Hot, Gay Sex

The amount of callers that tell you about either same sex fantasies or same sex encounters they had is really quite staggering. Some days it seems half the callers are gay. Most want to suck another guy, not get sucked themselves, and get fucked of course. There’s a huge number of them using anal sex toys when they call. One caller used to be quite afraid his wife would find them, so he used items he really should not have, like candles and carrots and things like that.

Random sexual encounters with people they meet online is also shockingly common, they want to find other men to suck off and perhaps fuck, and they likely never see these people again. With adult classifieds sites having been shut down, the main places they found companions has been stripped away, so they are back to doing things they used to do before the internet even existed like hang out in parks and wait for any guy to wander on by, no screening, no standards, just any cock they can find, it’s quite horrifying really. So many want to tell these sordid tales to someone, so they reach out to we phone girls to share.

They won’t be telling their wives or girlfriends about these things, yet they feel such a need to unburden themselves and talk about the hot blow job they gave last night, or the cock that fucked them at some glory hole in an adult theater back room that came from some hole in a wall they don’t even know who it belongs to. It’s shocking the things they share about their secretive, clandestine experiences with other men. All in the name of horniness and getting it on, no matter who’s on the other end of that dick, no one knows.

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Tell Me How You Masturbate

Many callers like to quiz phone girls about our masturbation habits, and it’s actually fun to be able to talk about such things openly, when in your real life you’d not likely be sharing that info in everyday conversation with your friends or family. They want to know how often, I always laugh when they ask how many times per DAY I do it! Um, a couple a week usually. The technique, the method I employ, do I use toys, do I like being watched. They have genuine curiosity about women’s masturbation habits, and seem to not be asking their wives and girlfriends about it.

I do not mind telling them anything they want to know about it in my life. Perhaps many callers just have very shy, uptight women in their lives and they just wouldn’t feel comfortable asking them these questions, but if these women are consenting to fuck them once in a while, is answering some questions about your masturbation habits that out of line for the man you love? I will never understand the big deal about it. They are never at a loss for questions, how young were you when you started, how many times do you cum on average?

Sometimes calls are not so much about talking about their fantasies and fetishes, but asking questions they seem too shy to ask other ladies in their real lives they want to know. There is an openness that comes from talking on the phone to a stranger, especially when you don’t have to look them in the eye as you do. I swear, most callers would hold back from a psychiatrist, but seem to spill all kinds of embarrassing details to a phone sex girl they are talking to. We will be happy to answer your questions!

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Friend of the Family

Years ago I had a relationship with an older man that was a Master to me. He could sense when we met I was open to being submissive, which I was, and he showed me how a relationship between a Master and a submissive could be like. He was actually a friend of my father. Needless to say, my father never found out about it and would have been quite upset had he known about any of it. I’d grown up thinking of this man as an uncle he was such a good friend of the family and to my father, but as I grew up, it changed and when I was in college, he decided to push my limits and I thrived under his involvement.

I was at his house one night dropping some things off my dad asked me to deliver, and he asked me if I’d like to stay for a drink, so I accepted, and that began the start of my two year relationship as his submissive. I was bending over putting some files away and he gave me a hard slap on the ass, and rather than being mad, I was aroused, and he knew it. He asked me if I liked it and I said I did. He told me to raise my skirt and he proceeded to give me several more spanks and I was son wet.

He had me undress and he tied my wrists behind my head and lay over his knee. I got several more spanks and then he proceeded to rub my pussy from behind, slipping his fingers down between my ass cheeks and rubbing my clit until I came. It was all quite unexpected, yet highly arousing, and I could tell from the bulge in his pants he was just as aroused, but he did not touch me that first night other than with his hands. It was a very secret affair between the two of us and had many sexy moments. My father would have been mortified had he known, but I kept it all to myself.

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Bend Over, Sissy!

This new boyfriend of mine is pretty submissive. He likes to be told what to do and not make any decisions himself, especially sexually. I have no problem being the dominant one in the bedroom. I asked him the other night how he felt about getting fucked with a strap on, if he’d ever had that done or thought about it. He actually started to blush, so I took that as a yes. He said he’d like that and I was most welcome to do that to him. Why did I have a feeling that would be his answer?

I’d already assumed he’d say that and had come prepared with one and a harness. He grew wide eyed as I took it out of a bag I’d brought with me and he watched me step into a harness and then attach the nine inch strap on to it. I slathered it with lube and told him to get on al fours. He was grinning from ear to ear, and I noticed the tip of his cock was already wet in excitement and beginning to drip. He leaned down on his elbows and had his ass up, as his face was in the pillow, and I popped the head of the toy right into his waiting asshole.

He flinched momentarily as I pushed forward and slowly eased into him, then he began to moan, and I took that as a good sign and I plunged forward, and began to fuck him. He was really getting into it and I knew he wasn’t going to last long. He’d reached underneath and was stroking his cock at the same time I was fucking him, and he moved his arm faster and faster as he masturbated and he groaned and came and I slowed my thrusts and then withdrew. He was in some kind of state of ecstasy as he lay there catching his breath. He thanked me and asked if we could do this frequently. What a little perv he is.

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Bum Fuck Me, Baby

My latest boyfriend is kind of into anal sex, I had tried it a few times in the past and not really enjoyed it, it just wasn’t for me. He convinced me to give it one more try though and he said he’d make it hot for me, so I gave it a try. He started by really going down on my pussy and making me very wet and juicy and he made me cum a few times with his tongue alone, and his tongue wandered down to my ass as well, which was not familiar to me, it just wasn’t something I really ever wanted or enjoyed, but he just told me to relax as much as I could, which after a few orgasms wasn’t that difficult.

Then he got up in front of me on his knees and held his hard cock in his hand and ran the head of it over my clit and my cunt lips and went up and down, teasing me, yet not putting it inside of me until I was just begging for it. Then he fucked my already wet pussy so hard and once I came yet again and his cock was just coated with my juices, he started to ease the head of his cock head into my tight ass and I tried to relax as best I could, my legs up in the air and he popped the head of it inside of my ass and slowly pushed on forward getting the length of himself inside of me.

I breathed deeply and just relaxed my ass as best I could as he kept plunging in and out of me. He reached down and rubbed the tip of his thumb on my clit teasing me as he fucked my ass. The clit stimulation was going to make me cum again, which of course was the idea, so I’d relax further and be able to cum as he fucked my ass. I did cum not long after and then he shot his load deep into me. Maybe anal sex wasn’t that bad after all.

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