Hanging Out With Friends

When a friend of mine asked if I’d ever had a threesome, I was a bit curious as to why she was asking. I soon found out. The man she was seeing really wanted to try one and he liked me and I liked him as well, so she asked if I might consider such a thing. I was a bit shocked, but I found him attractive, as he did me as well, apparently. I told her the next day I’d do it. I had played with girls a few times, so playing with my pretty friend in a new and exciting way certainly did not bother me.

She told me she’d always found me appealing and that she was excited to bring our friendship to a new level like this. I told her I felt the same. So I went to her place that night and we all had some wine and things got steamy pretty quickly. I loved having this hot guy touch me and kiss me and we soon made our way to the bedroom, and we were all over one another. I laid on my back on the bed and she got on top of me and we did a sixty nine for a while until he came in from behind and slid his dick into her while I continued to work on her clit with my tongue.

I then saw him pull out that gorgeous cock and offer it to my mouth dripping with her juices. I loved this, it was so naughty, but I had a level of horniness in me this night I’d not had for ages. He fucked her and I licked her and she soon had his cum dripping on my mouth from her pussy above. I licked her clean, and it wasn’t long until he was hard again and it was my turn to get fucked. We carried on for hours, and I loved every minute of it.

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The Neighbor Saw

I have a bad habit of thinking no one is ever watching me or paying attention to what I do. I really need to learn the outside is not the same as in. People can and do see what you do when not behind closed doors. The other week I was outside enjoying the warmer weather and it was so warm and lovely, a beautiful breeze blowing. I was suddenly overtaken by an unexpected wave or horniness. For some reason I did not bother to go inside and masturbate there as I should have. I just looked around, didn’t see anyone, and decided my own backyard was a fine place to start stroking my pussy. It was quiet, there was no movement around, no one mowing their lawn or anything, so why not.

Well I guess I should have looked up as well as around, since a neighbor was watching me from his bedroom window as I played with myself. I was dipping my fingertips into my wet pussy, dragging the juices up over my stiff little clit, rubbing it in slow, rhythmic little circles and bucking my hips up to meet my hand. I had my thighs spread open wide and was enjoying the feeling of the sun on my pussy as well as the breeze. Those are not sensations one gets to feel while masturbating in their bedroom.

I was enjoying it thoroughly and then came. I wasn’t overly loud, but knew I was moaning. I went inside shortly afterwards and didn’t think a thing of it until a few days later when my neighbor said he’d enjoyed watching me in the yard a few days ago, he smiled and then walked back into his house. I was speechless and shocked. I really should have known better than just to do that outside, but it was fun, and he liked it as well apparently.

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Make Him Wait

Some girls will sleep with a guy on the first date. They have no self control and are like animals in heat. Others can be a bit of a tease and make the guy wait. I like to make them wait. When you finally do give in, it can be explosive after weeks of buildup and making them wonder if you’re worth it. The guy I’ve been seeing I’ve made him wait for months and I honestly thought he’d give up, but I’m not desperate, so I made him wait and it was worth it. I told him to book us a room at a nice hotel over the weekend and that it would be very special for us. It was.

He was so excited to finally get at me, I knew he’d jerked off to pace himself. Some guys will just not be able to control themselves and will pop in a situation like this. I went down on his cock, first, and it was a nice size and he was all shaved and smooth, just how I like them. I licked him gently at first before taking the length down my throat, maintaining eye contact with him as I sucked him off and I thought he was going to lose it right there after all of that, but he was able to hold on.

He spooned me and wanted to fuck me from behind while holding me close. I like that position as well. I can rub my clit as he fucks me and it was a very nice way to cum for the first time with another person. It was hot, but we’d talked about it. The expectations, what we’d do and it was nice to finally be able to live it all out. Now we cannot keep our hands off of one another and it’s turning into a very hot relationship for us both.

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Up, Up and Away!

Recently I had the experience of a lifetime and got to go in a hot air balloon. My boyfriend had arranged a special couples only flight, the most expensive since it’s just the two of you and the pilot. When we were up there among the clouds almost he whispered to me he was going to make love to me. I asked in a lowered voice right in his ear, “What about the pilot?” He smiled and said the pilot was a friend of his and he raised this fabric partition thing so we could not be seen.

The basket already had sections for other people and we were in our own section, the fabric partition that was from chest to above head level prevented the pilot from seeing us, though I had a hunch my boyfriend told him what we were planning on doing. I wasn’t so sure about this, the space was pretty tight, but he reminded me we’d done it quickly in a plane bathroom the year before, which was true. Alright, I’d give it a try. I lowered my jeans and my panties, trying hard to not laugh at the insanity of it all and he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I don’t even want to know what his friend was thinking on the other side of the fabric partition, likely holding back the laughter.

I grabbed the basket and I felt him come up behind me and enter me, he thrust inside and I cannot say the whole thing wasn’t exhilarating. The breeze, the peaceful skies, the spectacular views. He grabbed my breasts and kneaded them in his hands. I tried to forget the friend/pilot and just focused on him fucking me, it was sensory overload to be honest. He reached around and fingered my clit as he fucked me, we both tried to be as quiet as possible and I was worried about the basket shaking, but it really didn’t at all. I did cum and so did he. We rearranged our clothes and smiled at the oddness of it all. The fabric partition was removed and his friend had a silly look on his face, but he didn’t say a word. It was a unique experience to be sure.

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Making Me Squirt


Not all women are able to experience a G spot orgasm, but if the man knows what he’s doing, she will in most cases. When a man has this skill, they want to try it on as many women as possible it seems to see if they can get the woman to squirt. They look at it as a challenge to see if they can make the woman explode with pleasure. There are some sex toys that will stimulate a lady’s G spot, but isn’t the personal touch always better?

The newest guy I’ve been seeing asked me on the first date if I’d ever had a G spot orgasm. I was a bit taken aback at the forwardness of the question, but answered honestly and said no. Over the next few dates we had, he convinced me to let him try this. It was a bit awkward, comical, a whole host of emotions, but eventually he got it to work and it was a different sensation than I’d had before. He had me lay on my back and relax, knees up and with well lubed fingers, in he went exploring for the magic internal button. Needless to say he found it and began to rub, and fairly vigorously.

I just laid there and tried to concentrate on the sensations and after a while I felt an explosive orgasm welling within me and off I went and did squirt a little bit, but not some gusher like in the pornos. I don’t know how the ladies in those make old faithful gush out of their pussy, but mine was somewhat less dramatic, although still very much enjoyable. There’s all kinds of ways to experience pleasure and different kinds of orgasms, I’d suggest to anyone to explore all the different types that they can to determine what they like the best.

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