What The Neighbor Saw Spying

I’ve always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me and found it fun to either outright expose myself to men and pretend it was an accident, I’d been doing it for many years. When a new neighbor moved in next door, I knew it was my chance to show him some naughty things and shock him a bit. Of course I couldn’t be obvious about it. He was a nice looking man and I knew I wanted to turn him on. Our bedroom windows were right across from one another, so it wouldn’t be hard to be seen.

I would rub lotion all over myself when I’d get out of the shower and not bother to close the curtains, one time I saw his light go off and I knew he was sitting in the dark, watching me as I did that. I would get a bit bold and sometimes masturbate after I applied the lotion and I knew he’d be over there beating off to me watching stroke my shaved cunt for him. He appeared a bit tongue tied when I said good morning to him the next day casually. I knew why, I just played dumb.

One night I came in my room and saw his light on, I had a pair of binoculars with me and decided to see what he was up to, and he was rubbing his cock as he watched porn on his computer, he had a nice sized cock it looked like, I turned my light on and as if on cue, his light went out and I knew he was watching me. It was kind of fun to tease him and I did every chance I got.

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Red Hot GILF

The older woman has much to offer a younger man, maturity, experience and many times a red hot libido, not all women close up shop between their legs once menopause comes and goes. Some love to continue to masturbate and fuck right until they are near the end. Callers will often call and speak of tales of very mature women they have fucked or fantasized about. One even used to want to bang his eighty five year old neighbor, now that was a bit of an extreme case, but many have called and talked about women in their seventies they have fucked.

Just because it’s not the taste of everyone, not everyone is clamoring after college aged girls to fuck, some want the grey haired, more mature ladies out there that may not be as firm, but they have decades of experience under their belts and they would be very flattered to have an eager young man show them attention. Some might be leery though that they are being looked at as a sugar momma and that is the only reason they are being gone after, which may at times be the case.

One that called last night said he’d been with a woman in her seventies the month before and her pussy was the tightest he’d ever had and she was one hot tamale as far as he was concerned. Not many men would be looking to a woman of those years as a sex partner, the elderly are desexualized in general by people, but some do look to them and find them very sexy, they are no doubt flattered when one decades younger finds them attractive and virile and desirable as a sex partner.

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Let Me Suck Your Cock

Most guys like having their cock sucked, that’s a given. Many have said the surprise blow job is wonderful, like giving a woman flowers, always welcome, and will be sure to bring a smile to their face. One man told me how an ex girlfriend of his would just surprise him with blow jobs out of the blue and how much he misses that to this day and loved it, that some women make it sound like a chore, hey, they don’t call it a “job” for nothing!

Some women genuinely enjoy to pleasure their men this way, but for god’s sake guys, make sure your “junk” is clean. No one wants sweaty balls and a cock that smells like pee thrust in their face. Get in the shower and scrub up well before expecting anyone to put that in their mouth. Some like the ladies to take the lead and just lean back and enjoy the show and the sensations, other guys like to practically skull fuck the lady until their tears running down her face from gasping for air and gagging her.

Different people like different things, so be sure and ask your partner if they really want to do it, you don’t want someone to do something they don’t enjoy just for your benefit. There are absolutely guys that say their women don’t do that to them, so they find women that do on the side, I can’t blame them, there’s guys that won’t lick pussy too, so sometimes you just have to have some side action to get all that you need and want. As long as everyone likes it all though, please each other orally until you are numb from cumming so much.

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Because It Feels So Good

Most people certainly want more orgasms in their life, and it’s surprising how many callers say they honestly prefer to give pleasure, it’s more important to them for the woman to orgasm and experience pleasure than for themselves. It’s nice that some are genuinely a giver more concerned about the pleasure of another than themselves. Some are selfish and really only care about their own orgasm, but some don’t.

One last week told me he likes to keep a woman cumming until she literally cannot anymore, when she’s tapping him on the arm, out of breath, saying no more, I can’t cum anymore. Only then does he feel like he’s done his job and exhausted them with pleasure. Many say they could stay between a woman’s legs for hours licking her and tasting her and sucking on her clit until they are absolutely screaming in ecstasy.

For some it’s almost like a contest to see how many times they can get the woman to cum. Some have the stamina for such orgasm marathons, others, even some ladies, are also one and done, where’s the fun in that? It’s a lot more fun to cum until you simply can’t anymore and you are numb from all the stimulation. Cumming to the point of exhaustion can be fun, but it’s not for everyone. To some, sex and orgasms is like a sport, do it faster, stronger, push yourself. To others it’s a leisurely activity with no pushing yourself, both kinds can be fun depending on your mood.

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Religious Blasphemy For You


I am not a church goer, in fact, I’m an atheist, but this new friend of mine is a very sweet girl, but she is a bit religious and she goes to church weekly. She invited me to go and I didn’t want to insult her and say no, she knew I was not a believer and was not imposing her views on me, she wanted it to mainly be for social reasons, so I agreed. I said I likely wouldn’t go again, but I would this one time. So I got dressed up in a fairly conservative dress and she picked me up and we were going to go out to brunch afterwards.

We arrived and listened to the sermon and it was a bit boring, but the people seemed fairly nice. One thing I did notice though, perhaps inappropriately so, was the priest was hot. He wasn’t one of the old, balding ones that was close to death, he was very handsome and the youngest I’d seen. He hadn’t been at the church long and I couldn’t stop having naughty thoughts about the priest, this man that had sworn off sex for life and I was wondering what his cock might look like and how often he must masturbate. I was such a bad girl.

After it was over and we had brunch, I drove back to the church to see if I could find him and I did in his office and I told him I found him very attractive and if he ever wanted to be with a woman, here was my card. I was shameless. He locked the door and said although he was a good priest, he didn’t personally believe celibacy should be a requirement, like minister’s are not expected to be celibate, so he came towards me and we fucked right there in his office. He had a nice cock and I was getting drilled by it with pictures of Jesus looking on from the walls. I felt like such a harlot when I left, but a satisfied one. No clue if I will ever see him again, but boy, was I glad I went to church that Sunday.

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