Cucked With His Boss

Cuckold is one of the most common types of calls we phone sex girls get. This man called today saying his fiance was cuckolding him, not an uncommon statement, though most is just a fantasy and not reality. So the man she chose to cuckold him with is his boss. A man who already belittles him and humiliates him every chance he gets. The fact he’s now fucking his fiance just made things a lot worse. He is also forced to watch them do it. He claimed he took his fiance to an office party and she first met his boss there and it was instant attraction for them both.

So now he is having to watch his boss who he hates and his girlfriend who now also belittles him have sex in front of him a few times a week. Everyone at the office knows and they make fun of him as well. He works at a car dealership and all the salespeople know the boss is fucking their coworker’s woman and they laugh at him, not even behind his back. At a dinner for staff and wives, someone made a joke at his expense and he said even his own fiance laughed at him in front of everyone. He gets no respect whatsoever.

One cannot help but laugh at these men that call with their elaborate fantasies they have all worked out. The chances of them being real are slim to none, but obviously they make them happy on some level to go to the trouble of fleshing them all out like this and wanting to share them with someone. Summer is coming, maybe a company picnic will hold even more humiliation for him with the boss and fiance acting out in public for him to be a bigger laughingstock than he already is.

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What My Friend Taught Me

When I was in school my best friend was pretty boy crazy. She was always running around and playing with lots of different ones. She asked me one night during a sleep over if I masturbated and I shyly admitted to it, so she asked if I’d thought of doing it in the same room together as her and I said no, and she asked if we could try it. Well being the more adventuresome of the two, she asked me not long after we started if she could touch me. I agreed and she had me stand beside the bed and she just simply stroked her finger in and out of my cunt lips.

It was a wonderful sensation to have someone else touch me. Even though the physical sensations were the same, the emotional aspect of having someone else do it was a whole different experience. I really liked it and she made me cum harder than I could make myself cum, so we would touch each other and masturbate together frequently once we started this mutual masturbation. I was afraid someone would find out, either my parents or hers, but no one ever did. If they’d known what we were up to, there’d have been hell to pay, I’m sure.

This continued on for a few years, it never went beyond mutual masturbation. We never went down on one another or anything, just touching and kissing, and it was fun, it was so much nicer to play with someone else rather than alone. It just took it up a notch and I wanted to always masturbate with someone, but never had a friend like her I did again, so that’s part of the reason I got into phone sex, was so I could sort of masturbate with someone even if I didn’t have them there in person.

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Cumming Buckets

One thing callers love to go on about is cum. They are obsessed with it. How much, how often, some lick it up every time they masturbate. Others get the craving to lick it up, yet chicken out at the last moment and cannot go through with it even though they desire it. It’s a bit laughable, it’s not battery acid, but they lose all interest to taste it or swallow it as soon as they blow their loads.

Some have asked my opinion on those supposed cum volume enhancing supplements they’ve seen online. They seem to think women will be impressed if a geyser of cum shoots out of their dick upon ejaculation. I don’t think so guys, it’s just more of a mess to clean up afterwards is how most women will view this. So don’t take any pills to make even more of the goo than you do now, no one wants it, trust me. The announcement of “I’m cumming” seems to be some kind of statement they think we want to hear. Not quite sure why we need to hear the words, unless they are letting us know the call is winding down fast, but even at other times not involving calls, most men like to make this announcement regarding their ejaculation. Guys can sure be funny, especially when they are not trying to be.

They also ask if we women can feel it when they shoot a load inside of us, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Some guy dribble a few drops, not really much to feel. If you cum like the guy in the pic and it feels like your insides are being pressure washed, yes, you can feel it. Why they worry so about this cum volume is a bit perplexing, really. Don’t worry guys. The ones that only do a couple of dribbles usually have a small dick and say they are likely infertile. Well, it’s hard to imagine a two inch cock shooting a half dozen ropes like the pic shows, so perhaps they think the more cum, the bigger I’ll be perceived to be.

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Play With My Pussy

I love it when my boyfriend plays with my pussy, he teases my clit better than anyone ever has. I like to be laying on my tummy with my ass up a bit since it makes my clit stick out a bit in that position and it’s easier for him to manipulate. A caller was asking me the other night how I best liked to get off. Oral, manual or fucking. Well it depends on ones mood of course, but a good pussy rubbing can feel fantastic when the guy knows what he’s doing. You basically want another person to touch you as good as you can touch yourself, which is a tall order.

This one caller swears he’s good at giving ladies a G spot orgasm, that not all guys have this skill and he wanted to know if I’ve ever had one and I said no. He looks at it as a challenge to be able to give a lady one that’s never had one before. There are even G spot stimulating toys that can supposedly give you this type of orgasm, but I consider myself a clit only girl, so they have always been good enough for me to have.

Are you skilled at rubbing a girls pussy? Not all women like to be touched the same. Every person is different in their likes and dislikes in how hard or soft, or slow or fast they like to be touched and there’s a wide variation in the differences. I recall seeing some guy on a sex talk show demonstrating on a silicone model how he touched women with this ridiculous tapping motion. I’d have told him or anyone else my pussy doesn’t like Morse code used on her, it was laughable, but hey, if he did it, I’m assuming some woman at some point he did it on liked it or he wouldn’t be demonstrating it as his technique. Odd anyone would like that. Ask the ladies how they like it and they will purr for you, guaranteed. Don’t be offended if they give you lots of directions like some traffic cop in bed, it’s for your own good.

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Hey Baby, I Sent You a Dick Pic

One thing I can promise you phone sex girls are not in short supply of is dick pics. Unasked for, usually unwanted, they come in by the veritable truckload from guys that think we just cannot wait to take a gander at their manhood. It’s odd really, someone you don’t even know what their face looks like or in many cases their name and wow, here’s my genitals all close up for you to do stuff with. Do guys think we are turned on by their unasked for dick pics? Do they think they make us wet, want to masturbate at the mere sight of them? Trust me, we really, really don’t!

The tiny, puny, small penis humiliation dicks I can sort of understand, they want us to see how truly shortchanged they have been by nature, how pathetic their dicks really are. They want us to mock them and it isn’t hard, believe me. Any old dick will do to send a pic of though, it’s quite an odd social thing to do. If you whipped out your little guy at a bar, you’d be hauled off and might face legal consequences, it’s flashing, it’s a crime, yet to email someone a pic online, seems to be a total non issue for guys, they just send them out willy nilly to anyone they think should see it. Dating sites, social media sites, it’s insane.

Guys are so very visual, they cannot get that women are not. I often have wondered how blind guys manage when they side step all of this bullshit their sighted brothers revel in. It’s odd for sure, and doesn’t seem to be becoming any less popular as time goes on. So guys, if you want to know, they lady will ask if she wants to see it. The chances are very high she will never ask to see it, but keep taking the dick pics to admire them yourself. By all means, do it.

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