was even able to watch myself do it in the dressing room mirror, which heightened the whole experience. I spread my cunt lips wide and was teasing my clit, moving my fingers back and forth over it, I knew I couldn’t spend too much time in there, but it felt so good, and it was kind of risky knowing everyone was right outside the door.

I rubbed faster and faster and bit my lip as I came, quickly gathered up my items and left. My panties would be damp by the end of the day with my juices soaking into them. This would be a day of holiday shopping I wouldn’t soon forget. I told my boyfriend when I got home about my little adventure in the dressing room and he said he’d had loved to have been there so we could have fucked. I think that would attract a bit more attention than just masturbating alone. Maybe the next time we are at the mall we should try it and see if we can get away with it.

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Cuckolding My Husband

It’s rare a client calls with a fantasy that is truly detailed and interesting, but the other day one had a cuckold fantasy about him being the stay at home husband since his wife made so much more than he did, and he cooked and cleaned and of course she met someone so much more interesting than him and wanted to fuck him, and of course she did and he was the dominant one, unlike the submissive cuckold at home. She would go out on her dates and ask her cuckolded hubby to come and pick her up when the night was over, he’d also have to wash her cum covered panties when she got home.

That turned him on and he’d sniff and lick the panties that were damp from the cum of another man. If he asked anything, he’d be told it was none of his business. I was laughing at all the humiliating scenarios he’d so carefully thought through. How he’d have to answer the door when this other man came to take his wife on a date and he’d greet him and basically hand over his wife to him.

This call was nearly an hour and a half of him describing this well thought out fantasy of everything from the wife’s lover spanking her, to she and the lover fucking while the cuckold husband was waiting in the car outside to drive her home, it was very well thought out. It’s amazing the detail some callers will go into, but he’d been playing this fantasy over for many years apparently, so he’d had lots of time to think it al over and work out every detail.

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When You Fuck a Woman The Age Of Your Grandmother

Recently a caller was telling me when he was in college one of the jobs he had was as a delivery boy for a service, and several of the clients that would answer their door were quite elderly and unable to drive anymore, that’s why they needed a delivery service. One of the women he regularly delivered to was quite old, in her eighties, but well put together, he said when she was young she must have been strikingly beautiful, he’d actually seen some pics of when she was young and been quite taken with them she had in frames on a shelf.

She took quite a shine to him, even though he was only in his early twenties, and he knew she had a crush on him, she’d reach out and touch his cheek, caress his arm, and he knew the signs, and he didn’t know what to do. Even though she was old, he felt something towards her and said she looked a lot younger than her years. One day she was so bold and came right out and asked him if he’d sleep with her, that she hadn’t been fucked in over twenty years since her husband died and she really had a thing for him.

He was torn about what to do, he knew it seemed absurd, yet she didn’t repulsed him, so he agreed to do it and although there was no oral sex involved, he said she had a very tight pussy and she was actually pretty good in bed, and he’d thought of this many times over the years. They did it a few times and then he left for another job and he never saw her again. To this day, he looks at quite elderly women and wonders what their sexual thoughts are, and do they still masturbate and have sex of any kind. Many people do continue to be sexual for their entire lives, old age or not.

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