Filled Up Pussy

One of the more common topics guys love to talk about is the cream pie. The pussy overflowing with cum that’s been put there. Some guys are so into a cum filled cunt, they really don’t even care if the cum is from another man, or their own cum. Cream pie phone sex is often very popular with the cuckolds, then they become the clean up boy after another man has fucked their wife or girlfriend. They will need to lick the cum of another man, often a man with a much larger cock than their own, they will slurp it out of the woman with relish.

Still warm, dripping, they love it sliding into their mouth in still hot globs. The visual turns them on to see it gush out after a man has pulled his cock from the woman’s still gaping pussy, leaving that wet spot underneath her. Some just love their own cum and will only lick that out, many callers lick their own cum when they masturbate, they wouldn’t dream of wasting a drop of their special goo. Seeing a woman laying on her back, legs still spread and that oozing out of her, makes their dick harder than anything else.

One caller that recently watched his wife with another man not only cleaned it out of her pussy, but off the man’s cock as well. He dove between her legs as soon as the guy withdrew and lapped it out. His face was smeared from ear to ear and he loved every moment of it and can’t wait to do it again with the other guy that fucked her. It’s not for everyone of course, but ones into cum, seem to be really into it. I knew one caller that froze it in ice cube trays if you can believe it, guys do bizarre things they wouldn’t tell many people about that they love to share with we phone sex girls.

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Are You a Sissy Slut?

Some men are sissies. They always have been, and they always will be. They dress up in private at home in ladies clothes, curl their hair or wear wigs, put on makeup and nail polish. They have just always loved their girly side. It’s hard to understand what makes some men like this, but that’s just how they are. They would be embarrassed if ones in their own life knew their secret, but in reality, it likely wouldn’t shock many that are close to them. Not many manly men are into this. I do recall one man though that was a biker and he said he would buy himself ladies panties and wear them and ones would be shocked to know.

Some women like to feminize their boyfriends as a sort of punishment and get them all dolled up and even make them go out to try to interact with men. Odd women that would want to do that, but it takes all kinds, right? The amount of callers that claim to be wearing ladies lingerie when they masturbate is quite high, a lot higher than ones would assume. When they claim it’s the silky fabrics they like I suggest silk boxers, nope, they want ladies panties, simple as that.

Some genuinely wish they’d been born women and dress up to play the part. Some enjoy going out and trying to pick up guys acting like women. Some love to play with other sissies and act like little girls. It’s a whole strange world out there, the sissies are just one corner of it that we phone sex gals get to deal with. Some ladies specialize in sissies, others of us rarely get them, it just depends who is a good match call wise for you. Are you wearing petticoats and feeling horny? Call one of our lovely ladies right now.

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Does Working Out Make You Horny?

One thing that is common among callers is for them to call right after they got home from the gym and them saying how horny they are. There’s no shortage of articles online saying yes, this is a thing. It’s real, so getting in shape will only increase your sex drive as well. The blood is pumping to all the areas, not just your muscles. The hormones are flowing and you’re horny. Nothing wrong with taking your cock in hand after your full body workout and giving it a workout of its own. The shower is always a fun place to masturbate, and no mess either. Just a few extra strokes while you’re washing your cock and balls, and there’s a load, no fuss, no muss.

When a guy is really overweight, his sex drive plummets, his cock and balls are often covered by his stomach or his public fat pad, making them look smaller, your sex drive lower, and just not very appealing for some woman to have to heft your stomach out of the way to get at your junk. One overweight caller said he usually masturbated standing at the sink with his huge stomach resting on the edge of the sink, reaching his hand underneath to stroke his cock. The weight of his stomach on the sink temporarily relieving some of the pressure on his lower back.

You don’t need to be built like Mr. Universe to get the benefits of working out on your sex drive, but getting the circulation going and feeling more horny are always a good thing. Enjoy your libido while it lasts, it decreases with age and then medical conditions start to crop up and the medications that can go along with them can also kill your drive, so some regular exercise and enjoying it while you have it is always a great thing. Do not take it for granted you will always feel the same as you do now, you most assuredly will not.

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He Fucked the Weather Girl’s Shoes

I had a memorable call the other day. Now callers into foot fetish or lingerie or shoes are pretty common, but this involves a celebrity as well. This man asked me if I knew of this particular weather girl on one of the popular morning shows, I said no. So then he proceeds to tell me how she had donated some shoes to a charity auction a while back and he’d bought the shoes. I found that a bit odd, then he told me he had his dick inserted through the open toes of them and was masturbating with them, which he apparently did regularly with these shoes.

He’s had them I don’t know how long, and he uses them for this purpose quite a lot. He then said he also cums in them, and then tips the open toed shoe part up to his mouth and drinks his own cum out of them. Charming. So I wonder how many other celebs have donated clothes or shoes or something to auctions only to have it bought by someone that intends to use the item this way? I have a feeling it’s likely more common than we’d think. He said he’d done this with other women’s shoes over the years he had access to, but to have a pair that belonged to this celebrity he liked really made it special for him. If only she knew.

Think of the money they could raise if they put up their bras, panties and pantyhose and socks up! Those would be big sellers. Of course they couldn’t do that and be seen as respectable, but they would sell well, not a doubt. Have you fucked anyone’s shoes you’d like to talk about? Maybe as a horny teen you’d take a pair of mommy’s heels and abuse them in your room. Tell us all about it, big boy.

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Trying New Things

This friend of mine is bisexual and she and I had dinner together recently and had a very good conversation about sexuality. She said she thought most people given the right opportunity and circumstance would try it at least once. I said I was not so sure. So she asked me if I’d be willing to try it with the right person and see what I’d been missing. I am a person that likes to think of themselves to new experiences, so I said I’d consider it if the opportunity presented itself. She smiled at me and said it just did.

I immediately got her drift and thought why not, let’s try it. So we split a bottle of wine to relax a bit and then headed to the bedroom. I undressed and got on the bed, as did she. I was a bit nervous, but she promised it would be a very sensual experience. I laid back and relaxed and let her go to work on me. I felt her kissing my inner thighs and then all around my pussy, teasing me by not getting to close. I could feel myself growing wet in anticipation and could feel my pussy lips opening with their own wetness.

I felt the tip of her tongue lightly graze my clit and then I arched my back in response. She really went for it and tasted me deeply, I felt shivers up and down my spine as she really began to lick me faster and faster. I could feel an explosive orgasm almost there, which she sensed by my breathing and she flickered her tongue all over my stiff clit until I screamed and gripped the sheets with intense pleasures. It was an extraordinarily hot experience, and I’m glad I gave in to my curiosity. I have a feeling I might be asking her over again very soon.

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