Cock Comparison

One of my callers who sometimes works as a stripper was telling me how he did something for pay the other day he’d never done before. He has a ten inch cock. Not many are that large, but I have seen him on cam, so the rare one is that big. A tiny dicked guy offered him money if he’d hold up his ten inch cock next to this guys four inch cock and then masturbate in front of the little dick guy. He said he made some money and he had no issue doing it. He even let the little dick guy hold his cock while he came. It was likely the highlight of the little dicked guys year.

Men with small penises often are obsessed about comparing theirs to others that are well endowed. He is not the first caller to mention this by any means. However, most of the others calling about anything like this are the ones with the tiny cocks that are obsessed with the big ones. Some have sent me these comparison pictures of their little dicks next to the hung guy they are a bit obsessed with. One caller into black guys loves to put up his less than five inch dick next to one of the black guys that has a dick the size of a forearm.

They will never measure up and they will always be a failure to women in the bedroom. They know this, but to physically hold it next to someone that is two to three times larger than them is just so crushing to some of them, they cannot help themselves. They love to see how truly inadequate they are in comparison to another man that is abnormally large. They often do wish to hold the other man’s dick and even worship it. They like to get on their knees and kiss it, lick it, rub it all over their face and practically pray to it.

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Sex in Paris

I went on a business trip to Paris, France recently and had to stay a few days. Sadly, I did not get a chance to see much of the city but did get to see more than I’d planned of my coworker I had to go on the trip with. We had adjoining rooms, and came back at the end of the daily meetings so tired, we couldn’t go out and enjoy any of the city. However, we did find some solace in one another’s arms and made love with the sights of Paris outside our balcony windows.

He’s married in a loveless marriage, and I’m not looking for a relationship, so it breathed new life into both of us to be able to pleasure one another a couple of times when we were there on business. He knocked on my door one night after we’d had dinner and I opened the door between our rooms. He had a bottle of wine and asked if he could come in, I said sure. We went on the balcony and looked at the Eiffel Tower in the background and enjoyed the sights as we sipped our wine. He leaned over and kissed me and things got hot from then on out.

We went back into my room and slowly undressed one another and our hands wandered, as did our mouths. I sucked his cock and he went down on my shaved pussy, licking my clit so tenderly and beautifully. His wife must be nuts to deny him sex, he is a good lover. He laid me on the bed and stroked me and caressed me. I opened my legs for him and he gently pushed his cock into me and thrust himself inside of me. I felt him so hard and throbbing within me. I raked at his back and bucked up to meet his thrusts. It wasn’t long until he made me cum the first of many times. He shot his load into me and we lay there for hours pleasing each other. It was a heavenly few days.

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Make Me Wet

Do wet pussies make you hard? They likely do. Watching a lady masturbate is one of the most arousing things a man can see. It also shows them and teaches them how a woman likes to be touched. It’s honestly quite educational for a man if he can watch her touch herself so he can see exactly how she likes it. No one can read their partners mind when it comes to what they want sexually. It’s amazing to me when I read people say their lovers should “just know” what they like, when all people like different things.

Many don’t want to sound like a traffic cop in bed, but they don’t know unless they tell you, or better yet show you. Well a woman can’t show you how to lick her pussy to her satisfaction, but she can sure tell you, but for how she likes to be touched, she really can show you. Some women are shy about doing this for their partner, but it’s the best way and it will turn them on tremendously. Guys love to show a woman how they jerk off, it really drives them crazy to know a woman is watching them. Ones have told me they have fantasies about being on stage even with a female audience watching them. Some love to be watched so much, they don’t even care if it’s other guys watching them!

Dipping fingers into wet, glistening cunts and smearing the juices over a nice, stiff clit is enough to drive most men to a raging erection. If you don’t make enough of your own wetness, lube is always a great thing to have on hand. Your own juices often kick in after a few lubed up moments of play anyway. So men, ask your ladies to masturbate for you and tell them how much it turns you on. They just might do it for you.

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Let Me Guide Your Masturbation

One thing many callers like to talk about when they call is guided masturbation. They like to be instructed how to touch themselves and totally surrender control to you on the phone and have you guide their orgasm. They have their hard cock in hand and do as you tell them to. You can tell them to imagine you are sitting directly across from them and watching them stroke away, giving them instructions. Some like to be told to stop and start over and over and over, so by the time they are finally given the green light to actually cum, they are pretty worked up.

Ones into orgasm denial actually are fun as well. You go through the same routine with them, but rather than give them the green light to cum, you stop them dead in their tracks and tell them to get their hand off that dick and let it go. Deflate and put away, blue balls and all, since they are not allowed to cum tonight or until you say so. It can be fun getting them al riled up only to deny them any release. The frustration in their voice is something else, makes you wanna laugh at their foolishness.

Guided orgasms can be fun in the hands of the right person, not everyone has a talent for such masturbatory guidance, but some do and it can be one of the most satisfying orgasms you can ever experience. Give it a try if you never have. At first it can seem insane to even think of another person deciding when you will cum, but if you get the right person, you will soon wonder what the hell took you so long to try this method of masturbating out in the first place. There’s always new things to try when it comes to sex.

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Panty Perverts Unite

There’s no shortage of callers that are into ladies panties. One called me last night and he asked for me to put some on. He was very specific, he wanted to know exactly what kind I had. He didn’t care if they were “sexy panties”, he just wanted to know what kind they were. I told him I had Fruit of The Loom microfiber hi cuts. It’s amazing how many men out there know exactly the kinds of panties out there and have an extensive knowledge of them and assume you will as well. So I told him I’d slip on a light pink pair.

He then said how much he enjoyed licking a woman’s pussy through her panties to get them all hot and bothered. Also fairly common for men to say this. Making a lady beg for the panties to either be removed or at the very least pulled to the side for their tongue to touch it bare. Then the fingers sliding in to feel the wetness and explore the cunt lips. They really like the ladies as wet and gooey as they can be before they will allow any skin contact whatsoever.

Finally, after long periods of begging, the cock will finally slide into the pussy with the panties off to the side. Something about the fabric of that crotch panel against their cocks while fucking drives them mad. They get more turned on by fucking a woman with panties on than if they are nude for some reason. There are many pretty panties out there, and they certainly do their job when they drive men to the point of horny madness. Then after fucking, they shoot their load of cum and some of it of course gets spread on the crotch of those panties and soaks into them. They do love those sexy panties.

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