Fit To Be Tied

My boyfriend asked me if I’d be ok with trying being tied up, I said it sounded like fun. He’d gotten me these cute little lace tie things for my wrists and he tied my hands behind my back and placed me on my knees on the floor. He knows how much I love to use my hands when I’m giving him a blow job and touching him and making love with him. So it would be a real tease for me not to be able to use them. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out waiting for his cock and he told me to beg for it and say “please”. I did and he let me lick the tip of it.

I struggled at the wrists wanting the lace cuffs to break free, but they would not and I just had to accept it. I sucked his cock and he said I was a good girl. He then pulled me up and he laid down on the bed and pulled me onto him and told me to straddle him, which I did. I normally balance myself a bit with my hands on his stomach or chest, but was unable to do so with my hands tied.

I lowered myself down onto his raging erection and started to rock back and forth once he was within me. I had to be more careful of my motions, but it made me more mindful of the way I was moving since my arms were not able to be used. It was kind of different and exciting not being able to move in the normal way and being more mindful of all I was doing. He grabbed me by the hips and I bucked and I bucked against him until I came on his cock. He then untied me and gave me a lovely back massage, as my shoulder were a bit tight after being locked in that position. It was a fun night.

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Getting Picked Up

I normally do not frequent bars or have one night stands, but there’s always an exception to every rule. I was feeling lonely and horny last week, not the best combination to be sure, and decided to check out a new hot spot not far from where I lived. Apparently a lot of people were having the same idea, since it was packed. I soon locked eyes with a good looking man that seemed to be alone rather than surrounded by buddies and we struck up a conversation. I liked him and was attracted to him and we soon decided to make a beeline back to my place, since I lived closer to the bar than he did.

I poured us some more drinks and we were soon kissing and caressing one another. I loved how much attention he paid to my breasts, as they are so sensitive. I gave him a hand job and was impressed with the size of his cock. He said he wanted to kiss me like no other man every has before, and I smiled and told him to go for it. He then proceeded to lick my pussy better than any man ever has. This man was an expert!

I soon begged for him to slide his cock inside of me and he rewarded me for my begging. I got filled with a lovely nearly eight inch dick that pounded me over and over until I simply was on the verge of passing out from so many orgasms. I was sure glad I’d decided to go investigate that new bar tonight, I’d never have discovered this Romeo had I stayed at home binge watching some show on t.v.. He certainly pleased me and I seemed to leave him suitably drained as well. Not sure we will ever run into one another again, but it was well worth the trip there.

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Doggy Pleasures

Most callers seem to have a favorite sexual position from what they tell me when I ask. Doggy style seems to be hands down their favorite. I like that one as well, either they can rub my clit for me or I will. Sometimes I’ve even been known to use a toy on my clit in that position. Either my clit sucking vibe, or just a regular vibe. I can let that vibe wander down to their balls as well as they are fucking me, most seem to enjoy that. Grabbing my tits, pulling me hard back onto that cock, feeling them penetrate me deeply, what’s not to love!

I have long hair as well, and some have enjoyed grabbing it like reins and yanking my neck back. Either to kiss me or playfully bite me. Men like to get a bit rough if you will allow them that. I am open to a good spanking now and then as well. Some red hand prints on my ass never did me any harm, and I find it can be a pleasure heightening sensation, but not all ladies enjoy a playful spanking, so always ask. You could really turn some off if you don’t ask first.

Leaning down on my elbows and really sticking my ass up for them is always fun. They like it when you aren’t shy and are just presenting yourself to them like that. Variety is always good, and some women don’t like doggy for various reasons, so if you do let your man have his way for the night, they will no doubt shower you with extra attention and likely please you orally because of it. Relax, have a few drinks, watch some porn, let your man take that pussy from behind and really let him unleash that inner beast within!

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We Had Casual Sex

I did something quite inappropriate last week, and I can’t stop thinking about it. My son was all excited to have me meet his baseball coach since they got along so well and his game had really improved since the new coach came to his school. I was going to meet him at the meet the teacher night where I met my son’s teacher, the principal and the coach. The coach was the last one I was supposed to meet. I was also his last appointment of the night, so we were both leaving after this casual meet and greet.

He asked me for a drink at the end and I knew he was attracted to me and me to him. He was fit, good looking and I really wanted to touch him. There was undeniable chemistry between us and we both felt it, so I said. “forget the drink, let’s go back to your place and fuck.” He burst out laughing and said he loved my directness. Back to his place we went and fucked like animals for hours. It was very gratifying. He had a nice cock and a great tongue and he knew just what to do with both of them.

I was barely in his house for a minute before I had his cock in my mouth and blew him right there in the entryway. He carried me to his bed and tore my clothes off and got me on all fours, spanked my ass and playfully called me a slut before he fucked the living daylights out of me. I haven’t cum that much in ages. I squeezed my cunt muscles around his dick so hard as I milked him into me, he was going wild. So was I. He loved how dirty and direct I was, and I loved his aggression, he’s a great fuck. Not sure if we will tangle again, but it was fun.

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Fucking in The Library

Recently it became knowledge that a porno was shot in a public library in California, but people have been having sex in the library for a long time. There’s plenty of areas where you have a lot of privacy and where there’s long stretches of time between when a librarian is walking around and checking on the visitors. Especially if one of the people having said sex is the librarian in question, there’s little chance of being reprimanded for it. A friend of mine is a librarian and she’s told me many times how she and various boyfriends would have a quickie in the stacks.

She’s also seen others fucking as well, but never gotten them in trouble. She gave many a knowing wink and went on her way. I think it kind of turns her on knowing others are doing it as well. I’ve never been quite that brave to do so, but she’s nearly gotten caught by coworkers and superiors a few times, but so far has evaded getting caught. Her boyfriends love the risk and that she’s willing to be so naughty at work. I tell her she’s risking her job, but she feels she will never get caught.

Last week she went without panties for easy access, and he boyfriend stopped by and they went in a quiet back corner and there were not many people in the library, so she bent over, lifted her skirt and they fucked fro around three minutes then they came and she continued on with her shift like nothing had happened. She’s wondered if some of the college students have seen her do it, since some have given her the thumbs up and smiled for no reason. They likely have, but I doubt they will be telling her bosses. She’s seen some of them masturbating under the tables as well. Who knew libraries were such horny places?

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